Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Ideas

Wedding anniversary gifts and ideas for when you need a bit of romantic inspiration! Don't stress... we've got some fabulous and unique ideas on this page we think they'll love!

On this page we've collected some of our most popular printable anniversary gift ideas. They are super easy to personalize at home (or at work... so your partner doesn't find out!) and a great way to show how much you care!

"Remember When..." Poster

Our "Remember When" printable poster allows you to reminisce over all things you and your partner have done together. It reminds you of all those fun times you've shared and how special your relationship is.

We take care of the design and formatting, so all you have to do is personalize and print. Your partner will feel so special that you've made something just for them!

Click here to personalize and print your poster

personalized remember when poster wedding anniversary gift

Anniversary Poster

Our anniversary poster allows you to celebrate your years of marriage and all it's many highlights - children, pets, houses, vacations...

You can make this for your husband or wife, but it is also a wedding anniversary gift you can make for your parents when they are celebrating a special anniversary.

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personalized marriage anniversary poster wedding anniversary gift

Printable Romantic Coupons

Anniversaries are such a wonderful time to be romantic! These printable love coupons are a gift that keep giving, and with editable text you can tailor them perfectly to your partner.

They are a fabulous last minute gift idea too, for those of you who've left it a little late...

Click here to personalize and print your romantic coupons

"Year Married" Poster

Create your own personalized poster with facts from the year you were married! It's a lovely way to reminisce over what was happening "back in the day..."

printable definition poster wedding anniversary gift

Click here to personalize and print a 30th anniversary poster

Click here to personalize and print a 40th anniversary poster

Click here to personalize and print a 50th anniversary poster

As this anniversary poster concept is still in development, you will be directed to birthday posters celebrating that year. All you have to do is edit the text to make it an anniversary poster. Have fun reminiscing!

Cute Couple Poster

This super cute printable foxes poster celebrates all that's great about being part of a fabulous team together.

Whether "Foxy Couple", "Dashing Couple", or "A wheelie lovely couple since 2012" suits your style best, you can edit the top and bottom text to personalize this wedding anniversary gift so it's perfect for you.

Click here to see all the examples and make your own poster

personalized fox couple anniversary poster wedding anniversary gift

"Things we Love" Poster

Make a personalised poster of all the things you love doing together!

These posters are very quick to make and have lots of fabulous color palettes to choose from. It's such a simple idea and a great way to celebrate your relationship and why you like hanging out so much!

Click here to personalize and print your poster

personalized poster wedding anniversary gift

"Perfect Pairs" Poster

Create your own personalized poster listing your relationship alongside all the other "pairs" of things you like or admire. From food pairs to characters from fiction, it's a lot of fun to think up the pairs that mean to most to you.

printable perfect pairs poster wedding anniversary gift

Click here to make your own personalized perfect pairs poster.

Romantic Definition Poster

Personalize and print out your own definition poster where you can define just why your wife or husband is so fabulous.

Or you could make a poster defining what love means for the two of you. I think this is a particularly wedding anniversary gift as it's so unique to you both.

printable definition poster wedding anniversary gift

My husband actually came up with this poster design and made me a birthday poster this year with a definition of all the things he loved about me - it is adorable and made me feel so special!

Click here to personalize and print your poster

Wedding Anniversary Money Origami

For many reasons sometimes it's easier to give cash for an anniversary gift... but cash can also be romantic!

A couple of decorative hearts folded in a card is an unexpected nice surprise, and shows that you've taken time to prepare their gift. Do give it a try, it's not as complicated as it looks, promise!

Learn how to fold cash into decorative hearts, flowers, and more with our step-by-step money origami instructions.

Money origami heart wedding anniversary gifts

Anniversary Wishes, Quotes, & Poems

Sometimes the most touching wedding anniversary gift is a message telling your partner how much you love and care about them. These wishes, quotes, and poem collections might be just the romantic inspiration you need!

Happy Anniversary Messages

Wedding Anniversary Quotes & Sayings

Wedding Anniversary Poems & Verses

Love Quotes for Her

Love Poems

Love Poems for Her

Love Messages for Her

Good Morning Messages for Her

Paragraphs for Her

Love Letters for Her

Love Poems for Him

Love Quotes for Him

Love Messages for Him

Good Morning Messages for Him

Love Letters for Him

Short Love Quotes

More Anniversary Ideas

We hope you enjoyed these wedding anniversary gifts and ideas, and that you've found something special you can make this year.

For more anniversary ideas, check out these 40 Best Anniversary Ideas for an Unforgettable Day.

Do check out our homemade Valentine gifts page for more craft-based romantic gift ideas, and there are plenty of general gifts and quotes on our homemade boyfriend gifts page too.


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