160+ Fun & Thoughtful Birthday Wishes for Sisters

Last updated: June 14, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect Happy Birthday wishes for your sister? You probably want to find the right words to tell her how much she means to you while wishing her a fabulous day full of all her favorite things. After all, your sister holds a special place in your heart. She's been there through everything and has always had your back.

You'll find over 100 of the best birthday messages and quotes for sisters on this page. Whether you want a funny message or one from the heart, and whether it's for your older or younger sister (or maybe even your sister-in-law!), we hope you'll find a birthday wish that's perfect for your sister!

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How can I make my sister feel special for her birthday?

Looking for a special way to wish your sister a happy birthday? It's not always easy to come up with the right addition to her birthday card or caption for a social media post.

Birthday messages are great for commemorating a moment, but nothing beats actually spending time together and making new memories. Sometimes the best birthdays aren't about gifts but an outing you can both enjoy together.

Some people love surprises, and throwing your sister a birthday party might just be the thing that helps to give her a memorable day. Others, though, might be looking for a quieter day of relaxation and pampering.

In the end, the most special thing you can do for your sister on her birthday is to be thoughtful about what she likes. Write her a message that suits her personality, give her a gift that makes her life a little better, and she's sure to enjoy it.

Sweet ways to say "Happy Birthday, Sister!"

Whether she's your younger sister or your older sister, she's an incredibly special person in your life. The two of you share years of memories. On her special day, tell your sis how much she's loved with these simple and sweet birthday wishes for your sister!

Happy birthday to the coolest sister on the planet! The day is brighter and more fun when you're around.

Dear sister, it's so wonderful having someone like you in my life! I hope you enjoy all the happiness in the world.

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Happy birthday to my dear sister, may all your dreams come true on your special day!

Here's to a wonderful birthday and kicking off an amazing year. Happy birthday, Sis, I hope all your dreams come true!

I hope you have a stellar birthday dear sister, and that this next year is full of exciting opportunities! Keep reaching for those stars, I believe in you!

Though we might be sisters by chance, we'll always be friends by choice. Love you always.

Relax and enjoy your birthday, it's your special day to shine! Who cares if you're a year older? You're also wiser, more experienced, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you! You've got this!

I couldn't possibly dream up a better sister than you. You're my best friend and partner in crime. My life would be dull without you. Happy Birthday!

If I got to choose anyone to be my sister, I'd still choose you! Happy birthday to the coolest girl I know.

Happy birthday, sweet sister. May today be the start of a wonderful, glorious, and joyful year ahead for you.

You're a beautiful person, a loyal friend, and such a special sister. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into my life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

There's never a dull moment with you in the house, thanks for all the fun and laughter you bring into our lives! May your birthday be full of joy, and may the year ahead be your best one yet! Happy birthday!

I am so grateful you're my sister, I can't imagine life without you. Thanks for being amazing! Have a great birthday!

Thanks for always believing in me and cheering me on! May all your wishes come true today!

Happy birthday, dearest sister. I'm so lucky to have you. I can only hope to be as good a sister to you as you are to me.

Happy birthday to my amazing twin sister. I'm so lucky I get to share so many special things with you, including our birthday!

Happy birthday, sis! You're such an incredible person, and you deserve so much happiness on your special day. I hope it's full of joy and beautiful memories!

You've always been such an inspiration to me. Thanks for being an amazing sister and friend. I hope you have a brilliant birthday!

Happy birthday to my lovely sister! May this coming year be the best one yet!

I am so lucky to have such a sweet and wonderful sister like you! I hope that your day is full of joy, and that you have a very special year ahead. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the funniest, prettiest, happiest person I know - you! I hope you have a great day my dear sister, and may life bring you much joy and prosperity.

If only everyone had an amazing sister like you! The world would be a much better place. Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday dear sister! With each passing year, you shine even brighter. I hope all your dreams come true!

The only thing better than growing up with you as my sister is how my children can grow up with you as their aunt. Happy birthday!

I feel so lucky that you're my sister and my best friend! You bring so much laughter and fun into my life! Hope you have a great birthday!

Sisters fill your soul with bright sunshine and your heart with laughter and joy. Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to my amazing sister and best friend. I'm so very lucky to have you in my life!

