5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

20+ of the best 5 year anniversary gift ideas to inspire you for your anniversary. Embrace the traditional 5th anniversary "wooden" gift, or just find a really sweet and thoughtful gift.

What are traditional 5 year anniversary gifts?

Some people like to give anniversary gifts based on tradition. But which gift tradition do you follow?

  • Wooden gifts are the most traditional 5 year anniversary gift. As the joke goes, "5 years, wood you believe it?"...
  • Silverware is the more modern tradition for 5 year anniversary gifts
  • Hydrangeas and Geraniums are the flowers of choice to give on a 5 year anniversary.
  • Blue Topaz is the gemstone to give for a 5th anniversary gift, according to the American Gem Trade Association.

Whether you decide to follow a particular gift-giving tradition or not, we hope you find many ideas for your anniversary gift on this page. Happy Anniversary!

1. Wooden Jewelry Box

For a traditional take on the 5 year anniversary gift, buy your wife a wooden jewelry box. It's a beautiful and practical wood anniversary gift for her to keep and use for many years to come.

5 year anniversary gift jewelry box

2. Blue Topaz Jewelry

The gemstone to give at your 5 year anniversary is blue topaz. It's a beautiful vibrant color and looks lovely set in pendants, earrings, rings, and more!

5 year anniversary gift blue topaz jewelry

3. Wooden Beard Comb

Does your husband rock a beard? Then help him to groom in style with a beautifully made wooden beard comb.

5 year anniversary gift beard comb

4. Wood-fired Pizza Oven

If you're into good food, take a look at a Wood-fired pizza oven. My husband suggested this idea as a 5 year anniversary gift, and I'm sure there are many other guys out there who'd love to receive this! Think of all the delicious pizzas your husband will cook for you in the years to come!

5 year anniversary gift wood fired pizza oven

5. Wood Chess Set

A Wooden chess set set is a work of art in itself and makes a beautiful wood anniversary gift. More than just a gift, it's a promise of time spent playing together and enjoying each other's company.

5 year anniversary gift wooden chess

6. "Remember When" Personalized Poster

Make a personalized 5 year anniversary poster to celebrate all the fun and silly things you've been up to over the years together.

These gifts are great if you're a bit *last-minute* as you can personalize, download, and print at home!

5 year anniversary gift

7. Laser-cut Wooden Jewelry

For a modern and unique 5 year anniversary gift, then take a look at laser-cut wooden jewelry.

There are so many intricate designs possible with this technique to suit whatever your particular tastes might be. From intricate geometric patterns or animal shapes, to anatomically correct hearts!

The hearts shown are actually cufflinks, and they're a pretty unique wood anniversary gift for him.

5 year anniversary gift laser cut jewelry

8. Wooden Candle Holder

A romantic 5 year anniversary gift to buy is a wooden candle-holder. You could get one engraved with a personalized message such as "You light up my life".

Or find one made out of logs of wood, so it's a bit like sitting by the fire in a log cabin. There are even unique candle holders made out of recycled materials like this curved tea-light holder from an old oak wine barrel. There are so many options depending on your home decor and what your partner enjoys.

5 year anniversary gift wood candle holder

9. Engraved Wooden Board

If you're looking for a home-related gift, then a personalized wooden chopping board or cheese board might be just the thing. You can order these with your family name or an inscription in celebration of your 5 year wedding anniversary.

5 year anniversary gift wooden chopping board

10. Wooden Photo Frame

For a more personal 5 year anniversary gift, choose photos of special moments in your marriage and frame them in a beautiful wooden photo frame. Your partner will be touched by the thought you've put into choosing photos, and the gift will be a lovely memento of your first 5 years of marriage.

5 year anniversary gift wood photo frame

11. Wooden Furniture

If you're looking for more of a statement gift, then consider a piece of wooden furniture for your 5 year anniversary gift. Perhaps a new bed frame, sideboard, coffee table, dining table, vanity table for their bedroom... there are so many options!

12. Driftwood Ornament

For an ornamental wood anniversary gift, consider Coastal wood art, or home decor made out of driftwood.

5 year anniversary gift driftwood

13. Wooden Carved Statue

Or if you want to find a wood wedding anniversary gift that's a little more sentimental, these interlocking wooden statues are very sweet.

5 year anniversary gift wood statue

14. Garden Bench

If you have a large garden you could buy a wooden garden bench. Then go a step further and have it inscribed with a sweet message in recognition of your 5th wedding anniversary.

5 year anniversary gift wooden garden bench

15. Plant a Tree together

Another great 5 year anniversary gift for your garden would be to plant a tree together, which you can then watch grow over the years. This is a lovely wedding anniversary gift idea particularly if you're in your "forever" home and not anticipating moving anytime soon!

5 year anniversary gift live tree to plant

16. Bonsai Tree

If you live in a small apartment, you could buy a little bonsai tree instead!

5 year anniversary gift bonsai tree

17. Family Tree Photo Frame

Make a "family tree" of your family. You can buy family tree photo frames, and you slot in the photos of your immediate family and the extended members. Or buy or make a personalized print of your family-tree.

5 year anniversary gift family tree photo frame

18. Wicker Picnic Basket

A beautiful Wicker Picnic Basket full of lovely food and a bottle of wine for a picnic together is a fantastic 5 year anniversary gift idea. Both for that day, and for creating many more memories in the future.

5 year anniversary gift wicker picnic basket

19. Organize a Walk in the Woods

For a lovely "wood-themed" gift, organise a walk in the woods together, or stay overnight in a log-cabin. So romantic!

5 year anniversary gift walk in woods

20. Host a Bonfire Night

If you have a large enough yard, arrange a bonfire night in your yard with friends and family to celebrate your anniversary. Tell your husband or wife how they "light up your life".

5 year anniversary gift walk in woods

21. Hydrangea or Geranium Print

The traditional 5 year anniversary flower is the Hydrangea or Geranium. If your partner is a keen gardener, you could buy them a beautiful plant for their garden.

Another idea is to buy a framed hydrangea or geranium botanical print. From illustrated prints on funky backgrounds (the one below is a watercolor on dictionary paper), to a more traditional botanical sketch, there are many possibilities.

5 year anniversary gift geranium hydrangea

22. Photo-book

A photo-book of the first 5 years of your marriage makes a wonderful 5 year anniversary gift. It's a lovely memento for your partner and you to look through and reflect on all the things you've done together!

You could start with a favorite photo or two from your wedding day, and then include photos from your honeymoon, of your house together, any special trips you've done, just hanging out at home. Try to include key events over the years - holidays, children, pets, houses, cars.

5 year anniversary gift photo book alumb

There are so many online services that you can use to design and print your book, like Snapfish or Shutterfly.

Or you can do a scrapbook and include written notes and other tickets/mementos from the year too. This idea takes a bit of time to make, but it is a great one for those of you who are organised to do it in time!

23. Anniversary Money Origami

An "easy" 5 year anniversary gift could be to give your other half some beautifully folded money and tell them you're taking them out for a day of fun - whether that's to the mall, or to a bar dancing, or out to dinner, whatever suits their style. It's a thoughtful way to give a gift where the receiver can still choose the actual gift themselves.

5 year anniversary gift

Anniversary Wishes, Quotes, and Poems

Apart from "5 years, wood you believe it?", there are a lot of ways to wish your partner a happy 5th wedding anniversary!

We hope you found a suitable 5 year anniversary gift idea from our collection of ideas, and we wish you all the best for your future years together. May they be happy, healthy, and full of fun and laughter.

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