Happy Birthday, Daughter: 135+ Wishes & Quotes to Brighten Her Day

Last updated: November 17, 2023

Say "Happy Birthday Daughter" with our wishes and quotes designed just for your daughter. Whether she's still your little girl or growing into a fabulous young woman, we have the perfect touch of birthday magic for her special day!" From short and sweet wishes perfect for texts to heartwarming quotes ideal for greeting cards, our list of messages has got you covered. On this page, you'll find an extensive collection of birthday messages to help you find the perfect words to wish your girl a wonderful birthday.

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Short & Sweet Happy Birthday Daughter Wishes

You don't always need to write a long message to convey the depth of your love. For those who prefer brevity, here's a collection of sweet, simple message ideas you can write in a birthday card to your daughter. These wishes pack lots of love, warmth, and joy into just a line or two.

To our dear daughter, wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. May your day be full of sunshine, rainbows, laughter, and fun!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful girl! With love, Mom and Dad x

Happy Birthday to my daughter! I hope that your celebration is as sweet as you are.

Happy Birthday to our kind, fun, and crazy girl! We're so grateful for the joy you bring into our lives!

Happy Birthday, daughter! May your day be as special as you are. Love from Mommy and Daddy x

Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter! The world is a better place with you in it!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the year ahead is full of many blessings. Love from Mom and Dad x

Many happy returns to our wonderful daughter!

It's your birthday, let's party! Cake? Check. Candles? Check. Drinks? Check. Gift? Check. Coolest birthday girl ever? Check!

A daughter is God's way of saying, 'I thought you could use a lifelong friend'. Thank you for being mine. Happy Birthday darling, love from Mom x

You give us a thousand reasons to smile every day. Happy Birthday to you, our beautiful daughter!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful little girl! We're so grateful for every one of the [insert number of] years you've been with us.

Our very best wishes to our very best daughter! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our precious daughter. You are loved today, tomorrow, and always!

May this year bring you plenty of reasons to smile and endless opportunities to make you happier! My girl, you were born to be a star! Happy Birthday!

Our beloved daughter, thank you for bringing a smile to our faces every day. We hope that your birthday is amazing and full of joy! Lots of love from Mom and Dad

You are loved for the little girl you were, for the special woman you are, and for the precious daughter you will always be. Have a wonderful birthday!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Daughter

This collection of funny birthday wishes for daughters is perfectly baked with a sprinkle of wit, a dollop of sass, and frosted with fun. Bring laughter and fun to her special day, whether she's a teen rolling her eyes at every dad joke or an adult who's your partner-in-comedy! These wishes are sure to tickle her funny bone on her birthday.

Happy Birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.

The year you start lying about your age has finally arrived. Happy Birthday, daughter!

I regret to inform you, but your childhood has expired. Happy 18th Birthday, daughter!

Happy Birthday, daughter! As you grow older, just remember you're on your way to being as awesome as your parents!

You might think this card is late, but somewhere around the world it's still your birthday. Happy Birthday, daughter!

Every day you make me proud. But today you get a card. Happy Birthday!

To our daughter on her birthday: Forget about the past, you can't change it. Forget about the future, you can't predict it. Forget about the present, we didn't get you one.

Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more of them live longer. Have a great one!

I smile because you're my daughter. I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, you're an adult at last. (So pack your bags, we've rented out your room.)

We were going to write you a really nice poem for your twenty-first, but we couldn't think of anything to rhyme with "21". Happy Birthday, daughter!

Happy 40th, daughter - no, wait, happy 18th with 22 years of experience!

A little bit of wisdom for you as you get older: The secret to staying young is make-up... make up an age, then stick with it! Happy Birthday daughter, Love from Mom x

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Happy Birthday To Our Little Girl

From her head to her tiny toes - celebrate the wonderful gift that your child is to you! If your daughter is still a baby or young child, here are heartwarming greetings and messages full of birthday joy that you can write to your little girl on her birthday.

