12 Best Free Printable Spring Word Search Puzzles for Kids

Last updated: February 7, 2024

Spring is in the air, and what better way to embrace the season than with a spring-themed word search? As the days get warmer, the flowers start to bloom, and the world becomes a playground for the cutest baby animals, it makes me want to celebrate all things spring! If you're on the hunt for some fun indoor activities for kids on spring break, or if you're keen to give your brain a bit of a workout, our collection of printable spring word puzzles is just the ticket! Perfect for everyone, whether you're five or ninety-five, these puzzles are a delightful way to celebrate the season, and as a bonus they will help to boost your vocabulary and observation skills too! 🌷🐣🐰

Free printable Spring Word Search

We've created our free printable spring word search puzzles for you to enjoy in a range of themes and difficulties. This means that there's a word search for all abilities. If your child is young, you may like to start from the easiest and work up to the most difficult. But they're not just for little ones! Adults will enjoy these puzzles too. They're fun, relaxing, and keep your mind active. Plus, kids won't even notice they're doing something educational.

There are four themes of spring word searches on this page, and each theme has three difficulty levels.
Easy - 10 words; down & right directions only
Medium - 20 words; down, right, and diagonal down-right directions
Hard - 30 words; up, down, left, right, & diagonals

Each springtime puzzle has a different word list, so there's plenty to keep the whole family busy searching! Why not even make it a race to finish?

Can't find a word? Don't panic! If you get stuck, click here to see the word search solutions for each puzzle.

Ready to get started? Grab your favorite marker pens, click on a word puzzle to print the spring word search PDF, and jump right in to uncover the hidden words! 🔍

Easy Spring Word Search Puzzles

Hop to it! Start your children off with an easy spring word search. Each of these easy word searches has 10 hidden words, and the word direction is either right or down. There are no backward or diagonal words.

Spring Word Search General Easy

Easy Spring Word Search

Spring Word Search Easter Easy

Easy Spring & Easter Word Search

Spring Word Search Garden Easy

Easy Spring Garden Word Search

Spring Word Search Activities Easy

Easy Spring Activities Word Search

Medium-Difficulty Spring Word Search Puzzles

Want to test yourself a little more? Each of these medium-difficulty spring word searches have 20 hidden words. The word directions are down, right, or diagonal down-right.

Spring Word Search General Medium

Medium Spring Word

Spring Word Search Easter Medium

Medium Spring & Easter Word Search

Spring Word Search Garden Medium

Medium Spring Garden Word Search

Spring Word Search Activities Medium

Medium Spring Activities Word Search

Hard Spring Word Search Puzzles

These hard spring word searches will really get you thinking! They have 30 hidden words each. And, to make it extra tricky, the words can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, and they can also be spelled backward! You and your kids can be very proud of yourselves if you find all the words.

Spring Word Search General Hard

Hard Spring Word Search

Spring Word Search Easter Hard

Hard Spring & Easter Word Search

Spring Word Search Garden Hard

Hard Spring Garden Word Search

Spring Word Search Activities Hard

Hard Spring Activities Word Search

Solutions for Spring Word Searches

If your kids are going crazy trying to find that last word in the puzzle, we have the solution! Here are the solutions to each spring word search, so that you can give them a clue about where to find that elusive last word.

More Spring Printables for Kids

I hope you enjoyed our spring word search puzzles! If you're looking for more spring activities, take a look at our vast collection of free coloring pages and templates! They're all completely free to download and will keep your little ones happily busy.

Or, if your kid just really loves word searches, check out our complete collection of Printable Word Searches on All Topics and our Hard Word Searches.


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