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Welcome to our girl-zone full of coloring pages for girls, full of cute animals and empowering scenes, whether she's more girly or more of a tomboy. Here, you'll find pop divas, kick-butt superheroes, sporty icons, and words of affirmation - and let's not forget those ultra-cute animals, enchanting princesses, mystical mermaids, and radiant unicorns. We've got something just for you! 🎨✨

coloring pages for girls

When I was a young girl, my tastes ranged all over the place. I would be excited to draw a mystical starry night, just as well as cute critters (kittens were my favorite), or a pretty fairtytale scene. There's no one taste for girls; they contain multitudes. So we've collected a few things they like into one place, from the scenic and aesthetic to the cool and empowering.

Ready to explore our collection? When a coloring sheet catches your eye, simply click to download the free printable PDF.

Girly Coloring Faves
Cute Coloring Pages for Girls
Affirmation and Girl Power
Scenic and Aesthetic Coloring
Fantasy, Mystical, and Magical
More Coloring Pages for Girls

Each of our free girl coloring sheets comes as a high-quality, letter-sized PDF. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Favorite Printable Coloring Pages for Girls

Feeling inspired? Grab your favorite coloring supplies, like those trusty colored pencils, fabulous markers, or even some sparkle-tastic glitter and a touch of glue. Your imagination's the limit, so make your own colorful masterpiece today!

Cute Coloring Pages for Girls

You never grow out of liking cute things. It's just that what you consider cute shifts throughout your life. Here, we've collected some of our personal favorite cute and adorable and cuddly pictures to color, from fluffy puppies to little kittens, and even a few cute pastries and candies.

Words of Affirmation and Girl Power Coloring Pages

So many young girls are always trying hard to win approval - from their parents, from their peers, and from friends. And sometimes, all you need is the reminder that you're enough and powerful no matter what. These coloring pages are full of positive affirmations and empowering girls to color.

Scenic and Aesthetic Coloring Pages for Girls

These pretty and aesthetic scenes and designs are a little more detailed. They offer beautiful scenes that help to environmental insight and creativity. They're great for girls to practice their favorite color combinations while they get to color in pretty things.

Fantasy, Mystical, and Magical Coloring Pages for Girls

Magic and fairiees, mermaids and dragons - these fantasy elements never stop being cool. They're often the first ways that girls develop their creativity and imaginations when they're young, whether they're creating characters in their heads or playing out scenarios in a magical realm. We can all use a little enchantment in our worlds, and these mystical and magical coloring pages bring just that.

Find More Coloring Pages for Girls

Looking for more free coloring pages for girls? You're in luck! We think you'll enjoy these other free coloring page collections.

And once the coloring is done, and the pencils are set aside, why not keep the fun going? Our Would You Rather Questions and Would You Rather Questions for Kids offer an entertaining way for sisters, brothers, or friends to engage in playful debates and giggles. A great choice for rainy days or family get-togethers!


This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.



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