40 Best Anniversary Ideas - Fun & Romantic Things to Do

Last updated: September 30, 2022

Fabulous anniversary ideas to make your anniversary extra-special!

Not sure what to do for your anniversary date? Our inspired ideas range from romantic dates to fun-filled days out, and cheap ideas for celebrating on a budget. So don't panic, there are so many ways to make your anniversary a day to remember!

Anniversary Ideas

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Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Your anniversary is an important time of the year to re-ignite things with your partner and keep your relationship fresh. Whether it's been one year or many since your wedding, the right romantic anniversary idea can help to set a tone of love and care, while bringing you and your partner closer together.

Getaway Weekend

There is nothing more romantic than getting away from the daily bustle and spending time together on an island hideaway or in a snowy cabin. Getaways help you to live large for the weekend. It doesn't have to be exotic, either. Travel to a new city and see the sights together.

Couples Massage and Spa

Unwind together with a luxurious and relaxing spa day that will help you feel recharged for the year ahead. Enjoy a couples massage side-by-side to avoid the wait of taking turns. Or, if you're on a budget, read up on massages, buy some oils, and do it yourself.

Spend the Day in Bed

Sometimes the greatest luxury is being able to let go and do nothing with your time. Whether you serve each other breakfast in bed, enjoy a movie marathon, or are all-in for relaxation and romance, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your anniversary without leaving the bedroom.

Book a Night in a Hotel

If you want a classic romantic anniversary idea, book a stay at a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast. Enjoy the liberation of staying in a new place without your usual household responsibilities. Make it a staycation by remaining local without having to follow your usual routines.

Make a "Remember When" Poster

You two have had some magical moments together, haven't you? You've shared moments that were profound, hilarious, wild, or indulgent. Relive those memorable times together by creating a personalized "Remember When" poster. The two of you will share a smile every time you look at it, and it will inspire you to create more amazing memories for the future.

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Create a personalized poster gift for your partner

Do Something from Your Bucket Lists

Bucket lists are a great source of inspiration for things to do in life. The extra effort of planning in advance may be more work, but it's worth it to make a truly memorable anniversary. Choose something you know your partner has been longing to do, or brainstorm an anniversary idea you'd like to both tick off your list. You might go to see a favorite band or travel to a dreamed-of destination.

Picnic Outside

Short on time on your anniversary day? You still have a chance to make it memorable by putting together a sunset picnic and meeting at a beautiful park to enjoy the oncoming evening. Don't forget to pack the champagne and chocolates!

Dine at a Special Date-Night Restaurant

Pick a restaurant that you've been dreaming of and wouldn't normally go out to. Dress up nice, order what you really want, and pull out all the stops to enjoy your candlelit dinner. Over dinner, you can talk about your dreams for the year ahead while you share and enjoy the food.

Book a Chef's Table Reservation

A meal at a chef's table offers a unique experience of multiple curated and often seasonal courses. For the anniversary dinner, give your partner the opportunity to dress up and splurge on a mind-blowing meal and wine pairing. A truly memorable anniversary idea for the foodies out there!

Return to the Location of your First Date

A cute anniversary idea is to head back to the spot of your first date and relive some of the magic of that moment, and create some new memories as well! If you've since moved away from the city where you met, plan a trip to return to and visit your old hangouts as you walk down memory lane.

Go Out Dancing

Looking forward to some high energy romance for your anniversary? Go out dancing with your loved one and show them all of your affection. Kick off a steamy night by hitting the club or keep it classy with ballroom or swing. Dancing is sure to heat things up for later!

Take a Luxurious Soak

Take your love for a soak to warm things up, while sipping your champagne and snacking on chocolate-covered strawberries. A hot tub date is sure to be full of relaxation and romance. Take this romantic anniversary idea up a notch by making it a weekend getaway to a hot spring for some luxurious soaking.

Return to Your Wedding Venue

Some of our greatest and strongest memories of marriage all took place at the wedding venue. For your anniversary, call up your venue and reserve a spot to enjoy some of what they have to offer, whether its a wine and beer tasting, a nice lunch, or even a spot for a picnic. And don't forget to recreate some of your wedding venue photos if you can!

