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Our free online certificate template lets you make and download a printable award certificate in seconds. Just fill in the editable form fields and click the button. Our certificate generator does the format and design work for you. All you need to do is download your beautiful high-resolution award certificate and print it with your home or office printer.

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  1. Just type your messages and click the big button to see what your certificate will look like
  2. If you want a blank certificate, just delete the text from all the fields
  3. When you're happy with how your certificate looks, click "download" to download a high resolution version that will print crystal clear on your home printer.

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Example Certificate Templates for Birthdays & Retirement

We all know that there are serious and solemn reasons for giving people award certificates. But let's lighten the mood for a moment. If someone you know is turning 50, 60, or retiring, why not celebrate the momentous occasion with a funny award certificate? Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Over the Hill Award

Officially Over the hill and picking up speed along Old Fart Freeway. Awarded to John "Old Man" Smith and authorized by L Derly (Elderly).

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over the hill certificate template

Certified Oldie Award

If things get better with age, then you're approaching magnificent. Congratulations or your 50th/60th birthday! Awarded to John "Old Man" Smith and authorized by I P Knightly (I pee nightly).

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certified oldie certificate template

Retired Old Codger

We're all envious of you retiring, but at least were younger! Congratulations on your retirement. Awarded to John "Old Man" Smith and authorized by Jerry Atric (geriatric).

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retired old codger certificate template

Recycled Teenager

This document certifies that the below-named individual is officially manufactured from 100% recycled teenager. Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Anna Kronism (anachronism).

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recycled teenager certificate template

Half-Century Award

Congratulations! You're 50! Smile while you still have teeth. Awarded to John Smith and authorized by Dan Druff (dandruff)

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half-century 50th birthday certificate template

Aged to Perfection

The below-named individual has been aged to perfection for 50 years and has matured like a fine wine. Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Ivana Tinkle (I want a tinkle).

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aged to perfection 50th or 60th birthday funny certificate template

Gray Brigade Certified Member

Welcome to the gray brigade. Don't worry, it's not so bad. You're only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. Awarded to John Smith and authorized by Arthur Rightus (arthritis).

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gray brigade certificate template

Fabulous at 50

To a person we all know, and all of us adore, Congratulations on your 50 years, we wish you 50 more. Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Smart E Pants (smarty pants).

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fabulous at 50 certificate template

Wonder Years Award

Congratulations on reaching the wonder years... wonder where your car is parked? Wonder where you left your phone? Wonder where your glasses are? Wonder what day it is? Awarded to Mary Smith and authorized by Luna Tick (lunatic).

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wonder years funny award certificate template for 50th or 60th birthday

Old Fart Award

Certified Old Fart. Seen it, done it, can't remember any of it. Awarded to John Smith and authorized by Drew P Wiener (droopy wiener).

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old fart funny award certificate template for 50th or 60th birthday

Questions and Answers

What size is the certificate?
The certificate has dimensions 8x10 inches. It should print fine on US letter, 8x10, or A4 paper. If there is white space at the edges you can trim it with scissors or a guillotine

Where is my download?
It's in your downloads folder and it's called "Award_Certificate.jpg". If you're having trouble finding it, then I'd recommend to right-click on the final "Download Certificate" button and choose "save link as". Then you can choose exactly where to download the file on your computer.

If you have any other questions, or you'd like to request a feature, then please use the handy form below.

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