First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for a first anniversary gift that your husband or wife will really love? Here are 15 creative 1-year anniversary gifts to inspire you, including some modern twists on traditional gifts.

"Traditional" First Anniversary Gifts

Did you know that there's actually more than one type of traditional 1-year anniversary gift?

  • Paper gifts are traditionally given as on a first anniversary. I guess they know that you don't have much money in the early years of marriage!
  • Clocks are a more modern gift tradition for first anniversaries.
  • Carnations and Pansies are the flowers of choice to give your partner on your first anniversary.
  • Gold Jewelry is the type of jewelry to give on your first anniversary, according to the American Gem Trade Association (really!).

So are you feeling a bit confused? What should you give her for a first anniversary gift? Or him? On this page you'll find a range of unique, creative, sentimental, and lovely gift ideas, whether you want to stick with tradition or not. I really hope you find something you like for this significant anniversary!

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1. "Paper Airplane" Jewelry

A playful "paper"-themed 1-year anniversary gift idea is to buy your partner a pendant shaped like a paper airplane. You can find paper airplane cufflinks, pendants, and earrings on Amazon, or look at your local jewelry store.

first anniversary gift paper airplane jewelry

2. Book Lamp

These unusual book lamps are a fun paper anniversary gift for the avid reader, or anyone who likes to receive quirky gifts.

first anniversary gift carnations

3. Gold Infinity Necklace

The American Gem Trade Association says gold jewelry is the gift to give for your first wedding anniversary (really!).

If you want to honor this tradition, then a beautiful gift for your wife would be an gold infinity pendant. Every time she wears it will remind her that you want to be with her forever.

first anniversary gift carnations

4. Tickets

If you're looking for a fun paper anniversary gift idea, book some tickets to something (or somewhere!). It's a gift of time together and will make more special memories in your married life.

first anniversary gift travel tickets

Get airplane tickets or train tickets for a day trip or weekend away, or tickets to a match or theatre show for an afternoon out together. It's always exciting getting tickets to something or somewhere!

5. "Remember When..." Poster

Reminisce over the special moments in your relationship with our "Remember When" printable poster.

Think of all the fun, crazy, silly, special things you loved about the year together, and collate them in this fabulous poster. It's such a personal, thoughtful paper-themed first anniversary gift, and will be a memento of your first year of married life for years to come.

personalized remember when poster wedding anniversary gift

6. Smart Watch

The "modern" gift list says that you should give a clock as a first anniversary gift. But I think an even more modern gift would be a smart watch. Super practical, stylish, and you can send cute messages to each other on them!

first anniversary gift map art

7. Wall Map Art

Embrace the paper gift theme: Buy a big paper map of the world and mark it with the places you've been and the places you'd like to travel together. This really suits the intrepid couple who is always looking for the next place to visit!

first anniversary gift map art

Don't want to make it yourself? Then you can order Personalized Map Art Prints from Amazon.

first anniversary gift map art

8. Paper Coupons

Anniversaries are such a wonderful time to be romantic! These printable paper love coupons are a gift that keep giving, and with editable text you can tailor them perfectly to your partner.

They are a fabulous last minute "paper"-themed first anniversary gift idea too, for those of you who've left it a little late...

9. Paper Star Lantern

These paper star lanterns are a gorgeous first anniversary gift for someone who enjoys spending time in their reading nook or den.

first anniversary gift paper star

We also have some DIY paper star instructions if you want to make your own from scratch.

10. House Sketch from Photo

Commission a custom ink sketch or watercolor painting of your first home together. Or, choose another location that has sentimental value to you both, like the place you met. You can find many artists offering this service on Etsy. It's a beautiful first anniversary gift that keeps to the paper-theme.

first anniversary gift custom house sketch

For example a beautiful custom watercolor from Soboleva art.

11. Photo-book

A photo-book of the first year of your marriage makes a wonderful paper anniversary gift. It's a lovely memento for your partner and you to look through and reflect on all the things you've done together!

You could start with a favorite photo or two from your wedding day. Then include photos from your honeymoon, of your house together, any special trips you've done, and relaxed times hanging out at home. Try to include key events over the years - holidays, children, pets, houses, cars.

first anniversary gift photo book album

There are so many online services that you can use to design and print your book, like Snapfish or Shutterfly.

Or you can do a scrapbook and include written notes and other tickets/mementos from the year too. This idea takes a bit of time to make, but it is a great one for those of you who are organised to do it in time!

12. Carnations

The traditional 1 year anniversary flower is the Carnation, given as a symbol of commitment and joy for the coming year.

Buy your partner a beautiful bunch of carnations on your anniversary. Or, pick up a packet of carnation seeds that you can plant together, creating a beautiful garden of flowers to enjoy year-round.

first anniversary gift carnations

13. Paper rose

If you want a small, symbolic first anniversary gift, then a simple paper rose could be just the thing.

first anniversary gift paper star

Order one online, or fold your own with our DIY paper rose instructions.

14. Folded book art

A folded book is a beautiful and unique first anniversary gift idea. You could choose to have a special sentiment like love or hope, or your initials, or the date of your marriage.

first anniversary gift paper star

15. Anniversary Origami

An "easy" first anniversary gift could be to give your other half some beautifully folded money and tell them you're taking them out for a day of fun. Take them to the mall, or to a bar dancing, or out to dinner - whatever suits their style.

first anniversary gift

Anniversary Wishes, Quotes, and Poems

Looking for the perfect words to say "happy first anniversary"?

For even more anniversary ideas, check out these 40 Best Anniversary Ideas for an Unforgettable Day.

We hope you found a great first anniversary gift idea from our collection of ideas, and we wish you all the best for your future years together. May they be happy, healthy, and full of fun and laughter.


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