Free Printable Gag Certificates

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Our printable gag certificates are perfect for poking fun at people or recognising some of their more unconventional accomplishments.

Perfect for end-of-year work parties, work leaving parties, work retirement parties, birthday parties, in fact...pretty much any sort of gathering in which you want to publicly embarrass someone :-)

Option 1: Free online gag certificate maker

The most versatile way to make your certificate is with our super-easy free online certificate template. You just type in your message and generates your certificate for you. No special software or skills required.

Click here to use our free online certificate maker

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Option 2: Microsoft Word Certificate Templates

Got Microsoft Word on your computer? Then you can download one of my microsoft word certificate templates, fill out the important details (name, date, etc), and press print!

These free certificate templates are customizable, so you can also tailor the awards to suit your specific friend (victim). Of course, the gag certificates on this page are really just the tip of the ice burg, and I'm sure you can come up with awesome ideas of your own!

gag certificates Best Dancer Award
'Need we say more?'

gag certificates Facebook Fanatic Award
'For the person who has shown the highest level of commitment and dedication to the important task of report writing (on "walls"!)'

gag certificates Most Interesting Hair Award
'For dedicated daily effort in the art of hair - we applaud you'

gag certificates Tardiness Award
'Certificate of Merit. Awarded for the most consecutive days late to work. Punctuality is the art of guessing how late the other fellow is going to be'

gag certificates Loudest Laugh Award
'Laughs, chuckles, snorts and guffaws. You are master of them all'

gag certificates Jackson Pollock Award
'For turning messiness into an art form'

gag certificates Mime Award
'Employee award for the advanced development of the "pretending to work" skill set. In recognition of accomplished technique and convincing delivery'

gag certificates Sleepyhead Award
'Certificate of Distinction. For amazing us with your incredible ability to nap in any place, at any time. We formally recognize your accomplishments...sleepyhead!'

gag certificates Best Poser Award
'For a person who always likes to look their best...'

gag certificates Certified Oldie Award
'Of course, we are all jealous...but at least we are younger! Congratulations on your retirement'

gag certificates Old Codger Merit Award
'For lasting the distance! Congratulations on your retirement'

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