In 15 Minutes, create a
Personalized 60th Birthday Gift that They'll Love
...even if you're not feeling creative

So, you're looking for a personalized 60th birthday gift. You want something unique, memorable, and creative, thoughtful, and one of a kind.

But most of all you want something that they'll really love.

Our 60th birthday poster-maker helps you create a beautiful, personalized gift. You get

  • A choice of 10 gorgeous designer palettes
  • A fun poster message that you can customize as much as you like
  • Instant download of your poster to print at home

Here's what your poster will look like once you've framed it. This color palette in warm shades is a nice choice when making a 60th birthday gift for a man.

60th Birthday Personalized Poster Gift
This gift was so fun... my husband loved it! Vicki, Missouri

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this poster-maker. Thank you for such a useful tool to make VERY thoughtful, personal gifts! Andrea, Arizona

And I love this colorful palette.

60th Birthday Personalized Poster Gift
I made this for my Mom's retirement party - everyone thought it was really cool and asked me how I made it! Rachel, Idaho

I was blown away by how easy it was to make my poster! It would have taken me hours messing around on the computer to make it myself. Vicki, Missouri

Ready to make a 60th birthday gag gift poster for your mom, dad or friend? Want to create a present that's funny, memorable, and personalized? Let's do it!

Make my unique poster

Click here for more poster wording ideas.

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personalised likes poster preview
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I made this for my father-in-law's 60th and he loved it. Everybody ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it and I got lots of credit for taking the time to make him such a nice piece of artwork :-) Alison (Alberta, Canada)

Questions and Answers

I have no idea what to write in my poster. Can you help?
Sure - check out my poster examples for inspiration.

How do I print and frame my poster so that it looks as nice as in your photos?
It's actually pretty easy. See my specific printing and framing tips. Here's what a past customer had to say:

I hate it when things don't turn out as good as what they look like in the photo, but this actually turned out better than I expected and my husband loved it! Vicki, Missouri

Is my printer good enough?
Almost certainly. The trick is to use good quality paper. See my printing tips.

What if I buy it but then it looks bad when I print it?
I'll give you 100% of your money back immediately, no questions asked. Just email me.

What are the print size options?
8 × 10 inches is a popular size for photo prints, so it's a good choice if you want to print your poster at a photo print shop. Also it's usually easy to find 8 x 10" photo frames.
8.5 × 11 is a common printer paper size in the USA, so it's a good choice if you live in the USA and you want to print your poster at home.
A4 is 210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches. It's a popular printer paper size in most countries other than the USA.
After you purchase you can download your poster in all 3 sizes for no extra cost.

Can I print a different size other than the ones you offer?
Sure! Take your downloaded file to a print shop and they'll be able to print it in whatever size you ask them to.

What if I give it to them but they don't like it?
I'll give you 100% of your money back immediately, no questions asked. Just email me. Seriously.

What's your guarantee or returns policy?
Our "love it" guarantee: If the recipient doesn't LOVE their poster, email me and I'll refund every penny immediately, no questions asked, no matter how long it was since you purchased.

Why should I pay for this when I could just make it myself?
If you've got the skills, go for it! Just don't underestimate how many hours it will take (hint: probably 2 hrs, and even then it might not look quite right). Just to give you an idea: when I created this poster-maker it took me 2 hours just to find the perfect font, and then about 1hr to create each of the color palettes. But then again maybe I'm just a perfectionist.

Example Poster Wordings

1964 wording example

Here's an example poster wording that you can use as a starting point for writing your own message. It's already pre-filled into the poster maker. I've repeated it here just so that you can read it more clearly.

1964 was a remarkable year...
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
was first published by Roald Dahl
The Beatles
made their first appearance on
The Ed Sullivan Show
game show made its TV debut
Martin Luther King Jr
won the Nobel Peace Prize
Mary Poppins
starring Julie Andrews was released
Shaken, not stirred
was famously said by Sean Connery
Ford Mustang became a popular car
But most importantly of all
John Smith was born

Here are some more great events from 1964 that you could use to customize your poster:

  • I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles was the biggest song
  • The Civil Rights Act was signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson
  • The Rolling Stones released their debut album
  • Cassius Clay won his first heavyweight boxing title
  • Lisa, Susan, Karen, James & Robert were amongst the top 10 baby names
  • Ursula Andress, Brigitte Bardot & Sophia Loren were sirens of the silver screen
  • Bonanza was the most popular TV show in the US

Want even more facts? Check out 1964 on The People History and 1964 on Wikipedia.

Printing Your Poster

Is my printer good enough?

Most home inkjet printers these days are excellent quality, even the cheaper ones. The key to getting really good quality prints is to use the right paper...

What kind of paper should I use?

I recommend using matte photo paper. The vibrancy of the colors and crispness of text you get when using photo paper are leagues ahead of what you get using regular office paper. Ideally you should use the same brand of photo paper as your printer, or else stick to a well-known brand like Canon, HP, or Epson.

If you're giving an unframed print as a gift, then it's important for the paper to feel thick and high quality. It's worth getting the best quality matte paper that you can afford, like "Canon Luster Photo Paper" or "Canon Semi Gloss".

If you're giving a framed print as a gift, then the thickness of the paper is less important so long as the colors are vibrant. In that case a thinner photo paper like "Canon Matte Photo Paper" would be a good option - that's the paper I personally use most of the time.

Can I just print it at Kinkos instead?

Yes! That's a good option too, and many of our customer choose to do this.

Framing Your Poster

What type of frame

Personally I like "matted" frames, which are ones that have a white border around the poster. I think they look great, and they also make your gift feel bigger and more substantial. If you ever visit an high-end photography gallery you'll notice that this is the type of frame that they use, simply because they look fantastic.

diagram showing frame matting

Where to buy a frame

In the USA, you can get a great-looking frame for about $14. I recommend
8 x 10" photo frames from Amazon
8 x 10" photo frame from Walmart

In the UK, the best place I've found to get frames is Hobbycraft. You can get a 30 x 40 cm frame (to hold an A4 poster) for about £10.

Posters for Other Occasions

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