About Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Our one goal at Homemade Gifts is to support all of you crafters, creative gifters, busy planners, budding artists, and coloring book enthusiasts with our collection of gift ideas, as well as free crafting tutorials and resources.

Just imagine that we're that arts and crafts muse you've been searching for. We're here to ask you, 'why overcomplicate your crafts?'

Here, you'll find convenient printables to get you started. You'll also find calendars to help you plan your projects, plus inspiration and quotes for when you need to find your voice.

It's time to create and enjoy.

Meet the Team

Each of our printables, tutorials, and crafting resources is written and designed by this small and passionate team of creatives. They're experienced, they're brilliant, and just between us, they're a bunch of fun to be around, too!


Stephanie L. — Founder & Designer

I'm the crafty mama behind this site. Together with my husband and partner-in-craft, I've put together a collection of gift ideas for those of us who love to make things but want them to be easy, quick, and simple! I've always wanted an excuse to do more crafts, and my husband has always wanted to build a website, so we decided to work together to build Homemade Gifts. We've had a lot of fun working together, and it's very satisfying to see our wonderful team of creatives and experts grow along with the site.


Tobias L. — Founder & Developer

  B. Eng, B. Sc, Ph.D
Ever since I was a kid I've loved making things, whether it was bows and arrows, origami boxes, or model gliders. That theme has continued in my life, as I studied and worked in engineering and then founded this site with my wife Stephanie. It's a blast making craft tutorials, printables, and interactive pages. These days I get a lot of joy from seeing the creative projects that the rest of the HGME team are bringing into the world.


Rebecca M. — Editor

B. Eng, B. Classics, M.A. Comp Lit
I have been fondly writing for HGME, as well as other digital marketing and professional research spaces for 5+ years. My favorite crafts are binding my own journals and then filling every blank inch of them. (Though, I do often give them as gifts.) I've always scribbled on every possible surface — caching favorite quotes and doodling little drawings. Along with editing, I like an aesthetic workspace, pen & ink style art, 20th-century writers, and pretty much anything nautical.


Jeffrey M. — Designer

  B. Business IT
As a graphic designer at HGME, I create a variety of printables for you. My calendar is indispensable—it's my secret to keeping track of everything! Without it, I'd be adrift in a sea of forgotten appointments and missed deadlines. Away from the structured world of design, I love to follow new paths in the nearby forests. And I'm always exploring, even virtually, in the mythical landscapes of video games. Whether it's through pixels or under towering trees, I'm always on a quest for the next great adventure.


Amanda C. — Writer

  B. Marketing
I’m a writer, blogger, and busy mom (or “mum” where I’m from). I love that feeling of being organized, so I have spreadsheets and lists for just about everything. I've been enjoying working in the Digital Marketing space for over a decade. When I’m not writing for HGME, I write for many popular family and travel websites in my home state of Western Australia. I have been known to test a new playground’s slide or flying fox for myself! In my fleeting spare time, I love a picnic on the beach, traveling with my family, or spinning music from my record collection.


Michelle M. — Writer

  B. Eng, B. Journalism
I am a writer with over a decade of experience in editing and journalism. I'm also reader, and crafter who’s constantly rearranging my bookshelves to accommodate new buys. Don’t worry, my e-reader is also stuffed to the brim. I love a good adult coloring book and do my best to keep up with my bullet journal every day. I can be a bit of a neat freak, and I love organizational life hacks for around the house. In my spare time, I make sure my cat gets her favorite window perch and work on my home garden.

Katie A. — Writer

M.A. Archaeology
Katie Austen is a full-time educator with fifteen years of teaching experience and a full-time mom with six years of momming experience. She currently lives in the South with her husband, Jack, and their two kids. When not driving the kids to all the things, she enjoys writing, reading and Pilates, plus any quiet time that she can get.

Jack A. — Writer

Ph.D Classics
Jack Austen is a content writer for Homemade Gifts Made Easy and a long-time teacher. He lives in the South with his wife (Katie), two kids, and an angry old cat named Ace. Jack loves cooking, entertaining, and mixing up fun cocktails. If he’s not in the kitchen or at his desk, you can probably find him in a local coffee shop in search of the perfect espresso.

What We're All About

We offer a wide range of quick and easy gifts. But we also believe that every day is a gift, and though we adore seasonal holidays and special occasions, we have so much more to give than that. Our free resources, from our printable coloring pages, calendars, planners, and greeting cards to our wishes, crafts, and aesthetics tutorials are all here for you every day of the year.

Coloring Pages

We offer free coloring pages as an easy, affordable, and (most importantly!) fun activity to do with your kids. Coloring is great for developing fine motor skills, improving attention spans, and encouraging creative expression in the young. And, no lie, everyone here finds coloring to be a relaxing hobby, no matter the age. There's an almost audible whoosh of excitement whenever the designer brings out a new coloring sheet, because they're such an exciting and creative part of what we do.

Calendars and Planners

I can't count a single person in my life who doesn't keep a busy schedule, and that goes double for those families with young children who are always juggling school, sports, and extracurriculars. These calendars and planners help us stay organized with our families, while we plan those big hobby projects and gifts. Furthermore, we create planners and to-do lists with cute designs that are suitable for children to teach responsibility and time management. That way, we all have more time to spend on our favorite arts and crafts.

Wishes and Printable Cards

The best gifts are those infused with a personal touch. But it can be challenging to put your feelings into words. There will always be times when we hesitate about what to say or need a last-minute card! Our printable cards and wishes pages make cute and heartfelt greeting cards accessible to anyone. Offering messages and free greeting cards is our way of making it easy for you to send that card, so you can nurture cherished relationships and get on to the more important bonding with your loved ones.

DIY Arts, Crafts, & Aesthetics

Each of our DIY projects is an opportunity to indulge our creative sides, and share with you our enthusiasm for giving homemade gifts (even the niche ones!), encouraging recycling, and saving money too. Some of the ideas on this site are things that we learned to make a long time ago, and some are things that we're just learning now. We hope you enjoy the projects on this site as much as we enjoyed making them, and we wish you many hours of happy crafting!

Say Hi!

As always, you're the secret ingredient that makes this website work. We treasure our community, so please drop us a line in our contact form with your thoughts and feedback.


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