Sending you lots of love on your birthday. You're such an incredible sister and I'm so thankful to have you in my life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the best sister in the world! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday today! Thanks for being such a brilliant sister and my best friend!

Happy birthday dear sister, I hope you have a very special day!

Happy birthday to my sweet little sister! May your day be full of fun, laughter, and cake!

Happy birthday to the best sister a girl could ask for! Hope your day is full of fun!

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Growing up I always looked up to you, and as we grow older, I still do. Thanks for showing me how it's done with style. Happy birthday big sis!

Birthdays can be difficult when our loved ones are far from us and we can't celebrate in person. These next birthday wishes for sisters are for those separated by distance, to let her know how much you love and miss her!

I may not always be there with you, but I am always there for you. I hope you have a brilliant birthday and that the year ahead is full of joy!

Though land and ocean may lie between us, we are never far apart. For sisterhood doesn't count miles, it's measured by the heart. Happy birthday!

If I could package up my hugs and kisses, I would send them express delivery your way. Happy birthday dear sister, I'm sorry I can't be with you today!

I've sealed some extra hugs in this card for your birthday. You might not see them, but they're there! Happy birthday from across the miles.

If only I was there to wish you a happy birthday in person. I hope you have a wonderful day and the year ahead is a fabulous one!

Whenever you have a quiet moment today, know that I'm thinking of you and hoping your birthday is the happiest of days. Miss you sis!

Cheers to my dear sister on your birthday! I'll be raising a glass in your honor... or maybe three or four! Wish I could be there! Miss you xx

The most loving birthday wishes are coming your way! I hope you have a brilliant birthday!

Funny ways to say "Happy Birthday, Sister!"

Over the years, you and your sister will have shared some hilarious memories! These funny birthday wishes for sisters will help you give your sister a laugh on her birthday.

Happy Birthday sis! Remember, money can't buy you happiness. But it can buy you a cake (which is basically the same thing).

No matter how serious life gets, you've got to have that one person you can be completely stupid with. So glad I've got you sis! Have a brilliant birthday!

Sister, it's your birthday. Keep calm and eat cake!

It's time to celebrate! May your champagne glass be full all night, and may the perfect person buy them for you! Have fun and happy birthday!

Happy bday, sis! We all know that I'm stuck with you for life. But hypothetically, if I had to pick another sister, I could be persuaded to still pick you.

Being related to me is really the only gift you need. Just saying. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday sis! I really wanted to get you something incredible for your birthday, but then I realized that my presence alone would be spectacular enough. So here I am! You're welcome.

You're truly one in a million - so kind, caring, and sweet. To be honest, I am not sure how we're even related! I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are.

People say, 'it's the thought that counts'. So rest assured, I'm thinking about giving you many lovely things for your birthday: that top you wanted and those cool shoes. Unfortunately, I'm completely broke, so this card will have to do. Happy birthday! I love you lots!

I've heard it said that you have to be wild when you're young, so you'll have something to talk about when you're old. Today, your task is to make some memories. Happy birthday, sis, go nuts!

Hooray, it's your birthday! Probably the only thing that we didn't have to share as kids. Today's all about you, so have fun and enjoy your special day!

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Sisters are a lot like toppings on ice cream: you can get by without them, but where's the fun in that? Thanks for sweetening my life with your love. Happy birthday!

You're finally 21! Now you can legally do all those things that you've been doing since you were 16. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my number one, favorite sister of all time! Of course, you are my only sister. Still, you're the best one I ever had!

Happy Birthday! Here's to the cutest, smartest, most perfect sister! I think it must run in the family.

Dear sis, you're unique as a snowflake: uniquely annoying, uniquely bossy, and, more importantly, uniquely lovable. I'm glad to have such a special sister in my life. Happy birthday!

Having a sister means being blessed with double of everything: two closets, two sets of makeup, and two hearts that are always connected. Thanks for always sharing your things, even when you didn't want to. Happy birthday!

OMG, how did my little sister become so grown up?! I'm sorry to say it, but no matter how old you are, you'll always be a cute little munchkin in my eyes! I hope you have a brilliant day and year!

