Novelty Personalized Fridge Magnets
With Mix-n-Match Body Parts

These novelty personalized fridge magnets are really easy to make, and are such a fun homemade gag gift idea!

My husband and I are always in need of more fridge magnets, and we thought this would be a great way to liven up our kitchen. We made a set of mix-and-match fridge magnets that allow us to change body parts with each other, and the rich and famous :-)

The possibilities with this gift idea are endless! All you need to do is come up with some silly photos of the recipient, yourself, family members, friends, characters from your favourite movie, comic series, TV program, etc etc.

If you know someone who just loves fashion, why not cut out a whole bunch of pretty outfits from a magazine. Or, outfits that person would never be seen dead in! You can then make the outfits interchangeable with a cut-out of that their head.

Here is a set of magnets I made for my Dad for Father's day, to remind him of what a lovely family he has! He can be Super Man one day, and Shrek the next!

novelty personalized fridge magnets

So, on to my easy step-by-step instructions for making novelty fridge magnets:

How to Make Personalized Fridge Magnets


  • Adhesive-backed magnetic sheet (available from craft stores)
  • Photos of your recipient/you/any funny people! Also look for funny photos in magazines and newspapers.
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive plastic/contact (optional)

Adhesive magnet sheets can be a little tricky to find, but usually you can find some on eBay. They should only cost a few $ per sheet.

If you're having trouble finding adhesive-backed magnet sheets, just stick your pictures onto some sturdy card. Then glue any sort of magnets onto the back of the card. For instance, use the free fridge magnets that come in the junk mail, or magnetic dots from stationery/hardware/craft stores.


novelty personalized fridge magnets Step 1: Roughly cut out the image of the person that will be on the magnet. Peel the adhesive layer off the back of the magnet and stick on your photo. Optional: put clear plastic contact adhesive over the photos to protect them. Now just carefully cut around your magnet-backed person.

novelty personalized fridge magnets Step 2: Repeat for your other pictures.

Here I am making 4 magnets: me, my husband Tobias, and two other slightly less famous people. I think their names are Carmen Electra and Arnold Schwarzenegger, or something.

novelty personalized fridge magnets This is what the cut-out magnets look like from the back.
novelty personalized fridge magnets Step 3: Carefully cut across each magnet in a straight line, at the level of each person's waist-line. Make sure this cut is a straight line so that you can interchange body parts between the magnets easily!
novelty personalized fridge magnets
Now just have some fun playing :-)

What Next?

I hope you enjoyed making novelty personalized fridge magnets, and laughed as much as we did in the process! This gift idea has endless possibilities, so pop on your creative hat and get started making a set of magnets! They are great for sending in the post, as a Christmas stocking filler, to pop in a birthday card...

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