Happy Birthday to the kindest and most beautiful daughter the world could ever know. Enjoy your special day!

Happy Birthday, Princess!

To our little bundle of joy, Happy Birthday! Keep chasing your dreams and spreading happiness. We love you!

Happy Birthday, our little angel! We hope you have a great day! Love from Mom and Dad.

There's this girl who stole my heart, and she calls me daddy. Happy Birthday, sweetie-pie.

Happy Birthday to our sweet little princess! May your birthday be wonderful and full of surprises. Love from Mommy and Daddy x

My beautiful girl turns [age] today. Oh how time is flying by so quickly! Happy Birthday my darling. Your kindness, gentleness, courage, and sweet nature light up my life and inspire the best in me every day.

Jump for joy! It's the birthday celebration of our one and only darling daughter! Have a wonderful birthday! Love from Mom and Dad x

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. You are amazing!

"The laugh of a daughter is the favorite symphony of a father." May your birthday be filled with lots of laughter, and your life be full of continued joy. Love from Daddy x

Happy Birthday to my daughter, the girl who stole my heart, and who has kept it all these years. Don't worry about returning it; it's happy where it is!

Today I ask God to bless you with every kind of joy on your birthday and always. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Wishes for a Teenage Daughter

Eeeek! The teenage years are here, full of adventure and discovery. Your teen daughter, moving between the world of childhood wonder and adult aspirations, deserves a birthday wish as vibrant as she is. Browse our mix of funny and inspirational Happy Birthday wishes and messages written for teenage daughters.

Welcome to the teenage club, where mood swings are complimentary! Happy 13th Birthday! Love from Mom and Dad.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, coolest, cutest, brightest, funkiest, and newest teenager in town.

Today you're a little bit older and a lot more fabulous. Happy Birthday, daughter!

As you grow up, make sure you have more dreams than memories, more opportunities than chances, more hard work than luck, and more friends than acquaintances. May you have the very best in life. Happy Birthday, our dear daughter!

To an amazing daughter who has touched our lives in so many ways - you deserve all the joy, love, and happiness that the world has to offer on your birthday.

Happy Birthday to the daughter with the most stylish walk-in floor-drobe!

Linda Weaver Clarke said, "If daughters couldn't soften a man, then nothing would." And you've certainly brought out my soft side! Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Happy Birthday to the girl who brightens our lives and warms our hearts. Lots of love from Mom and Dad x

Happy Birthday to the girl who has taught me about the world and myself more than anyone else.

"What I wanted most for my daughter was that she be able to soar confidently in her own sky, wherever that might be, and if there was space for me as well, I would, indeed, have reaped what I had tried to sow."
~ Helen Claes

Margaret E. Sangster wrote, "Our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, the dearest possessions of our homes, and the objects of our most watchful love." And you are so very precious to me. Wishing you much love and happiness on your birthday! Love from Mom

Catherine Pulsifer once wrote "A mother's treasure is her daughter", and I agree. Happy Birthday to my own precious treasure!

May God bless you today on your birthday and every day after. May you be comforted by His presence in your life, and always follow His guiding light. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year to come. Love from Mom and Dad x

And here is a beautiful bible verse for your teenage daughter to inspire and encourage her as she grows up.

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you;
love her, and she will watch over you.
The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.
Though it cost all you have, get understanding.
Cherish her, and she will exalt you;
embrace her, and she will honor you.
She will give you a garland to grace your head
and present you with a glorious crown.
~ Proverbs 4:6-9

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Happy Birthday Wishes for an Adult Daughter

From her first baby steps to her confident strides into adulthood, her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Let your adult daughter know just how much you admire and care about her with one of these inspirational, nostalgic and heartwarming birthday wishes.

[Daughter's name], words can't express how proud we are of the person you've become! Happy Birthday and I wish you all the best things in life.

In the world of copycats, be yourself. In a world full of challenges, always find the silver lining. You are a force to be reckoned with, and I am beyond proud to call you my daughter! Happy Birthday.

