Vanilla Sugar Recipe

by Barb
(Newcastle, UK)

Vanilla Sugar Gift

Vanilla Sugar Gift

A simple vanilla sugar recipe for making a gourmet (but cheap!) homemade gift. Vanilla sugar smells divine, and is great in coffee. You can also use it in custards and biscuits.

2 cups sugar
1 vanilla bean

Slice along the vanilla bean to split it open. Scrape out the seeds inside the vanilla bean with the tip of your knife and stir these through the sugar.

If you find that the vanilla seeds lump together, try rubbing these lumps on the side of the bowl using the back of a spoon to break them up. You should get a bowl of sugar flecked with vanilla seeds.

Transfer this mixture to an air-tight container, and bury the rest of your sliced vanilla bean into the center of your mix. After only a week or so, the vanilla flavored sugar will be ready to use.

This one's good in a hamper with other homemade goodies. I gave some to a coffee-loving friend along with some coffee beans and home-baked cookies.

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