Printable Easter Cards

Printable Easter Cards

Download one of our free printable Easter cards in high quality PDF format.

I've collated some really artistic designs into this series of free Easter cards. All you need to do is download the PDF and print!

The templates are a single-fold design, so just cut around the outline (use the corner guides to help you), and fold down the centre! I'd recommend printing onto thick paper or cardstock, but you can also glue your print-out onto card to make it more sturdy.

Click on any of the images below to download your favourite!

printable easter cards Vintage Bird Design

A birdy on a branch, with easter eggs dangling from the branch on strings.

printable easter cards Stripy and Sophisticated Design

A striped easter egg with a white bow around it, and matching striped borders at the top and bottom of the card.

printable easter cards Psychadelic Rabbits and Flowers Design

Colorful 60s/70s "flower-power" style card with bunnies, birds, and flowers

printable easter cards Serene Green Tree with Blue Rabbit & Flowers

printable easter cards Cute Dangling Birds and Eggs Design

Little decorative birdies and egg-baubles dangling from strings.

printable easter cards Vibrant and Colorful Easter Egg Design

Colorful easter eggs on stalks - a vibrant and playful design

printable easter cards Cute Bird on a Branch with Dangly Egg

A bird on a branch, holding an easter egg dangling by a string from its beak.

printable easter cards Easter Egg Banner and Birds Design

Two birds holdinga banner betweent them, with easter eggs dangling from the banner

Download a printable envelope for your card!

printable square envelope template Printable Envelope Template

What's next

Want to make a gift to accompany your Easter card? Why not check out all the easy to make gift ideas on our Homemade Easter Gift Ideas page, including some beautiful natural-dye easter eggs using ingredients found in your kitchen!

Happy Gifting!


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