Fun Anniversary Ideas

If you and your partner are wondering what to do on your anniversary, it's worth your while to check out some fun ways to celebrate. Having a bit of fun for your anniversary date is a great way to warm things up between you and incorporate the things that you both enjoy.

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Go For an Adventure

Adventures are one way to make an anniversary a truly unforgettable celebration. There's something for everyone in the adventure field. You can get daring with skydiving, ziplining, kayaking, or bungee jumping. Or, keep it calm and romantic by riding in a hot air balloon, going on a road trip, skiing, or snorkeling. The sky's the limit for these fun anniversary ideas!

Book a Photo Session

Don't let your wedding photo be the most recent couples photo you've taken together. Rekindle that love by booking a photographer and taking some cute photos to remind you of the way you feel about each other. For the finishing touch, decorate your home with framed versions of the photos.

Cook at Home

An ambitious at-home meal is a great way to bring people together, even when you do need to divvy up the tasks. Make it really special by planning your meals around your fresh and interesting finds from the farmers' market. Or, recreate your wedding night menu, with just two of you. It's a great anniversary idea when you've got young children and want to do something romantic but need to be home for the kids.

Book a Couples' Class

Activities are a great way to break the traditional wine-and-dine cycle of anniversaries. Cooking classes will feed you while also teaching you new culinary techniques that you can use in the future. Or, if you're more into movement, dancing classes help you two learn to move together and give you some steps to practice.

Get Crafty Together

Find an interest that you share, such as taking a ceramics class, a wine-tasting and painting class, or something more performative, like an improv class. Or, try starting a hobby of homebrewed beer or wine. Then when it's time to harvest, you can drink your special wine on the next date night!

Check Out Some Live Music

Music can be an amazing way to get the night moving. At most jazz clubs, you'll find smooth tunes and luxurious elegance, as well as the opportunity to dress up and show off to each other. Or, for more variety, go bar hopping along a street known for its live music.

Go to an Arcade

There are some fun anniversary ideas that are sure to take you directly back in time. For many people this includes playing arcade games. For the right couple, nothing reminds two people of why they're together more than battling pixelated aliens on a retro arcade screen!

Throw a Party

No one says you have to celebrate your anniversary with just the two of you. If you're looking for a reason to throw a party, then go ahead and give everyone a chance to celebrate! Put together an elegant backyard party or stage a throwback to your wedding complete with a dance floor. This anniversary idea works really well for those key milestones, like your 10, 20 and 25 year anniversaries.

Go on a Short Road Trip

Road trips mean good company, unique car entertainment, and a fresh, new place to visit and explore. This can mean the best of all worlds, as you get out of your usual routine and visit your nearby surroundings. For a cheap anniversary idea, make it a camping trip and enjoy s'mores with your sweety beside the fire.

Go for a Brewery or Vineyard Tour

Chances are, your couple preferences lean to one side or the other of the beer or wine divide. Either way, you can't lose. Each beverage tradition comes from a history of experimentation and craftsmanship. Take a tour to learn how your favorite beverages are made and don't skimp on the tasting at the end.

Go to a Comedy Club

Laughter can be a marvelous relaxation aid and stress relief. Taking your Love to good comedy show can put you in a great mood, and get your warmed up for a romantic evening. Not to mention, it gives you a lot to talk about during dinner afterwards. It's a fun anniversary idea that takes you out of your day-to-day routine, and will create memories for years to come!

Go to a Game

Whether or not you're both sports enthusiasts, going to see a game can offer a fun and entertaining outlet. The energy and novelty of the game atmosphere can be a lot of fun, and who knows, it might spark a future sports-fan passion and a new venue for your dates.

Practice Your Mixology Together

Learning to mix and enjoy your own drinks is a fun activity for the evening of your anniversary. Make sure to plan ahead, as you won't want to go back out once you get started. Between inventive mixes and taste-testing delicious cocktails, you're sure to end the evening entertained and warmed up.

Cheap Anniversary Ideas

You don't have to be a big spender to have an enjoyable anniversary. Whatever you do, spending some quality time with your partner is the best way to make the very best memories. The key to an inexpensive anniversary is not dwelling on your budget and planning something personal that's dedicated to the two of you.

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Take a Hike

Not only is it free to get out into nature, but it's also an amazing way to get your heart pumping while you both appreciate nature's beauty. Beyond that, going outdoors can help to break your technological connections, allowing your relationship to be the main focus.