You've grown into a remarkable woman and mother. I am proud of you. This is your special day, and we hope you have all the fun in the world. Happy Birthday, our dearest daughter. You are indeed our biggest blessing from Heaven.

We are so proud to call ourselves the parents of such an amazing daughter like you. We wish you a very happy birthday! May all your dreams and aspirations come true. We love you!

Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter! We are so proud of the beautiful and intelligent woman you've become. We hope you have the time of your life on this extra special day of yours!

I wish you wealth, good health, joy, and happiness on your birthday. Have a wonderful happy birthday my daughter.

Thinking of you on your birthday today and sending lots of birthday love! We hope you have a great day and wish you all the best for the coming year. We're so excited that you're coming to visit in [insert month], and can't wait to see you then!

Wishing you many blessings on your birthday today. We miss you! Love from Mom and Dad x

Euripides said, "To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter." And he was right. You're a blessing in my life and bring me so much joy. Many congratulations on your birthday. Love from Dad.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
~ Traditional Irish Blessing

Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.
~ Isaiah 46:4

And here are some sweet birthday wishes for your daughter-in-law to let her know you're thinking of her on her special day.

Happy Birthday to the kindest and loveliest daughter-in-law!

Have a wonderful day on your birthday! Thank you for caring for our son and grandchildren with so much love.

Many happy returns to our wonderful daughter-in-law.

Happy Birthday, dear [name], we're so thankful you're part of our family.

Happy Birthday from the "out-laws"!

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Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes & Poems

When simple wishes just won't do, a verse or quote can capture what you want to say. In this section, you'll find a beautiful collection of inspiring, and funny "Happy Birthday daughter" quotes and poems. These are perfect for writing in a card, or posting on social media.

I can't keep calm, it's my daughter's birthday!

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and more loved than you'll ever know.
~ A.A. Milne

A daughter may outgrow your lap but she will never outgrow your heart.
~ Author Unknown

A daughter is God's way of saying "Thought you could use a lifelong friend."
~ Author Unknown

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.
~ Author Unknown

A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.
~ Laurel Atherton

I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you.
~ Louisa May Alcott

A daughter is a rainbow - a curve of light through scattered mist that lifts the spirit with her prismatic presence... A daughter is a promise, kept.
~ Ellen Hopkins

My daughter is my greatest inspiration.
~ Whitney Houston

Lucky is the Woman whose first child is a daughter.
~ Prophet Mohammed

I have the most beautiful daughter in the world and I'm grateful for her.
~ Bethenny Frankel

And here are some cute, short, and sweet birthday poems you could share with your daughter to wish her a very happy birthday!

To my lovely daughter,
I just have this to say,
Have a very happy birthday,
On this your special day.
~ Author Unknown

May your birthday be special,
May everything go your way,
May you only receive warm wishes,
May you have the perfect day!
~ Author Unknown.

I said a prayer for you today
And know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart,
Although He spoke no word.

I didn't ask for wealth or fame
I knew you wouldn't mind.
I asked Him to send treasures
Of a far more lasting kind.

I asked that He be near you
At the start of each new day
To grant you health and blessings
And friends to share your way.

I asked for happiness for you
in all things great and small,
But it was for His loving care
I prayed the most of all.
~ Author unknown

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
A very happy birthday
Is wished for you!
~ Author Unknown.

May love and laughter
Light your days
And warm your heart and home;
May good and faithful friends be yours
Wherever you may roam;
May peace and plenty bless your world
With joy that long endures;
May all life's passing seasons
Bring the best to you and yours!
~ Traditional Irish Blessing

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate (for you are my fate,my sweet) i want
no world (for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
~ E.E. Cummings

birthday wishes for daughter

Meaningful Birthday Wishes for Your Daughter

The bond between a parent and a daughter holds many special shared memories. Not sure how to articulate how much you adore your girl? Choose from one of our carefully crafted heartfelt birthday wishes for a daughter.

