25 Brilliant Homemade Birthday Gifts

Awesome homemade birthday gifts for you to make, including fabulous gift ideas for milestone birthdays.

Why Homemade Birthday Gifts?

Homemade gifts are a fantastic way to show someone how much you care about them... and they're a great way to save money too!

On this page you'll find a list of homemade birthday gifts that you can make at home for your mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, or colleagues.

Further down the page we have lots of birthday cards and birthday messages too!

1. Occasion Birthdays and Personalized Posters

Our personalized posters are a fantastic and unique way to celebrate milestone birthdays for friends and family.

The birthday posters are filled with highlights from the year of birth that you can personalize further. The online poster app makes formatting easy, and then you just download, print, and frame at home.

2. Make a Notebook

Cheap to make, and super cute, these little homemade notebooks are really handy too!

3. DIY Pin Tutorial

Make a set of cute brooch pins for your Mom or girl friends.

4. Homemade Body Scrub

Pamper them with a divine homemade body scrub!

5. Chunky Paracord Survival Bracelet

Super cool and very practical too, these paracord survival bracelets are a great gift for guys and girls who like a bit of adventure.

6. Paracord Lanyard Tutorial

Another really practical gift, a homemade paracord lanyard is a great gift for anyone who likes to be prepared for all situations!

7. Friendship Bracelets

These friendship bracelets are bright, colorful, and fun. A great homemade birthday gift for kids and teens.

8. DIY Tile Coasters

Make a set of tile coasters for your friend's apartment or college room. Such a versatile design, you can use photos or your own drawings to customize.

9. Money Origami

The best "last-minute" homemade birthday gift - folded cash! You'll find lots of different money origami designs to suit lots of occasions on our money origami tutorials page.

10. Japanese Bookbinding

Make a gorgeous book using Japanese bookbinding techniques.

11. Cozy Hot Water Bottle Cover

Upcycle an old jumper or scarf into a cozy hot water bottle cover.

12. Fabric Memo Board

Recycle cardboard into a really useful fabric memo board, perfect for college rooms.

13. Fizzy Bath Bombs

Make some fizzy bath bombs for a friend who needs some pampering!

14. DIY Pearl Earrings

String your own pearl earrings following these simple knot instructions.

15. Felt Journal

Design your own cute felt journal cover.

16. Map Art

Make your own framed personalized map art to celebrate a key moment you've shared. You'll find this and other romantic boyfriend gifts on this page.

romantic homemade birthday gifts
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17. Lavender Heart

Sew a sweet-smelling lavender heart.

18. Lavender Hand Soap

Lavender soap is a lovely homemade birthday gift.

19. Oatmeal Bath Tub Tea

Gorgeous oatmeal bathtub tea for friends who like to relax with a soak in the bath.

20. Grass Heads

A funny homemade birthday gift for friends or family who like a laugh. These silly grass heads can be personalized to look like family members, and are great birthday gifts to make with kids.

21. Milestone Birthday Gag Gifts

A collection of funny gag gift ideas for those milestone birthdays we'd rather not think about...

You can find our complete homemade gag gifts collection here.

22. Homemade Birthday Gag Gifts

Over 20 silly birthday gag gift ideas for any birthday. Because you can't stop getting older, but at least you can laugh about it!

23. Vanilla Extract

A bottle of homemade vanilla extract is a great gift for bakers.

24. Love Coupons

Shower him or her with promises with these love coupons. Because who doesn't want to be romanced on their birthday!

25. Felt Flowers

Gorgeous felt flowers for friends who like pretty little things.

Homemade Birthday Card Ideas

And don't forget to make a birthday card to go along with your homemade birthday gift!

Free Printable Birthday Cards

Free printable birthday cards in high quality PDF format that you can print and fold at home. There are also some color-in printable cards, perfect for kids who want to create a unique birthday card for family and friends.

Click here to go to Free Printable Birthday Cards

free printable birthday cards - 92 designs

Book Print Dress Card Template

Make one of these gorgeous dress cards for your mom, sister, or bestie! Click here to go the dress card tutorial. .

Origami Dress Card

Any easy-to-make homemade card with an origami evening dress. The perfect birthday card for a party girl! Click here for origami card instructions .

Origami Dahlia Card

If you're looking for easy homemade card ideas then I'm sure you'll like this origami flower card design! Just download the free printable template and follow my step by step instructions.

Birthday Card Wishes and Message

Do you need some inspiration for what to write in the birthday card? We have an extensive collection of card message ideas to help you!

100+ Happy Birthday Wishes
Funny Happy Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes for Wife
Birthday Wishes for Husband
Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
Birthday Wishes for Friends
Happy Birthday Images
Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday Dad
Happy Birthday Auntie
Birthday Wishes for Niece
Birthday Wishes for Sister
Birthday Wishes for Brother
Birthday Wishes for Daughter
Birthday Wishes for Son
Birthday Wishes for Coworker
Belated Birthday Wishes
Bible Verse for Birthday Cards

And here are some more birthday wishes specific for occasion birthdays:

30th Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes for Cards
40th Birthday Sayings, Messages, and Quotes for Cards
50th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Cards
50th Birthday Quotes and Sayings for Cards
50th Birthday Poems for Cards
60th Birthday Wishes, Quotes, and Messages for Cards

Happy Birthday Coloring Pages

Fabulous happy birthday coloring pages in high quality PDF format to download and print at home for your kids. Including birthday cakes, party balloons, wrapped gifts, cute cats, mermaids, dragons, princesses, clowns, rainbows and more!

Click here to go to Happy Birthday Coloring Pages

happy birthday coloring pages - star certificate


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