Free Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages

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Did you ever want to be a mermaid when you were growing up? Don’t tell, but I still kind of do. Unfortunately, we need to stick to our imaginations, but that experience of wonder and creativity is something you can share with your kids today. Use our mermaid coloring pages to tap into that magical awe you had for mermaids during your own childhood. We have easy mermaid coloring pages for little ones and more complex pictures for older kids (or yourself). Check out the whole collection below. 🧜‍♀️✨

free printable mermaid coloring pages

Not only is coloring mermaid pictures a fun activity for children, it's also fantastic for developing their fine motor skills and attention span. The intricate designs of mermaid tails and flowing hair provide a challenge for hand-eye coordination and dexterity. At the same time, the peaceful activity of bringing these mystical sea creatures to life helps to enhance concentration and provides a serene escape, promoting mindfulness and stress relief for colorists of all ages! 🖍️🎨

Printable Mermaid Coloring Page PDFs

Our collection of mermaid coloring pages is a treasure trove of beautiful pictures, each inviting you to make a splash with your creativity. Here, you'll find all our free mermaid coloring sheets in a range of designs and difficulty to suit children of all ages. So grab your crayons, pencils, or markers, and let's dive into an underwater coloring adventure packed with fun, sparkly, and dazzling mermaids.

SBe sure to scroll down the page to see all the mermaids and mer-creatures, or use these quick links:

Cute and Easy Mermaids
Detailed and Complex

Our mermaid coloring sheets are high-resolution letter-sized printable PDFs. To download, simply click on the image or the text-link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Easy Mermaid Coloring Pages for Kids

These mermaids aren’t any less captivating just because the lines are a little simpler. That just makes them fun for your little ones to color in. Check out these beautiful, magical easy mermaid coloring pages for kids.

Mer-Creature Coloring Pages

Not all mermaids are beautiful ladies with long flowing hair. Some are crazy undersea mer-creatures! Check out these funky undersea creatures.

Complex Mermaid Coloring Pages

Want to get in on the fun yourself? These mermaid coloring pages are a little more complicated, so they’re better for older kids (and maybe Mom and Dad too).

Crafts with Your Mermaid Coloring Pages

You can do more than just color your mermaid coloring pages and then forget about them. Check out these fun crafts so you can keep your creations for a lot longer!

Mermaid Postcard

It’s easy to turn your favorite mermaid coloring pages into postcards. Simply pick your favorite mermaid coloring page and print it out at the correct size. You can print it out on a heavier weight of paper to ensure it’s a little bit sturdier. Then have fun coloring in your postcard before writing on it and mailing it. This could be a special, homemade way to say hello, happy birthday, or happy holidays to a loved one.

Mermaid Drawer Liner

This is a great one for a child’s bedroom. After printing out your mermaid coloring page, color it in. Then use double-sided tape to secure the picture in a drawer. You might want to use a heavier weight of paper on this project as well. This will help keep your artwork intact even as that drawer gets used. This is best for a drawer that experiences lighter use. Maybe it’s a drawer that holds toys or craft supplies.

Mermaid Phone Case

You can use these mermaid coloring pages to make your very own mermaid phone case. You should start by tracing your phone case. Pay particular attention to where the camera is, as you’ll need to account for that.

After coloring in your mermaid coloring page, match it up to your traced phone case. Cut out a part of the image that fits within the tracing. Make sure you cut out a hole for your camera. Then you’ll glue your image to your phone case with ModPodge. You should also seal it with ModPodge, but note that this can make your colors run a little. Let your ModPodge dry before applying additional layers for a sturdier finish.

Mermaid Lore and Legends

Ever wonder where mermaids come from? Over time, humans have developed a lot of fantastic stories about mermaids. Here are a few of our favorite mermaid myths.

The Goddess Atargatis

One of the earliest mermaid myths comes from the area of Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt via the goddess Atargatis. Later on, the Greeks called her Derceto. After accidentally killing a human lover, the goddess turned herself into a mermaid.


Sirens are one of the most famous early mermaid myths. These Greek myths were said to use beautiful songs to lure unwary sailors to their deaths. They were blamed for shipwrecks and had tails like dolphins.

Real Mermaids in South Korea

In the 1600s, a Dutch sailor wrecked his ship and claimed to encounter real-life mermaids in South Korea. These mermaids were likely Haenyeo, who are female sea divers who dive under the water in search of treasure, which sometimes means mollusks and seaweed. These women might be the closest we’ve ever come to real mermaids.

Today’s Mermaids

Our love of mermaids has not died even through all the centuries. Today, being a mermaid is an actual career! You can even get the full mermaid experience yourself - complete with that dolphin-like tail.

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