25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts - 25 of the Best

25+ of the best 25th wedding anniversary gifts to inspire you for your silver anniversary. Are you looking for traditional silver anniversary gifts? Or do you just want to find a really sweet and thoughtful gift? Either way we think you'll find something here.

Last updated: January 27, 2022

What are traditional 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?


The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the Silver Anniversary, and it's traditional to give silver-themed gifts.


The Iris is the traditional 25th anniversary flower. It symbolizes the faith and promise of a happy, long-lasting marriage.

Whether you decide to stick with tradition or not, a 25th anniversary is a huge achievement. It's a special time to reflect on your years spent together, and to think about what the future holds.

On this page, you'll find 25th wedding anniversary gifts that are silver-themed, iris-themed, or just plain romantic. I hope they will inspire you to find a gift that's perfect for your special occasion.

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1. Silver Sculpture

These silver sculptures represent the eternal or infinite nature of your relationship with each other. What beautiful symbolism!

25th wedding anniversary gifts

2. Silver Swiss Army Knife

A super-practical 25th wedding anniversary gift, a silver swiss army knife gives a nod to the silver anniversary theme but is useful too! Some of the styles allow for engraving, so you could choose to have an sweet sentiment engraved on it to your husband.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

3. "Remember When..." Poster

Our "Remember When" printable poster allows you to reminisce over all things you have done together over the past 25 years!

Think of all the fun, crazy, silly, special things you loved about the years together, and celebrate them with this fabulous poster. It's such a personal, thoughtful 25th anniversary gift.

personalized remember when poster wedding anniversary gift

4. Infinity Necklace Pendant

Choose a beautiful infinity pendant in honor of the 25 years you have spent married, and to show your commitment to your future life together.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

5. Silver Photo Frame

A silver photo frame is a lovely 25th wedding anniversary gift. Choose a photo which represents a really happy time together. Whether it's a photo from your wedding day or honeymoon, or from more recent times.

Or, buy a multi-photo frame and choose several photos from special occasions during your marriage.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

6. House Sketch from Photo

Commission a custom ink sketch or watercolor painting of your family home, or another location which has sentimental value to you both. You can find many artists offering this service on Etsy.

25th wedding anniversary gifts custom house sketch

For example, a beautiful custom watercolor from Soboleva art

7. Willow Tree Anniversary Figurine

I love this Willow Tree anniversary figurine. It captures the affection between the couple and the support and company they offer each other growing side by side. If your wife likes figurines then this would be a beautiful 25th wedding anniversary gift for her. Or, if you're buying for your mom and dad, then this would be a lovely gift for them.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

8. Vintage 1997 Wine

If you both enjoy drinking fine wine, then treat yourself to a 25 year old wine as a very special and unique 25th wedding anniversary gift. You can find 1997 Vintage wine online, or ask at your local wine cellars to see if they can order something for you.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

9. Champagne Flutes

Give a set of 2 champagne flutes as a 25th anniversary gift, along with a nice bottle of champagne. Choose from crystal glasses or make a nod to the silver-theme with a silver-embellished set.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

10. Dutch Iris Bulbs

Irises are the official 25th wedding anniversary flower. To celebrate your anniversary, order some Dutch Iris Bulbs and plant a bed of Irises to honor your special anniversary. You'll both enjoy the blooms for years to come and it's an anniversary gift that keeps on giving.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

11. Iris-themed Stain Glass Window

For a unique 25th wedding anniversary gift, install an iris-themed stain glass window pane in your home. It's a beautiful art piece to honor your 25th wedding anniversary.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

12. Van Gogh Irises

A beautiful Van Gogh Iris print is the perfect art piece to hang in your home during your 25th year of marriage.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

13. Fleur-de-lis Cufflinks

The Fleur-de-lis originated as stylized iris flower and has been long used as a symbol of royalty. (Remember, the iris is the official 25th wedding anniversary flower.) If your husband likes to look smart then a set of fleur-de-lis cufflinks make a handsome and symbolic 25th wedding anniversary gift.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

14. Fleur-de-lis Earrings

A pair of beautiful diamond fleur-de-lis earrings would make a gorgeous 25th wedding anniversary gift for your wife.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

15. Music Compilation from 1997

Make a playlist of all your favourite songs from the year you were married and play it on the day of your anniversary. Here is a link to the Top 100 singles from 1997.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

16. Original Newspaper from 1997

Purchase an original newspaper published on the day you were married. Reminisce over what life was like during those days, and how much has changed! A fun 25th wedding anniversary gift idea to present over breakfast in bed!

