Homemade Christmas Decorations

Looking to make your own homemade Christmas decorations this Christmas?

On this page you'll find a simple tutorial for how to make paper wreaths in just a few minutes.

homemade christmas decorations - origami wreath

If you are looking for more ideas, take a peek at my other easy to make Christmas decorations gallery at the bottom of this page.

Paper Wreath Instructions

homemade christmas decorations

Normally people make Christmas wreaths from evergreens, because plants that survive winter symbolise the strength of life.

I'll show you a slightly unconventional (but still beautiful) way to make Christmas wreaths... from paper :-) I came across the method on this blog post, which incidentally has some really stunning photos.

Gather your materials...

To make this homemade Christmas decoration, you'll need:

Paper Wreath Instructions

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 1Step 1
Cut out 8 rectangles from coloured card or paper. Each rectangle should be twice as long as it is wide. If you're using paper, then you can start with squares instead, and fold them in half to make rectangles.

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 2Step 2
Pick one of the rectangles, and fold it in half lengthwise, so that the fold is toward you and the cut edges are away from you.

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 3Step 3
Fold the top corners down to meet the bottom edge.

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 4Step 4
Fold in half like this.

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 5Step 5
Fold all the other pieces the same way.

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 6Step 6
Take a close look at one of the pieces. There are two "slots", where another piece can slide into it. I've widened them here to make them obvious.

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 7Step 7
Fit two pieces together like this. The two prongs on the red piece fit into the two slots on the green piece.

easy to make christmas decorations paper wreaths 8Step 8
Continue slotting all the pieces together. Tadaa! You have a wreath! Add a ribbon and hang it on your tree :-)

Why not jazz it up with some glitter? Or try making it with different papers - you can make artistic ones using pages from old magazines. You could even make them from recycled Christmas cards!


Elaine from Crafticious.blogspot.com has a beautiful variation on the origami wreath, using more segments, and embellishing it with flowers. Definitely worth a look if you're interested!

origami christmas wreath decoration

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