Free Photo Calendar Template 2020

Use our easy 2020 photo calendar template to create a personalized calendar with your own photos.

Your photos will look beautiful in this sleek and elegant template. All you need is Microsoft Word and 12 photos. Adding your photos just takes a few clicks.

Last updated: 2 January 2019

2019 photo calendar template for Microsoft Word

You can use this 2019 Word calendar template to make wonderful gifts. Each year my sister makes a calendar with photos of all the nieces and nephews and gives them as Christmas gifts to family. It's lovely to see smiling faces on the wall and think of my nieces and nephews each time I walk past.

I created this page so that you can download my template and create your own personalised photo calendar using your home computer. All you need to do is pick 12 great photos, download the 2019 Word calendar template, and follow my easy step-by-step instructions. Print it out on your home printer and hey presto you have a thoughtful and inexpensive homemade gift!

I've taken care of all the formatting for you so there's no fiddling with tables or dates. All you need to do is add your photos and your calendar will look great!

Do I need photo calendar maker software?

No, there's no need for any photo calendar creator software. Just use my Microsoft Word calendar template. Word is the perfect tool for making a photo calendar because

  • It's easy to use
  • It's flexible, e.g. you can add family birthdays to the calendar
  • It's free (sort of). You might already have it on your computer, and if you don't you can download a free 30 day trial of Word so it won't cost you anything.

Download the Photo Calendar Template

2019 Photo Calendar Template

Download the US letter size or A4 size Microsoft Word calendar template to get started. Click a link below and choose "save file".

Getting a "Blocked file" error?

Sometimes Windows may automatically block a file that you've downloaded from the internet as a safety precaution. In order to unblock it, please follow these file unblocking steps (link opens in new tab).

2020 Photo Calendar Template

Looking for a 2020 Word calendar template? Here they are:

Add Your Photos to the Word Calendar Template

Step 1

Open up the photo calendar template in Microsoft Word. If you don't have it yet, you can try Microsoft Word for 1 month for free.

To change any of the photos, right-click on it and choose "change picture".

photo calendar template instructions step 1

Step 2

Navigate to find the photo you want, and then click "insert"

photo calendar template step 2

Step 3

Now your photo is in the template. Simple, wasn't it!

photo calendar template step 3

To re-size your photo, drag on one of the corners. Or, to move it, drag on its middle. If there's anything you're not sure of then please feel free to ask me a question in the comments at the bottom of the page.

How to Hang Your Calendar

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Once you've printed your beautiful calendar, you'll be wondering how to hang it! One option is to get it spiral-bound at a print shop, but there are plenty of other creative ways you can do it. Here are some examples...

Idea 1: Use an over-size bulldog clip

Get some extra large bulldog clips from a stationery store.

Photo courtesy of annmarielovespaper.

hang calendar with bulldog clip

Idea 2: User trouser hangers

Clamp style trouser hangers are the perfect size to hold a calendar. The great thing is that they'll hold your calendar nice and flat even if you printed it on regular office paper instead of stiffer paper.

Photo courtesy of rubenm.

hang calendar with trouser clamp

Idea 3: Use a clothes hanger + bulldog clips

Photo courtesy of Therese Knutsen.

hang calendar with clothes hanger and clips

Idea 4: Use string

If you printed your calendar onto stiff paper or cardstock, then it will be stiff enough to hold its shape when you hang it with string or ribbon

Photo via joellewehkamp.

hang calendar with string

Creative Ways to Use the Photo Calendar Template

The photo calender template is deliberately simple in style to make it versatile - it will go with photos of any mood. Here are some ideas for things you can try...

Family Calendar
Make a family calendar to give to all your family members at Christmas time. Remember to add in all the birthday dates so that no one forgets them! You could even have feature photos of each family member for their birthday month.

Romantic Calender
Make a romantic homemade gift for your partner using photos of happy memories you have shared together over the years. Get out the old photos from when you first started dating. Don't forget to write in your anniversary date, and sprinkle through some sweet messages.

Artistic Calendar
If you are a budding photographer, make an artistic calendar to showcase your talents. If your Mom likes flowers, why not visit the local botanical gardens and take some nice close-up pictures of her favourite flowers. She will be so touched by your thoughtful gesture, and can hang her calendar up on the fridge for everyone else to admire!

For your Boyfriend
Wondering what to make for your boyfriend this year? He thinks you're beautiful, so why not make him a calendar full of photos of you? Invite a friend over to help you out, and get creative! He'll love it, and you can have a great giggle taking the shots. The look on his face when he opens his present and sees the effort you have gone to will be well worth it!

Thinking out of the box...
Of course, the images you choose don't have to be of people or places, or photos you have taken yourself. Find silly comics that will make your recipient laugh, or use vintage images from the web to make a really funky calendar. Use google's image search to make a theme calendar - like "Paris", "Cats", or "Toilets" get the picture!

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I hope you found my 2019 photo calendar template easy to use. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, contact me using with my contact form or in the comments section below.

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