25th wedding anniversary gifts

17. Diamond Eternity Band

Your 25th wedding anniversary is the perfect time to present your wife with a beautiful diamond eternity band. It will make a stunning accompaniment to her wedding and engagement bands. It's a beautiful gift she can wear every day and remind her of what you have achieved together so far, and that you are committed to your future together.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

18. Silver Rose

If you want to embrace the silver-theme for your 25th wedding anniversary, then you can order a silver-plated rose. Each freshly picked rose is preserved in fine detail by a coating of silver.

The silver rose is a beautiful 25th wedding anniversary gift idea, whether presented its own or as part of a larger gift. If you're planning to prepare breakfast in bed, you could put it on the tray for a romantic start to the day.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

19. Silver Serving Bowl

For a really practical and modern 25th wedding anniversary gift, a silver serving bowl is a great gift idea. Perfect for the couple who loves to entertain, it is a silver anniversary gift that they will get a lot of use out of over the next 25 years of their marriage!

25th wedding anniversary gifts

20. Anniversary Weekend Away

Present your husband or wife with tickets for a special anniversary weekend away. Perhaps to where you went on your honeymoon, or somewhere you've always dreamed of going together. Christmas in New York? A weekend in Paris?

25th wedding anniversary gifts

21. Visit the "Silver Coast" in Portugal

If you're looking for a unique location for a 25th wedding anniversary getaway, then have a look at the Silver Coast (Costa de Prata) in Portugal. It's a stretch of coast-line north of Lisbon, and a perfect destination for your silver anniversary! It boasts beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, and historic architecture. What a special anniversary gift for those who like to venture off the usual tourist trail and explore a new destination!

25th wedding anniversary gifts

22. 25 Thank You Notes (hidden around the house!)

Think of all the nice things your husband or wife does each day for your family, then leave them little notes to let them know how much you appreciate them.

My husband did this for me once when he was going away on a business trip. The morning after he left I kept finding little notes around the house... in the microwave, on my coffee jar, on the laundry powder, under my pillow...! He had thought about all the things I would be doing in the day and put little notes specifically so that I would come across them as I went about my day. He said how much he loved me, how he loved how I looked after the children, and just lots of other sweet things. It was really amazing as he'd gone to all that effort to say how much he loved me and how much he appreciated what I do each day.

23. 25th Wedding Anniversary Rose bush

Does your husband or wife love roses? A living rose bush makes a gorgeous 25th wedding anniversary gift. It will flower for decades to come and remind you both of this special milestone in your marriage.

If you live in the UK, then look out for the silver wedding anniversary rose bushes sold by the famous rose breeder David Austin. In other countries, ask your local plan nursery what they have available.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

There are also many other beautiful "silver"-themed plants available in the U.K., such as:

  • Silver Anniversary Camellia
  • Clematis Silver Moon
  • Helleborus Silver Lace

24. Silver Birch Tree

The beautiful Silver Birch Tree (Betula Pendula) is a lovely 25th wedding anniversary gift idea for people who loves the outdoors. It's readily available in the Europe and the UK, but in the USA you might need to talk to your local nursery to discuss availability.
25th wedding anniversary gifts

25. Silver Locket

I've always had a fascination with lockets and the romantic idea of holding something precious close to your heart. This classic silver locket is a wonderfully romantic 25th wedding anniversary gift. Place a small photograph inside of the two of you or your children.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

26. Silver Jewelry Box

If you're looking for a traditional silver anniversary keepsake, a jewelry box might be just the thing. It's a beautiful place for her to store her treasures, and the box can be engraved with a sweet sentiment too.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

27. Silver Coffee Set

A beautiful silver coffee set for the couple who enjoys elegance and likes to spend time together talking over a coffee.

25th wedding anniversary gifts

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We hope you enjoyed our collection of 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas, and we wish you all the best for your future years together. May they be happy, healthy, and full of fun and laughter!


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