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my amazing daughter! Your kindness, intelligence, and spirit make me proud to be your parent. Here's to another year of joy and success.

Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter! Your presence in my life is a gift that I cherish every day. May your day be as bright and wonderful as you are.

On your birthday, I want you to know how much you are loved and appreciated. You are not just a daughter but also a source of endless joy. Have a fantastic day!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter! We love you dearly. You are the best thing in our lives.

Happy birthday to the one who has made my world brighter from the moment you came into it. Your love is the greatest gift, and I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

To my little girl who is not so little anymore, Happy Birthday! Watching you grow into an amazing person has been the greatest adventure of my life.

Wishing a fantastic birthday to my beautiful daughter! May your day be filled with love, laughter, and all the things that bring you happiness.

Happy birthday to the girl who stole my heart and continues to enrich my life every day. Your spirit and determination make me incredibly proud. Have an amazing day, sweetheart!

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Birthday Blessings For Your Beloved Daughter

A daughter's birthday is an occasion to envelop her in prayers and wishes for her journey ahead. Our collection of birthday blessings offers heartfelt prayers and blessings from your heart, as she turns a page in the story of her life.

As you gracefully add another candle to your journey of life, may the flames of hope, love, and success burn ever brighter within you. May your days be filled with laughter, your nights with peace, and your years with unforgettable moments. Wishing you a birthday as beautiful as your spirit.

May your path be adorned with joy, your dreams be realized, and your heart overflow with love. Happy birthday to our cherished daughter!

Today, we celebrate the incredible soul that you are. May each step you take be guided by wisdom, and may the coming year unfold like a tapestry of blessings.

May the coming year be a symphony of laughter, a mosaic of achievements, and a garden of cherished memories. Happy Birthday!

May you find strength in challenges, comfort in sorrows, and beauty in every moment. Happy birthday to the radiant light in our lives.

May your journey be lined with opportunities, and may you embrace each one with the grace that defines you. Happy birthday, and may this year be your most remarkable yet.

May your life be a testament to love, kindness, and resilience. Wishing you a day filled with warmth, and a year ahead filled with blessings.

Happy Birthday! May each day bring you closer to your dreams, and may love surround you in every moment.

Share a sweet birthday prayer with your daughter, and let her know that you praise God for her presence in your life and that you ask Him to bless her today and every day.

To my dear daughter, today on your birthday I pray that you will be guided by God's hand in everything that you do, that you will find comfort in Him, and be encouraged in the knowledge that He holds you in the palm of His hand and watches over you.

Every day we feel so blessed to have a daughter like you. From the adorable freckled toddler to the hard-working teenager you are now, you have continuously impressed us with how you use all of the talents God has given you. Today we celebrate you! Happy Birthday!

Father God, on [daughter's name's] birthday and beyond, let her walk in the security that comes from knowing who you say she is: treasured, delightful, known, and protected. Bless her today and in the coming year, Amen

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of our precious daughter. Thank you for her happy and kind nature and the joy she brings to our family and everyone who knows her. We ask that you would bless her with a happy day today, and with many good things for the year ahead. Amen

Heavenly Father, on my daughter's birthday I pray that she will always find confidence in You, God, even when hard times come and she doesn't know what to do, by keeping her eyes fixed on You. Amen

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Social Media Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Today, a heartfelt birthday shoutout on social media is just as common as sending a card. Whether you're aiming for that perfect Instagram caption or a heartwarming Facebook post, we have it, with just the right amount of emojis! Let's light up her notifications with love, one heartfelt wish at a time.