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Wait! You're how old!? Excuse me, I need to go see a therapist. You just reminded me how old I am. Happy Birthday little sis!

Sometimes you drive me crazy, but I promise I do love you! Happy birthday my cute little sis. Life just wouldn't be the same without you!

You're kind, strong, beautiful, and loving; basically, you are perfect. As your little sister, I want you to know that I might hate you just a little bit, but I do love you even more! Happy birthday to the best sister in the world.

May you feel much joy and excitement on your birthday! I know I do, knowing that you will always be older than me! Happy birthday from your little sister!

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Sister

Does your sister inspire you? These next birthday wishes for sisters are specifically for those adventurous, encouraging sisters. Whether she's sweet, funny, creative, or full of achievements, one of these sentimental, heartfelt, and emotional birthday wishes for sisters will let her know just how much she means to you!

You make me want to be a sister that's as amazing as you! Wishing you a very happy birthday sis!

Huge happy birthday wishes to my beautiful sister! Throughout all the years, I can always count on you to be my number one inspiration and best friend.

A sister is someone extra special. You fight in my corner, care for me when I'm down, and always keep things real. Happy birthday to my amazing sister!

You've always been there, sharing the precious memories and carrying me through the tough times. I'm so grateful to have a sister who knows me inside and out like you do. Happy birthday!

I love you to the moon and back. No one shines as brightly as you do, sister. Happy birthday to my twinkling star!

Siblings are God's way of giving blessings. I'm thankful to God that He gave me the kindest sister in the world. Happy birthday!

Our parents made us sisters, but it was life that brought us together as friends. Happy birthday to the kindest, happiest, smartest, funniest and most supportive person I know!

Friends come and go through life, but family is forever. Here's to making precious memories together until we're old and gray. Happy birthday!

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I can't promise to solve all your problems, but I can promise you won't have to face them alone.

I want to thank you for being the most loving and caring sister in the world. No one understands me better than you, and no one makes me laugh as much as you do! May your day be full of sunshine and happiness. Happy Birthday!

Sisters are like diamonds. They're rare. They sparkle beautifully. And they're absolutely priceless. May you always shine brightly sis, today on your birthday, and every day!

Sister, you are an incredible, adventurous human. Each day, I find new inspiration in your achievements. I'm so proud of you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a wonderful sister and friend! Thank you for always being so supportive and encouraging. I appreciate absolutely everything you have done for me, and all your love and laughter over the years.

Thank you for always being there for me. You are the real gift today! May all of your dreams and wishes come true. You deserve it all and more. Happy birthday!

There is no one more deserving of happiness than you, sister. You are such a sweet, caring, gentle soul. May your birthday be just as lovely as you are.

Your sparkling personality is enough to brighten up every room. You have a way of making others feel special. I'm so happy to have such a kind and unique sister. I hope the good energy returns to you a thousandfold on your special day!

You really are the sweetest person I know. I promise to keep all of your secrets and be there for you each day. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my lovely sister! The world is a better place with you in it.

Through good times and bad - whenever I really need you - you've always been there. I'll always be there for you, too. Happy birthday, sis.

Growing up, there were times I wished you weren't my sister. Lately, though, I don't know how I'd get through life without you! Thanks for always being there for me, sis. I hope you have a brilliant birthday!

Always remember that you are witty and smart, kind and beautiful. If you're ever feeling down about yourself, just come to me. I'll remind you how wonderful you truly are!

No matter what happens in life, never give up on chasing your dreams! You've got this girl! Happy Birthday!

My childhood would not have been so special without you by my side. You mean the world to me, and I'm thankful for you on this special day. Happy Birthday!

If I could give you one thing in life, I'd give you the chance to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me.

Sister, you are like my angel, with a love that always glows. You are one of the greatest gifts my heart will ever know.

I know that I often annoy you and say stupid things, but you'll never find someone who cares about you as much as I do. I hope you have a great birthday sister!

Thank you for being such a wonderful sister and for always looking out for me. I honestly don't know where I'd be without your advice and support! I hope you have a brilliant birthday full of fun and surprises!

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When I count my blessings, I count you twice! Happy birthday to my dear sister and best friend!

As we journey together through life, I feel so blessed to call you my sister. Thank you for listening to all my troubles, and sharing so many fun and happy times. I hope you have a very happy birthday!

