Kids Valentine Crafts:
Super Hero Mask

by Sharlene
(Gilbert Arizona )

Kids Valentine Crafts: Super Hero Masks

Kids Valentine Crafts: Super Hero Masks

I am a mom with two little boys, each year we try to make something FUN for all the kids in each class for valentine "cards". Something UNIQUE but also a keepsake rather than something that will be tossed in the trash or just candy.

Who did you make it for?

For this year's kids valentine crafts we decided to make SUPER HERO masks for each child :)

What materials did you use?

Felt, elastic, and brads

How did you make it?

I made a pattern from paper in the shape I liked. I cut one COLOR piece and one BLACK piece of felt for each mask. I added a brad to each side of the mask. Cut an elastic piece in the size to fit around my little guys head with the mask and then ties tiny knots to keep the elastic in the brad. I bought cute bags at the $1 store and added felt stickers and foam pieces to the bags so that each child could decorate their mask!

I made fun super hero tags online and printed them out on card stock. They say "Thanks for being a SUPER Friend"

They are simple enough to make but a fun giveaway "card" for boys and girls!

Anything else you'd like to share about your project?

This is a great craft kids project for birthdays as well :)

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