Free Donut Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults

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Sugar dusted or Simpson’s sprinkles, I love to eat any donuts, so long as they’re sweet and fresh. I even like to draw donuts, and let’s face it, a donut coloring page has far fewer calories! I’m not saying that shading one of our cute donut coloring sheets won’t make you hungry, but it is lots of fun to design your own tasty and colorful toppings.

Do-nut worry - we have a donut coloring page for everyone!

Donut Coloring Pages

There are simple donut outlines for preschool kids to easily color in, super cute cartoon-style donuts, and detailed donut images for big kids and adults to enjoy a little mindful coloring time. We’ve even included a few funny donut images that everyone can enjoy and get a giggle. Plus, we have kawaii style coloring pages for donuts (that’s Japanese-style cuteness!), plus donuts and coffee, donuts and cupcakes, donuts and unicorns… the list goes on! We hope that you find a coloring sheet that looks good enough to eat!

Our printable donut coloring sheets are great for food-themed activities. Whether you’re a teacher looking for an extra activity to keep your class busy, or parents that need a little peace on a rainy day! If you like what you see, be sure to share this page with your friends and family - then everyone can color this favorite sweet treat!

Cute and Easy Donut Coloring Pages

These donut coloring pages are great for young children, but we think you can still indulge in them as a teen or adult too. Our donut coloring sheets are high-resolution letter-sized printable PDFs. To download, simply click on the image or the text-link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

What to Do With Your Free Donut Coloring Pages

Coloring these printable donut coloring sheets is just the beginning! If you’re feeling crafty, take your mini masterpieces and create something new. Check out some of our ideas for what to do with your free donut coloring pages, once you’ve finished shading them in.

Create Donut Wall Art

Make a gallery of donuts! If you have a donut design that you’re particularly proud of, why not buy a cheap frame and hang it on the wall for everyone to admire? This is a cute and cheap way to decorate a kid's bedroom too.

Create a Donut Collage

If you’ve completed many of our donut coloring pages, why not cut out all the cute donut images to make a collage? You could even make creative additions like flowers, hearts, and glitter. You can mix and match the images on several of our printable donut coloring pages to create your own new image. This is a fun rainy day activity for home or school.

Use Them as Wrapping Paper

I love to add a personal touch to my gift-giving. Make a present extra special by using your donut coloring pages as wrapping paper. Depending on the size of the gift, you may need to print out the image at a larger size.

After your masterpiece is complete, fold around the gift, and tie off with string, or fix the wrapping paper in place with tape. It will make the gift even more heartfelt, making the wrapping paper yourself, and you’ll even save money!

Make Them Into Donut Bookmarks

I can never find extra bookmarks, so why not make a few more of your own? Simply fold or cut your finished artworks into the size of a bookmark. If you want it to be sturdy, either laminate it or glue cardboard to the back, sealing it with Mod Podge.

Get a bit fancy and punch a hole in the top and tie a tassel to your design. A custom bookmark would also be a cheap and great gift idea from kids to grandparents. They’ll be tickled pink to receive a bookmark that their grandchild has made.

Use Them as Cards, Envelopes, or Journal Pages

Know someone who LOVES donuts more than Homer Simpson? Make them a donut birthday card! You may need to plan ahead for this one. For example, if you want to make your donut coloring page into a donut card, make sure that the image takes up one quadrant of the sheet. That way, when you fold up your card, you can have your coloring page on the front. Your friend will love it!

A journal page doesn’t require this spacing consideration, as you can color your page and simply add it into your journal with glue or tape. You can even fold your donut coloring sheet into an envelope if you want to get creative.

Ice Cream Coloring Pages

Not done indulging yet? We have more sweet treats where these came from. Check out our Ice Cream coloring pages to decorate cute icy pops with some of your favorite colors. Who knows, maybe you'll even start designing your own ice cream flavors.

ice cream coloring pages

Candy Coloring Pages

Candies are more than just sweets. They're cultural and nostalgic. Kids love the sugar, but even teens and adults can appreciate these Candy Coloring Pages as sweet call-backs to a time when life seemed simpler and you could handle any bruise as long as it came with a candy bar.

candy coloring pages

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This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.



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