So many people in this world don't have a sister like you, and I'm sure they get on okay. But I couldn't live without you bringing joy and laughter to each day. I hope your birthday is half as crazy, smart, fun, and fabulous as you are!

They say you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. I'm so lucky you're my sister since I'd choose you any day! It's a true blessing to share childhood with you, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I'm so thankful to have a sister like you to share life's ups and downs. I hope you have a very happy birthday!

You're always so hard-working, and you try your best in everything you do. I just know your life will be full of success and happiness. Thank you for being such a powerful inspiration and role model. Here's to all your dreams coming true this birthday.

Whenever I'm feeling down in the dumps, you're the one who always cheers me up. Thanks for all the fun and good times we've shared, you're a wonderful sister and I'm so lucky to have you! I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Hang on, just how did you grow up so fast? I still remember playing in the park, sharing ice creams, all our little fights, and all the fun we had growing up together! Those were such special days. I hope you have an amazing birthday today, and that you grab every opportunity life brings you to shine! Happy birthday!

God gave our family a very precious gift the day you were born, and I'm grateful every day for your constant friendship and support. I hope your birthday is a very special one, and may the year ahead be full of many blessings. Happy birthday, sister!

You're always so gorgeous, thoughtful, funny, and kind. I can't help being proud of who you're becoming. I hope you have a fantastic birthday my dear little sister!

To my sweet little sister on her birthday: You are the most precious gift that God has given me! I hope you have an incredible birthday full of fun and wonder!

Happy Birthday sis! I want you to know that no matter what happens in life, I'm always there for you. That is what big [brothers / sisters] are for! Here's to a life full of fun, laughter, powerful experiences, and good times!

Happy birthday to my big sister! Today, you're another year older, wiser, and all-around amazing. Your example has inspired me to work hard and be the best I can be. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that many good things come your way!

My dear sister, thank you for being a brilliant mentor and friend rolled into one! I hope you have an amazing birthday filled with joy and delight!

Your presence has filled all my childhood memories with laughter and fun! It's so hard to believe that we're getting older, and many of those times are behind us now. Here's to your bright future - may it sparkle with joy and delight!

I am so thankful to have such a kind, caring, protective elder sister who looks after me and helps me through life. I pray that you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is full of many blessings. Happy birthday!

Birthday Quotes for Your Sister

These short birthday quotes help to capture the unique and precious bond between siblings. They are a starting point for writing your own birthday wishes for your sister or work well as an SMS or caption too.

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.
~ Amy Li

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
~ Marion C. Garretty

Sisters take care of each other, watch out for each other, and comfort each other, are there for each other, through thick and thin.
~ Bonnie Li Oscarson

What are sisters for if not to point out the things the rest of the world is too polite to mention.
~ Claire Cook

We acquire friends and we make enemies, but our sisters come with the territory.
~ Evelyn Loeb

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You keep your past by having sisters. As you get older, they're the only ones who don't get bored if you talk about your memories.
~ Deborah Moggach

You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you.
~ George R.R. Martin (Game Of Thrones)

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.
~ 1 Peter 4:8

What's the good of news if you don't have a sister to share it?
~ James DeVries

I think these two sweet Winnie the Pooh quotes are perfect for sending to a younger sister on their birthday. They'd work really well in a birthday SMS or caption.

Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.
~ Winnie the Pooh

As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.
~ Winnie the Pooh

birthday wishes for sister 800x800
birthday wishes for sister 800x800

An older sister is a friend and defender - a listener, conspirator, a counselor, and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too.
~ Pam Brown

The internet is full of sayings about the joys (and troubles) of sisterhood. Here are some of our favorite anonymous sayings that are perfect for writing in a birthday card.

Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.

Sisters are like angels. They sparkle, twinkle, and glow. They are the greatest gift our hearts will ever know.

The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other.

There is no problem that sisters cannot: confront, combat, plot against, ignore, make fun of, drown in chocolate sauce, or run over with the car.

Sisters help you find important things when you have lost them. Things like smiles, your hopes, and your courage.

Friends will make us laugh, lovers make us smile, but sisters are one who stay back and wipe all the tears!

