Gag Gifts to Make for Any Occasion
Fun Gag Gift Crafts

Welcome to my page of gag gifts to make for any occasion! I hope you have a good chuckle from these ideas like I did when I collected them.

These gag gift crafts are really versatile, and most of them can be made with things you have lying around the house. So they're great as emergency gifts, and they're pretty much free to make.

By the way, if you're looking for gag gifts ideas for a specific occasion (Christmas, 50th birthday, retirement etc) then take a peek at my homemade gag gifts page, where I've organized gag gifts into specific categories. The ones below are the sort of "all rounder" gag gifts to make for any occasion that didn't fit into any single category.

Gag Gifts to Make for Any Occasion

Natural Bubble Bath

Wrap some beans (baked or dry) nicely, with instructions to (1) Eat Beans (2) Wait one hour and (3) Fill Bath and (4) Enjoy your natural bubble bath!

Stress Relief Capsules

Bubble wrap. "Pop one sheet every 4 hrs. See physician if symptoms persist!"

Toy Not Included

A twist on all those times as a kid when you opened a new toy and then found you couldn't use it because it had "batteries not included". Wrap some batteries nicely, and include a little note saying "toy not included" ;-)

Expert Jigsaw Puzzle

Put a bag of sawdust in a box. Make sure you put a nice painting or photo on the front of the box, to get their hopes up. One of the silliest homemade gag gifts I've found.

Plant Your Own Furniture

Put an acorn in a bag, with instructions to plant and cut down in 40 years or so and make some furniture.

Yard Stick

Choose a nice stick from your garden. Wrap it, with a note "This is a yard stick. I know, because I found it in my yard".

Home Exercise Kit

A block of wood with instructions to (1) place on floor (2) walk around it twice and (3) check pulse, and take a break, you've done two laps around the block.

Straw Hat, Assembly Required

A ribbon, a feather, and some loose straw in a bag.

The Perfect Man

Do you know someone who's still looking for the perfect man? Wrap up a gingerbread man for her with a little note saying "I've found you the perfect man. He's rich, he's sweet, and if he misbehaves then you can bite his head off!".

Weather Forecast Station

Piece of string nailed to a block of wood. Include instructions:

  • string curling: hot
  • string wet: raining
  • string hard to see: foggy
  • string white: snowing
  • string smoking: lightning strikes
  • string moving: windy
  • string still: not windy
  • string missing: hurricane, or thieves about

One brick shy of a load

Wrap up a brick, and attach a little note saying that it's the perfect gift for someone who's "one brick shy of a load". You can do the same sort of thing for one card short of a full deck, a few peas short of a casserole, a sandwich short of a picnic, a few fries short of a happy meal, or one can short of a six pack. (There most be more pun-based gag gifts to make... can you think of some?)

Husband Training Treats

Wrap up some cookies in a box labelled "husband training treats". Instructions for "give your husband one treat for putting down the toilet seat, two treats for putting his clothes in the basket, three treats for washing up, etc".

Saving for Therapy

Get a tin money box, and redecorate it with a label saying "saving for therapy". Perfect for friends who "have problems". Make sure your friend isn't too sensitive. You want them to laugh, not cry ;-)

God's Gift to Women

If you're a guy looking for a good gift for your other half, then dress yourself up in an oversized gift box. Include a label "To Women, from God".

Porn for women

Take or collect some photographs of men doing household chores, and put them in an album.

Singing in the Shower

Cut a bath sponge into the shape of a microphone, for that (annoying) family member who always sings in the shower.

Book of Calm

Go to a charity store and find a self help book about "relaxation techniques", "dealing with stress" or similar. Then cut a hole in all the central pages (leaving the covers intact) and hide a hip flask full of whisky in there.

Smart Pills

"Having trouble concentrating? Take some smart pills! Please see your teacher if symptoms persist". Actual gift is some Nestle Smarties (giant smarties if you can find them). Wrap in brown paper and attach your own prescription or label.

Candlelit dinner for two

In a box, put 2 cans of spaghetti, 2 plastic forks, 2 juice boxes, 2 dinner mints, and a tea light (mini candle). How romantic! (Thanks to Denyse Evans from Bermuda for writing in with this idea)

Catch-up potion

Sachets of ketchup - swallow one down and you will be able to catch-up on all the things you forgot to do! (Thanks to Kathy from Manton CA for writing in with this - it must be one of the funniest yet easiest gag gifts to make :-)

Special Chap Stick

Get a mini glue stick and replace the label with the label from a chap stick or lip gloss stick. Make sure you have the camera ready to capture their expression when they realise they've just put glue on their lips ;-)

Star Trek Technology

This is the perfect gag gift to make for Star Trek fans. Take a roll of toilet paper, and wrap it up in five layers of packaging, e.g. five boxes inside each other, or layers of wrapping paper. In between each layer, put these clues about what the gift is, so that they read the clues one by one as they unwrap the gift.

  1. It's a technology from Star Trek
  2. It's used to combat aliens
  3. It can only be used on one planet in the solar system
  4. It's shaped like a cylinder
  5. Punchline: Toilet paper. You use it to eliminate Klingons from Uranus

What next?

I hope you enjoyed my list of gag gifts to make!

If you're looking for more ideas, do check out my main homemade gag gifts page, or take a look at these fantastic printable gag gift ideas!


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