Free Printable Baby Cards Gallery 2

free printable baby cards

Looking for free printable baby cards? You've come to the right place! Choose a greeting card to download from my online gallery of beautiful high quality designs.

So a friend or family member has had a new baby? That's great! Now you'll want a beautiful card to say "congratulations" with :-) I know you'll want to give a really lovely card, and that's why all the cards on this page are made from quality images in high-resolution pdf format. That way so that they'll look even better out of your printer than they do on the screen.

To download a card, just click on the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only. To view and print the card, you'll need the free Adobe Reader , which most computers have installed already.

For the best results, I recommend that you use a color printer and print onto card stock or heavy-grade photo-quality paper. If your printer can't fit thicker paper, you could also just print onto normal paper, and then glue onto a card stock base.

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Printable Envelope

Download a printable envelope. It's designed to be the perfect size to fit the cards on this page!

printable square envelope template Printable Envelope Template

Free Printable Baby Cards - Tiny Feet Designs

One of the cutest things about new babies is their tiny little feet, which is why I love these two cards. They're just so sweet! Also, I think the design is really classic, and would work well for just about any type of mom & dad. It's hard to go wrong with pastels and polka dots in a baby card :-)
free printable baby cards - tiny feet boy Tiny feet boy card

free printable baby cards - tiny feet girl Tiny feet girl card

Fabric-look cards

I love the way these next cards look like they're made from fabric. Very cute! Looking at them makes me want to get a sewing machine and try actually making cards like this from fabric. These would make good cards for a mom who's into crafting :-)
free printable baby cards - fabric boy Fabric-style card for boy

free printable baby cards - fabric girl Fabric-style card for girl

Free Printable Baby Cards - Vintage Style

Baby cards for a family with style! These cards feel like a cross between vintage and art nouveau, but whatever they are I think they're beautiful :-) By the way, have you noticed that those vintage-style prams are back in fashion? I keep seeing them around town.
free printable baby cards - pram boy Vintage pram card for boy

free printable baby cards - pram girl Vintage pram card for girl

Baby Clothes Cards

Some cute cards with baby clothes hanging on the line. Very simple, and very cute!
free printable baby cards - clothes boy Baby boy clothes card

free printable baby cards - clothes girl Baby girl clothes card

Baby Giraffe Card

This card features an adorable baby giraffe. At least, I think that's what it is :-)
free printable baby cards - giraffe Unisex cute giraffe baby card

I hope you found a printable baby card design that you liked! If you're looking for a cute message to pop inside, check out our new baby wishes & quotes and newborn baby poems pages.

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