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Make a Funny Newspaper Article as a 60th Birthday Gag Gift

Turning 60 is big news! So make a newspaper page that talks all about how your friend or family member is turning 60, and all the things that they have to look forward to.

You can edit the text and photo, and download the article in high quality pdf format so that it prints beautifully.

Frame it in a certificate frame and it makes a unique and memorable gift:

60th Birthday Personalized Newspaper Gift

I made one for a birthday party of my friend and it was a HIT! They loved it. It was the talk of the party... it got loads of compliments and everyone was passing it around looking at it and asking how I did it. Jo Anne, Michigan

60th birthday funny newspaper text

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Example 60th Newspaper Article

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Newspaper name: The Townsville Times

Headline: Mrs Smith Turns 60

Author: Jerry Atric

Article text: Next week marks the 60th birthday of TOWNSVILLE resident JANE SMITH and plans are under way to see her out of middle age in style! MRS SMITH's friends and family have been organizing the birthday celebrations for several months in order to give her forthcoming dotage the full recognition it deserves.

Local restaurant "The Soup and Straw" in TOWNSVILLE town center will be the venue for the event, and the kitchen staff have been working around the clock to create an exciting menu of soft and easily-digestible dishes for MRS SMITH and her guests to enjoy.

In order to make MRS SMITH feel more comfortable on her big day, guests have been invited to attend in costume to match the age of the birthday girl. We hear that local costume stores have almost sold out of walking frames, grey wigs and reading glasses, so we're sure that MRS SMITH is going to feel right at home!

Most importantly, the local fire department is on standby to put out any potential blaze from the large number of candles on MRS SMITH's birthday cake. Authorities have been keen to assure the public that a large conflagration is extremely unlikely, not least because by the time organizers are able to light the last few candles, the first few will have already gone out.

The party organizers plan to welcome MRS SMITH to the restaurant with a red carpet laid on in her honor, though they also plan to install a number of signposts and ushers should MRS SMITH forget why she is there and become lost on her way from the car to the door. Friends have even gone so far as to book fortune teller "Ms Zelda" for the event, and we have it on good authority that in addition to palm reading, she will also be reading the lines on a number of faces.

It's sure to be the highlight of TOWNSVILLE's social calendar this year!

Interviewed for this paper, MRS SMITH's friends and family said that they were looking forward to celebrating the special day. "JANE is a wonderful wife, mother and friend and we want to give her the birthday party she truly deserves" said one family member.

MRS SMITH herself is looking forward to the party and the celebration of, in her words, "the 39th anniversary of my 21st birthday". MRS SMITH also said "I can't wait to start getting carded again when I ask for my senior discounts."

As Woody Allen once said, "I recently turned 60. Practically a third of my life is over." We for one are sure that the best years of MRS SMITH's life are still to come and we wish her a very happy birthday.

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