🎂📱 💕🎈 #HappyBirthdaySweetheart

Sending a world of love and birthday wishes to my incredible daughter! 🎉 Happy Birthday, [Daughter's Name]! May this year be filled with laughter, adventure, and everything your heart desires. 🎂💖 #BirthdayGirl #LoveYou

Wishing a fantastic birthday to my beautiful daughter! 🌸 Your kindness and grace make the world a better place. May this year be filled with love, success, and unforgettable moments! 🎊🎁 #BirthdayJoy #ProudMom

Happy Birthday to the one who makes my heart sing! 🎶 [Daughter's Name], your presence brings so much joy and warmth. May your day be as special as you are to me! 🎂💕 #BirthdayLove #GratefulMom

Celebrating the incredible journey of [Daughter's Name]'s life today! 🎂 Happy Birthday! 🥳 May this year be filled with love, laughter, and all the dreams your heart desires. 💐✨ #BirthdayJoy #LoveYouLots

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my amazing daughter! 🎊 Your passion and determination are truly admirable. May this year be filled with exciting opportunities and beautiful moments! 🎁💖 #BirthdayCheers #ProudParent

Happy Birthday to the light of my life! 🌟 [Daughter's Name], your kindness and strength inspire me every day. May this year bring you all the success and joy you've been working so hard for! 🎂💫 #BirthdayWishes #LoveYou

Cheers to the wonderful journey of another year with my daughter! 🌟 Happy Birthday, [Daughter's Name]! 🎂 Your brilliance and spirit light up our world. May your day be filled with joy and love! 🎉💐 #BirthdayGirl #LoveYou

Happy Birthday to my incredible daughter! 🎉 Your beauty, inside and out, continues to amaze me every day. May this year bring you all the happiness you deserve! 🎂💖 #BirthdayJoy #ProudParent

Birthday Wishes for Daughter Far Away

Distance may separate you physically, but the bond between a parent and a daughter is boundless. When your daughter is miles away on her special day, words can help to bridge the gap. Send love and birthday wishes across states, continents and time zones with these messages. She'll feel like she's right there beside you.

I wish I were with you on your special day. Happy Birthday, darling. Wishing you joy and laughter on your birthday from oceans away!

Every mile between us disappears when I think of your smile. May your day be as lovely as you are. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Sending hugs across the miles. Hope your day is filled with moments as unforgettable as the memories we've made. Happy Birthday!

From sunrise here to sunset where you are, may every moment of your birthday be as wonderful as you! I'll be missing and celebrating you from far away.

Here's to another year of cherished memories, even if we're miles apart. Cheers to you on your special day. I'll be seeing you on Facetime later!

Wishing a fabulous birthday to my distant star. Shine on, my girl!

Unwrapping memories, wrapping wishes, and sending them on a flight to you. Hope your birthday is everything you dreamed of and more!

The miles separate us, but our memories bridge that gap. Wishing you a birthday filled with love, joy, and dreams come true!

Counting the miles, but more importantly, counting my blessings. And the biggest is you! Happy Birthday daughter. Every day with you, near or far, is a gift!

Birthday Wishes for Someone Like a Daughter

Some bonds are not connected by blood, but chosen. When a special someone has filled a space in your heart that feels so much like that of a daughter, she deserves to be celebrated with just as much affection. These wishes capture this unique bond.

In my heart's garden, you're a cherished flower. On your birthday I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. Today and always.

Not by blood, but by bond - you've always been our girl. Raising a toast to our honorary daughter. May your day be filled with joy. Happy Birthday!

To the one who's been like a daughter to me, may your day sparkle as brightly as your spirit. Happy Birthday!

For so long, you've filled our lives with warmth, as a daughter would. Here's to another birthday of cherished memories and laughs.

Our hearts adopted you long ago. Wishing you a birthday filled with all the love and blessings that you so deserve.

You might not have our eyes, but you've always held our heart. Celebrating the beautiful soul that you are. Happy Birthday!

Every moment with you feels like a gift. To the girl who's become a daughter in every way, Happy Birthday!

Bonds of the heart are stronger than DNA. Wishing a wonderful birthday full of joy and smiles to our daughter-at-heart!

Words might not express it fully, but our hearts have a very special corner just for you. Happy Birthday to you!

More Birthday Wishes for Daughter

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Free Printable Birthday Cards

Download free printable birthday cards to give to your daughter. Some cards are even color-in printable, so you, or your daughter, can color them in!

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