Classmates Valentines Gifts to Make

by Mary Ruthven
(Palm Coast, FL.)

Classmates Valentines Gifts: Pirate

Classmates Valentines Gifts: Pirate

Classmates Valentines Gifts: Pirate
Classmates Valentines Gifts: Butterfly
Classmates Valentines Gifts: Fairy
Classmates Valentines Gifts: Mouse

Some families have a "designated driver". Our family has a "designated crafter"... ME! It's an open offer that if I can ever help out and very often, I am taken up on this offering which I just love.

Who did you make it for?

I made each grandchild valentines to pass out to their classmates. 70 in total.

What materials did you use?

I worked mostly with fun foam sheets. Google eyes, bits of ribbon and trim, miniature ziploc bags and, of course, Candy!

How did you make it?

I used white cardstock for the cards with different colored construction paper for a background.

I made up some verses to go along with each gift. Feel free to use them.

MOUSE: Cut a simple body shape from foam and secure to card with white glue, leaving tail end NOT glued. Lay 3 pieces of black thread as whiskers and glue a pom pom on top for a nose. If desired, attach precut foam heart stickers to body and ears. Glue on google eyes and insert a lollipop. The stick will be the mouse tail. I chose to draw a piece of cheese on the card, then attached verse to the picture.

This cute little mouse has come to you,
Here on Valentines Day,
Bringing you wishes for lots of hugs,
That will surely come your way!

PIRATE: Cut one simple shape from fun foam for the chest. The front piece is just a rectangle which is same width as your back piece. Glue front rectangle (edges only) to the back, leaving top of rectangle NOT glued. This will be where you insert candy. I cut out a skull and crossbones and glued to front of chest. I also printed out mini pictures of pirate maps and put one in each. Just add candy!

I've discovered a Pirate's chest,
That I will share with you.
'Cause when you like somebody,
That's what a friend would do!

BUTTERFLY: Cut out simple shape for body from fun foam. Punch two holes in center of body. Lay butterfly on card and punch a hole in each wing. I stuck precut foam hearts on each wing and then attached it to the card with paper fasteners. You can just glue the edges down, if you prefer. Slide a lollipop stick through the holes in the body and glue on google eyes.

This pretty little butterfly,
really wants to say,
that she wishes you lots of love,
on this special Valentine's day.

FAIRY: (I chose to make a more "grown up" valentine for my oldest granddaughter to give to her friends). Fill each ziploc bag (I used 2"x3") with candy. (I used Nerds.) Lay bag on card and punch two holes at the top, right above the "ziploc". Thread ribbon through holes and tie bow. (I added a heart bead.) If desired, glue plastic gem under verse. Easy as 1-2-3!

This is magic fairy dust,
please keep it close to you.
And when you wish upon a star,
May all your dreams come true!

Anything else you'd like to share about your project?

Although I had a lot of these to make, the process went rather quickly. The foam is very easy to work with and you can precut all the shapes while watching TV! All 70 were rather inexpensive. A pkg. of foam sheets goes a long way and I purchased the candy from a dollar store.

TIP: If using a seperate backing as I did, complete the front white card first, then attach it to the backing paper using double back tape. This hides all the punched holes and gives it a nice look.

I chose to use my printer for the verses but handwriting is always a nice touch if you choose not use a printer.

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