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40 Love Poems For Your Wife

There are few sweeter gestures than giving love poems for your wife to remind her that she keeps your world spinning. Believe me, there’s nothing more memorable than a poem that seems to capture your unique relationship. Poetry can express how deeply you care for her, while asking nothing in return.

love poems for wife note with rose and fountain pen

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70 Birthday Wishes for Your Niece

Having a niece or nephew in your life is such a blessing. I have several, but I’m never quite sure how to send happy birthday wishes to my niece when the time comes. I want to celebrate the special relationship I have, so I’m always looking for something that goes beyond the standard “happy birthday” greeting you hear most of the time.

birthday wishes for niece aunt and sister eating cake with young niece

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Free Printable Blank Map of Asia

You might know all fifty states, but how does your geography knowledge fair in Asia? This massive continent stretches all the way from the Middle East to Japan. And there’s a whole lot in between on that huge land mass. How many countries do you think you can get right on a blank map of Asia? Download our free printable blank map of Asia and find out!

Free Printable Map of Asia

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Free Printable Blank Map of Africa

Can you identify the Congo River on a blank map of Africa, from its connection to Atlantic to its basin in central Africa? What about the red Nile? The Sahara - the world's largest desert? Or those fascinating savannahs where some of the world's largest animals dwell?

Learn all about Africa with our free printable blank map outlines, including a fill-in worksheet for identifying the African countries!

Free Printable Map of Africa

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Red and Purple Make What Color?

What’s your favorite color? My favorite color is red. That came about because of the sports team that I follow (that’s F1’s Ferrari team btw). So, I’m excited to write this blog, where we'll guide you through the warm combination of mixing red and purple. If you love to get arty, then why not make your own colors, like artists do? Grab a palette, a few tubes of paint, then squeeze and mix away.

red and purple make magenta color swatches

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85 Tough But Fun Riddles for Kids and Adults

Time to grab your thinking cap. These brain-teasers will keep you guessing! 🧩

Riddle me this: What’s a great way to break the ice at a party, entertain your friends, or get a group of kids thinking? Riddles, of course. I love solving a good riddle, whether it's a word game or a logic puzzle. They’re an awesome way to help kick off a party or gathering with an interesting game, or maybe you're trying to entertain your grandkids over a video-chat. You could even incorporate them into a gift.

85 tough but fun best riddles for kids and adults

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Free Printable To-Do List Template

Nothing keeps me motivated and on-task like a handy to-do list. But I don’t want to add making a to-do list to my, well, list. That’s why I love these printable to-do list templates. They take one thing off my list and help ensure I’m ready to tackle the rest of it!

to-do list template

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180+ Best (and Worst) Dad Jokes: Let's Make it Cheesy

Fresh dad jokes will make even your moodiest teen giggle. 👑

I have a lot of respect for my dad. He's capable, full of good advice, passionate about things like grilling, card games, and '70s rock-n-roll (which he never fails to remind me used to be super cool). That's right, he's a dad. And he does so much right that it leaves me wondering what can't he do? Apparently tell a joke. But that's why we love dad jokes.

dad jokes text messages and laughing

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What Do Purple and Yellow Make?

Purple and yellow are beautiful colors on their own, but what happens when you bring them together? You can use purple and yellow to make all kinds of fun colors, such as lovely mauves or rich browns. If you’re willing to experiment, you might surprise yourself with how many color combinations you can experience using just purple and yellow.

purple and yellow make mauve and brown swirl

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All the Ways That Red and Green Make Brown

When blended, red and green make brown! Whether you’re working on fine art, crafts, or just playing with paint, mixing red and green can be really fun. I know what you’re thinking — brown isn’t the most exciting color in the crayon box. But it can be!

red and green make brown smoke blending

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Your Guide to How Orange and Blue Make Brown

Let's go on a colorful adventure! In this blog, we'll guide you through the vibrant combination of mixing orange and blue. If you love all things art, then why not make your own colors, like a true artist would? Simply grab a palette, a few tubes of paint, then squeeze and mix away.

what does orange and blue make color blending

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What Color Does Pink and Green Make?

Pink and green are great colors on their own, but have you ever wondered what pink and green make when you mix them together? Since pink and green are complementary colors, the answer isn't as simple as with some other common color combinations. In this case it's all about the tone of the colors that you're blending. Once you start thinking about it, you get a whole world of complexity out of simply wondering what color pink and green make.

pink and green make brown color blending

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What Colors Do Blue and Green Make?

Blue and green are very similar colors, so figuring out what color blue and green make together can be a matter of opinion. Some people will see teal. Others will see aqua or cyan. Still others will claim that blue and green make turquoise. So what's the truth? Well, it's kind of all of the above!

blue and green make teal paint

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Free Printable Rabbit and Bunny Coloring Pages

There's no better way to bounce into spring than with rabbit and bunny coloring pages. Not only are bunnies an adorable symbol of nature, but they also make for fun little characters. These free rabbit and bunny printables are perfect for kids and adults to express their creativity — whether you're welcoming spring, hopping into April showers mud puddles with our cute bunny characters, or even looking for an adorable snow bunny.

free printable bunny coloring pages

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Free Printable Flower Templates for Crafts

Let your creativity bloom with our huge collection of free printable flower templates! Whether you're a crafty parent gearing up for a fun activity with the kids or an adult looking to infuse a craft project with a floral flair, we've got lots of flower outlines to suit your needs. From round, soft petals to sharp, pointed edges, beautiful rose and dahlia templates, and a large array of flower pictures complete with stems and leaves, these flower printables are a perfect way to bring your Spring and garden-themed projects to life. With a bouquet of shapes and sizes at your fingertips, the sky's the limit for your creativity! 🌸🌼🌹✂️

flower template

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Free Printable Toddler Coloring Pages

Welcome to our fun collection of toddler coloring pages, perfect for little ones just starting out with coloring! Our collection is bursting with pictures they'll love, featuring everything from the cutest animals and delicious foods to magical fairies, princesses, mermaids, and lots of vehicles for transport-obsessed toddlers too! 🌈🖍️✨

toddler coloring pages

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What Colors Do Green and Yellow Make?

Green and yellow are both bright, vibrant, eye-catching colors. But what color does green and yellow make when you mix them together? You can actually come up with a ton of fun combinations by mixing various green and yellows together. Even more exciting, you can use these colors for coloring, decorating, and even fun food combinations. Let's look at all the fun things you can do with green and yellow.

green and yellow make lime green abstract oil paint

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Free Printable Daily Planner Template

Keep every day organized with our free printable daily planner templates. Some days seem to slip through our fingers, whether they're good, bad, or those many days that hit somewhere in between. The busier we get, the more difficult it can be to keep everything straight in our heads. Jotting down your tasks—from schedules and to-do lists, to mood tracking and meal planning—can free up a ton of space and energy. Each of these daily planner templates is here to help you stay on top of your schedule with style and a healthy dose of fun.

daily planner template

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Your Guide to Mixing Blue and Pink

What color does pink and blue make? That's simple. Purple! But there's a lot more that goes into mixing blue and pink (or any other colors) than simply the end result. When you hear about color mixing, you might think about painting, but you can use this knowledge for crafts like knitting and coloring, or even something like soap making.

mixing blue and pink colored clouds blending into light purple

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60 Short Love Poems to Make Their Day

A short love poem is the perfect way to bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face day after day. But what should you say in a love poem? It's so easy to find yourself tongue-tied when you want to tell someone you truly feel. Neverfear, we have you covered with this playful and heartfelt selection of little love poems.

short love poems open journal with petals

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