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There's a reason that rainbows are often a child's first artwork — rainbow coloring pages are fun, cheerful, and the perfect choice for brightening any day. And even decades later, professionals can still be found painting rainbows in their landscape watercolors, perhaps haloing a scene of an enchanting waterfall.

free printable rainbow coloring pages

Few natural phenomena spark as much joy and wonder as when a rainbow appears after a big rain. Whether you're still a child at heart and just know that there's a pot of gold where the rainbow ends, or whether you've embraced the scientific magic of the light spectrum that hangs this natural art in the sky, our rainbow coloring page collection has it! And who among us hasn't chased down a rainbow in our time, careless that our shoes slap in mud puddles on the way?

Not only can coloring rainbows teach about the weather on a rainy day that needs cheering up, but it also teaches the science behind color itself. Or you might just want to surround yourself with beautiful colors to lift your spirits! Whatever the reason, you'll find the perfect rainbow coloring sheet or rainbow template right here.

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

Looking for a pot of gold? — Oops! I meant rainbows — looking for some rainbows to color? You've found the right spot!

Here are our very best free rainbow coloring page PDFs that feature clouds, the sun, and rain. A cute rainbow coloring page with animals is always a popular choice with kids. Whereas teens might choose a mystical unicorn-themed rainbow picture, or the enchantment of a magical landscape. In addition, we have a great selection of St Patrick's rainbow coloring sheets featuring a lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Our coloring sheets are high-resolution letter-sized printable PDFs. To download, simply click on the image or text link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

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