Free Printable Fairy Coloring Pages

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I love when my garden blooms each spring, but how much more magical would it be if I found a few fairies among my strawberries and blackberries? Some mornings, being out in the garden while the sun is still rising feels like stepping into a secret fae realm full of fairies and other creatures. But instead of daydreaming, why don’t we check out some actual fairy coloring pages that can bring these creatures to life?

free printable fairy coloring pages

Our printable fairy coloring sheets are ideal for those lazy afternoons or when you need a sprinkle of magic in your life! If the weather's gloomy outside, or if you're simply in the mood for a bit of sparkle and magic, our printable fairies are here to brighten your day!

From super cute fairy pictures for little kids, to lifelike fairy scenes and serene fairy gardens for older kids and adults, our coloring sheets come in a range of difficulties to suit all abilities. Grab your favorite coloring pens and pencils, and maybe a dash of glitter and glue, and prepare to journey to a whimsical world where dreams and imagination come alive!🪄🌈

Free Printable Fairy Coloring Pages

In this section, you'll find all our fairy pictures to download. With a selection of beautiful fairies, fluttering wings, twinkling stars, blossoming flowers, and uplifting messages, these pages are sure to add a sparkle to your day. ✨

To print, simply click on the image or text link. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

What Are Fairies?

Fairies have appeared in stories, art, and folklore for a long, long time. According to Britannica, the word “fairy” dates back to the Middle Ages, but related terms go back to Homer, the Greeks, Arabic mythology, and indigenous Americans, among other cultures.

Fairies have featured in human mythology as everything from harmless garden helpers to mischievous and wicked magical creatures. In some stories, they stole children. In others, they were alluring but deadly lovers. Some folklore traditions prescribed things like St. John’s wort and yarrow as wards against fairies.

Some popular fairies you may have heard of include the fairy godmother in “Cinderella” and Tinker Bell in “Peter Pan.” You might also notice helpful fairies popping up in games like “The Legend of Zelda” and “Final Fantasy.” Far from its mythological origins, these days fairies are often fun, beautiful, and benevolent creatures. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll spot one in your home garden someday.

Fun Ideas for Using Your Fairy Coloring Pages

Have you chosen your favorite fairy coloring page and colored it in already? That’s great! But what do you do with your creation now?

Well, speaking of your garden, you could certainly decorate a home garden with these fairy coloring pages. Perhaps you want to mark a specific fruit, vegetable, or other plant. If you seal your coloring page to protect from wet, you could attach it to a stake and use it as a colorful garden marker.

These fairy coloring pages would also make great book markers. Simply cut or fold your image down to the right size. You might glue it to a bit of cardboard or card stock to give it extra backing and sturdiness. Punch a hole in the top and attach a ribbon or tassel for extra flair.

Finally, why not use one of these fairy coloring pages as a fun card for a birthday or other event? Print out your image with the picture itself taking up one quadrant of the page, then fold it up to form a card. You’ll have a personalized card that you (or the kids) can color yourself.

Magical Unicorns Coloring Pages

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unicorn coloring pages

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This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.



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