Free Printable Shark Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults

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Few animals are as cool as sharks, at least in my opinion. I’m addicted to those documentaries about how strong and sleek these kings of the ocean are. But it might be a little scary meeting a shark in person. Luckily, we can safely color them in and admire them from afar with some fun and silly shark coloring page printables.

free sharks coloring pages prtinable PDFs for kids and adults

These free shark and baby shark coloring pages for kids and adults will delight your whole family. They can serve as a fun summer-themed activity. Print out as many of these coloring pages as you like and color to your heart’s content. There’s no wrong way to do it!

Choose from simple baby sharks that are great for the little ones or detailed ocean scenes for big kids and adults. Or maybe you want cute sharks, cool sharks, or realistic sharks. Whatever you’re looking for, we have a shark coloring page that’s right for you.

Scroll through our entire gallery, or choose the shark coloring page category of that sounds like the most fun to you:

Cute Sharks
Detailed Sharks

Our shark coloring pages are high-resolution letter-sized printable PDFs. To download, simply click on the image or the text-link underneath the image. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Cute Shark Coloring Pages

Sharks don’t need to be scary and menacing. They can be adorable! Here are a few super cute shark and baby shark coloring pages. They’re great for kids - and everyone else as well.

Shark Coloring Pages in Detailed Ocean Scenes

Looking for a bit more detail? We also have some realistic shark coloring pages that display more complex ocean scenes. You’ll find undersea treasure, marine life, and all kinds of different shark species when you dive into these fun shark coloring pages.

Fun Crafts to Do With Your Free Shark Coloring Pages

Feeling crafty and inspired? You can do more with these shark and baby shark coloring pages than simply color them in. If you want to make them extra special, here are a few ideas for crafty things you can do with your beautiful creations.

Make a Mobile

After you’ve colored your sharks, you can cut them out to make a fun mobile. You will probably want to print out a few of our shark coloring pages so you have enough materials for this. You may also want to color and cut out a few extras like seaweed, rocks, and other ocean features.

After you’ve cut everything out, you can use an embroidery loop as a base and tie string around it. Then, simply staple or glue your sharks to the strings. You can also make your mobile from straws and paper clips. Just slide the paper clips onto the straws, then attach the straws to each other to make hanging tiers. You can paperclip your sharks to the various levels of your mobile.

There are plenty more methods for making a mobile. These are just two simple ones that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Create an Ocean-Themed Collage

Maybe you’re not so keen on having your sharks hanging around the house. You can also preserve your fun summer memories by building a collage out of your shark coloring pages. Again, you will probably want to download a few coloring sheets for this. After coloring, cut out your favorite parts, and tape or glue them into a collage.

You can do this with a scrapbook or a poster board, depending on how you want to preserve your beautiful creations. You can even make a collage on a single page of a journal. It doesn’t need to be big and flashy to be a ton of fun.

Make Magnets, Ornaments, or Coasters

These crafts might seem quite different, but we grouped them together because the process will be similar for all of them. First, color your favorite shark coloring pages. You should cut out your coloring sheets into the appropriate shapes. So for a coaster, it would be a large circle or square, but for a magnet, it would be a smaller size, potentially. Likewise, an ornament can be shark-shaped, round, square, or whatever else you like.

Now that you have your design, you need to decide what to do with it.

  • To make a magnet, add a sturdy backing like cardboard, then glue your design to a magnet. Seal it to protect it.
  • For an ornament or a coaster, you can attach your design to something sturdy such as cardboard or cardstock. Your ornament will need a hole in it so you can attach a string.
  • For a coaster, make sure you seal it well, since it could get wet.
  • There are many other applications for these techniques. If you attach your shark art to something sturdy and seal it to protect it from water, there are so many fun ways you can ensure your artwork lives on and becomes a cherished memento.

    Throw a Summer Shark Party

    Why keep all the shark-themed fun to yourself? You could throw a whole summer shark party using these shark coloring pages as a starting point. One way to go about this is to print out several shark coloring pages and invite your party guests to color them in when they arrive. This is especially fun at events like children’s birthday parties.

    You can take it further, however. Invite guests to make shark-themed crafts (like the magnets and mobiles we mentioned above). You could even make party games out of these coloring sheets. Imagine trying to “pin the fish on the shark.” All you’d have to do is cut out a few fish and attach them to pins, then have a large shark coloring page that blindfolded guests try to pin their fish to. The person who gets closest to “feeding” the shark wins.

    These are just a couple ideas to get you started. Let your imagination run wild as you build your ultimate shark party.

    Build an Ocean Diorama

    This is a great one for kids who are in school. You might also like this one if you’re a parent who wants to help their child keep learning during summer vacation.

    Children can print out shark and baby shark coloring pages to use as the starting points for their dioramas. In an empty shoe box, children can use cut out pieces of their coloring pages to build a whole ocean environment. This can help teach them about nature and our oceans. They won’t even realize they’re learning as they have fun with the shark coloring pages.

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    More Free Printable Coloring Pages

    Don’t let the fun stop there. There are tons more critters you can enjoy coloring in. You can even find some fun coloring pages that have to do with holidays, seasons, and mythical creatures. Here are just a few:

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    This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.


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