Valentine Table Decorations To Make - Simple Festive Candle

valentine table decorations to make

Looking to make Valentine table decorations? Follow these simple instructions to make a sweet heart-decorated candle. Perfect for a romantic touch to any meal!

Valentine Table Decorations - Materials

valentine table decorations materials

For this project, you will need:

  • a candle to decorate
  • a mix of small glass, crystal, or plastic beads
  • coloured paper (patterned or plain is fine)
  • thin metal craft wire (coloured, if possible)
  • wire cutters

Instructions for Simple Festive Candle

Draw and cut out several small coloured hearts from your decorative paper.

valentine table decorations to make

Wrap the craft wire five to six times around your candle, and cut off this length. Unwrap it from the candle so you have a loose piece of wire.

valentine table decorations to make

Start feeding beads on from one end of the wire, twisting the wire around the bead to hold it in place. I like to leave an inch or so between beads.

The wire I am using is soft enough to twist using my fingers. If you are using stiffer wire, you might need to use some pliers to help you twist the wire in place.

valentine table decorations to make

So, this is what your wire will look like once you are finished.

valentine table decorations to make

Wrap it around the middle of the candle, and secure the ends together with a twist.

You can wrap the wire around in any sort of fashion, allowing it to cross over itself if you want. You'll find the beads space out randomly.

valentine table decorations to make

Now tuck in your cut-out paper hearts by weaving them under and over the wire. You can cover up the two ends of the wire by placing one of the hearts over this region.

valentine table decorations to make

And you're finished... what a really simple, easy and inexpensive way to sparkle up a romantic dinner!

Just make sure you NEVER leave the candle unattended when lit. You'll have to remove your decorations once the candle burns down to mid-point, otherwise the paper could catch alight!

What Next?

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