Camping is among the most romantic small-budget activities and a great cheap anniversary idea. For your anniversary, enjoy s'mores and cuddling around the campfire. Love the hiking but nervous about the camping experience? Make it glamping (fancy camping), where you can drink champagne under the fir trees and go to bed on an inflatable mattress.

Surprise Him or Her with Love Notes

There are few things more touching than receiving a hand-written note from someone you love. Give your partner a heartfelt love letter that they will be able to keep with them. Or, sprinkle their day and week with small love notes, so that they can't go anywhere without seeing how much you care. It's a cute romantic anniversary idea that doesn't take a lot of planning and will fill their heart with joy!

Cut Off the Technology

By both deciding to turn off phones and computers, you can make anything you do on your anniversary into a special occasion. This allows you to be present to enjoy each other's company while secluded for the evening, which can even make staying in and watching a movie feel more special.

Explore the Local Scene

If you're looking for unique dining anniversary ideas on a budget, check out a street fair and indulge in different cuisines and cultures. Many cities and towns have local fairs, particularly throughout the warmer months. No fairs going on? You might also check out the local food trucks and street food while taking a walking date.

Start a Tradition

It doesn't take a lot to make something special out of the simpler things. What it really requires is doing it happily and intentionally. A fun anniversary idea is to start a tradition of something you and your loved one like to do together. Watch an anniversary movie, have a special meal, or pick a favorite restaurant.

Hit the Planner

Can't get away for your anniversary this year? Bring out your planner, and use the time to plan a trip. Or, plan out a date night for every month of the year. It may take the surprise out of things, but it gives you something to look forward to.

Enjoy Some Games and Trivia

Games and trivia foster both cooperation and competition, which can be a powerful glue to help you and your partner feel unified. Go to a local pub trivia night to test your knowledge, or set up some games at your home. Chances are, playing together will remind you of how much your admire each other... but it could also end in tears if you're super competitive - only you know if this is the right anniversary idea for you and your partner!

Plan a Family Adventure

Sometimes, when you have a family, romantic two-person dates aren't feasible on the day of your anniversary. However, you can still make this a very special family event. Take your spouse and your kids on a picnic, hike, or destination bike ride. Then, you can enjoy your couple romance in the evening.

Set Up a Personalized Scavenger Hunt

A fun and cheap anniversary idea is to set up a personalized scavenger hunt. Leave clues to lead your loved one from their starting position to a destination where you will meet them. Make sure to include things that only the two of you will know. Include little surprises or loving observations about your life together in the clues along the way.

Make a Slideshow of Your Life Together

Sometimes anniversary celebrations can be as simple as a thoughtful gift. A photo slideshow is a powerful way of giving both you and your spouse a way of looking back re-enjoying wonderful moments throughout your life. Also consider putting together a keepsake box for your memories.

Make an Anniversary Music Mix

Nothing gives us nostalgia quite like music from the past. Make a mix of your spouse's favorite music to remind them of when you started dating and fell in love. Play it in the car, on your way to dinner or a picnic, while building your campfire, or while cooking together.

Volunteer Together

Maybe you're getting the feeling that you and your spouse have done it all? This year, spend your anniversary giving back together. Not only can this kind of gratitude service help to enhance your individual mental health, but it can also give you a point of view to appreciate and esteem your partner.

Learn Something New at Home

Spend some time learning something you're both interested in, but avoid the fees by learning at home. There are online tutorials for everything. Don't want to dance in public? Learn in your living room. Cooking classes too expensive? Search for an online cooking class and teach each other. It's a fun anniversary idea that won't break the bank!

Visit a Gallery or Museum

Many cities host free art gallery and museums events. Enjoy a cultured evening together talking over the exhibitions and learning more about history and the world around you.

Looking for more Wedding Anniversary Ideas?

As you celebrate another year of love and commitment, why not add a fun twist to your anniversary activities? Playing a game of "Would You Rather" can be a delightful way to bond, reminisce, and get to know each other even better. Dive into our list of Would You Rather Questions perfect for couples.

And if you're looking for message inspiration for what to write to your loved one on your anniversary, check out these wishes, quotes, and poems for inspiration.


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