There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you.

A sister is more than a forever friend. She is a joy to the heart and a love without end.

Sisters help make the hard times easier, and the easy times more fun.

The best things in life are not things, they are sisters.

Giggles, secrets, sometimes tears, sisters and friends throughout the years.

We laugh, we cry, we make time fly. We are best friends, my sister and I.

Sister: A person who's been where you've been; someone you can call when things aren't going right; is more than just family; a sister is a forever friend.

A sister is the kind of special friend you search high and low to have, but she's been standing alongside you since the very start.

Our paths may change as life goes on but our bond as sisters will remain ever strong.

A little sister time is good for the soul.

Sisters share childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

Sisters are connected heart-to-heart. Distance and time can't break them apart.

A sister doesn't just know your story. She helped you write it!

Happiness is a cup of tea and a chat with your sister.

The best advice my mother ever gave me: Be nice to your sister. Your friends will come and go, but you will always have your sister. And I promise that one day she will be your best friend.

Sisters take care of each other, watch out for each other, comfort each other, and are there for each other through thick and thin.

Birthday Wishes for Sister from Brother

Birthday wishes between brothers and sisters can be complicated. How much teasing is too much? And how much sentimentality is over the top? Can't find the balance to wish your sister a happy birthday? Our list will help! Here is a mix of funny and sentimental birthday wishes for sisters from brothers.

Birthdays are healthy. Statistically, those who have the most birthdays live the longest. So enjoy your day, dear sister, and don't worry about the fact you're getting so old!

Happy birthday to my incredibly wise and fun sister. I feel so lucky to be your brother... most of the time! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday sis! I'll try not to annoy you today as a special birthday treat. You're welcome.

Forget about the past, you cannot change it. Forget about the future, you cannot predict it. And forget about your present, I didn't get you one! Happy birthday, sis!

Happy birthday to my baby sister who is growing up way too fast. I love you lots, but I'd love you just a little bit more if you stopped dating my friends! Just a thought.

As your little brother, it's my job to be super annoying. It's just my special way of saying I love you! I hope you have a great birthday!

birthday wishes for sister 800x800

Brother and sister, together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends.
~ Robert Brault

Happy birthday to my little sister! Mum said it would happen one day and she was right - you're hardly annoying at all anymore!

Happy birthday sis! Remember: birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake. Here's to you on your special day!

It's a brother's job to annoy his sister, no matter how old we get... Trust me, I'm just doing my duty! Cheers to another fun birthday!

Happy birthday! My childhood would have been so boring without you to share it with. Thanks for all the awesome adventures we've been on, and I can't wait for the many more fun times to come... starting with celebrating your birthday!

Wishing a big Happy Birthday to the best sister a guy could have. Stay awesome and have a Happy birthday, sis!

You truly are the best sister and friend that a brother could ever ask for. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for Sister-in-law

Not all sisters are blood-related. Here's a collection of birthday wishes specifically for your sister-in-law so you can wish her all the best for her birthday. (And thank her for putting up with your brother!)

You truly are the best sister-in-law and friend I could have hoped for! Happy birthday!

To a very special sister-in-law, may all your birthday wishes come true and add a little sparkle to your day.

I'm so lucky to have such a fun and fabulous sister-in-law! Have a day full of special moments and incredible memories!

We may have only become sisters recently, but now it feels like you've always been part of the family! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

birthday wishes for sister 600x900

Happy birthday dear sister-in-law! May your day be full of beautiful moments!

Sister-in-law, may all your dreams and wishes come true on your special day. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my lovely sister-in-law as you celebrate another year of being beautiful, wonderful you!

To my favorite sister-in-law, I sometimes forget that we're not actually related by birth. Happy Birthday!

Though we're not sisters by blood, we're related through a tight-knit bond. Love you! Have a very happy birthday and many more.

More Birthday Wishes for Sister

Still looking for just the right message? Maybe you want a message for a particular birthday year or an extra funny message? Find the perfect birthday wish for your sister on one of these pages:

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Free Printable Birthday Cards

Take a look at our gorgeous printable birthday cards and find the perfect card for your sister! There are also some color-in printable cards, perfect for kids who want to create a unique birthday card for family and friends.

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