What Colors Do Green and Yellow Make?

Last updated: February 26, 2024

Green and yellow are both bright, vibrant, eye-catching colors. But what color does green and yellow make when you mix them together? You can actually come up with a ton of fun combinations by mixing various green and yellows together. Even more exciting, you can use these colors for coloring, decorating, and even fun food combinations. Let's look at all the fun things you can do with green and yellow.

green and yellow make lime green abstract oil paint

Before you start mixing green and yellow, you might also want to learn more about the colors themselves. Colors can have a strong impact on our moods. They have meanings that, subconsciously or consciously, can affect how we feel when we look at them. So whether you use green and yellow for a fun drink or a coloring book page, you can make your arts and crafts even stronger by keeping these meanings in mind.

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What Does Yellow and Green Make?

Yellow and green make a shade called chartreuse when mixed. Chartreuse is somehow both mellow and vibrant at the same time. It's a cheerful color that can make people feel inspired and energetic because of its bright tone. It's also a great color for unleashing your creativity.

But it's definitely not the only color that green and yellow make. You can mix green and yellow to make light green, neon green, lime green or even some fun yellows.

green and yellow make chartreuse

How to Mix Green and Yellow to Make Chartreuse

To make chartreuse from green and yellow, you should start with green, then slowly blend in your yellow. This is true whether you're using paint, colored pencils, markers, crayons or any other medium. Starting with green lets you get a nice bright chartreuse when you add yellow.

When it comes to how much yellow you blend it, that's you and the affect your want to create with your chartreuse shade. You can add just a little for a subtle change, or a lot to create a deeper color. You may also want to add a little bit of white to get the precise tint you're looking for. The best way to mix green and yellow is by doing it slowly and in stages so you can stop when you hit that perfect shade.

Other Colors You Can Make with Yellow and Green

Why stop with just chartreuse? It's a great color, but mixing green and yellow can create so many more bright and lively tones of yellow-green. You can come up with colors like lime green, neon green, light green, neon yellow, and more.

Just like mixing yellow and green to make chartreuse, to make these other colors, you simply start with one color and slowly add the other. Don't be afraid to experiment! What happens if you start with yellow instead of green? What happens if you add a lot of white or just a little?

One note of caution: Be careful if you're adding black to your mix. Once you make a color like lime or neon green darker, it's very hard to make it lighter again. So be sure you want a darker color and add black slowly to not overdo it.

green and yellow make paint swatches

The Meaning Behind Certain Colors

From lime to neon green, and the only slightly more subtle chartreuse, all of the colors are fun, but did you realize they also have special meanings? Colors aren't just pretty to look at. They signify things to us. Those meanings might be obvious, or they might be something subconscious. It's not just “what color does green and yellow make” but also “what does that color mean to us?”

What Does Green Mean?

Look outside your window. Hopefully, you spotted something green. Thanks to this, we often associate green with nature. This can make us think of things like growth and harmony when we look at it.

However, green is a dynamic color. While it often indicates health and healing, on the extreme other end, when green is lightly alterred, such as by adding yellow, it can symbolize danger or something that isn't quite right. This means that it's as often associated with a beautiful, stately tree as with a toxic poison warning. And of course we've all heard of being “green with envy.”

What Does Yellow Mean?

Yellow is the color of pure joy. It reminds us of sunshine and optimism and positivity. Simply looking at the color yellow can make us feel happier. It can energize and inspire us in the right context, helping us to create, play or just feel warm and happy.

On the flip side, if someone is “yellow,” we may think they're a coward. The color can symbolize cowardice or an overabundance of ego. It can be a caution sign on the roadway, just as easily as bright sunshine on a perfect day. It all depends on the context.

green and yellow make sunlight and nature

How to Use Yellow, Green, and Chartreuse in Your Everyday Life

Now that you know what color green and yellow make and how to mix yellow and green, you can start using them for fun arts and crafts in your everyday life. There are a ton of fun ways to use yellow, green, chartreuse and all the other colors they can make. Don't be afraid to be bold and play around with these colors while creating!

Decorate Your Notebooks

A lot of people enjoy having a daily notebook practice. This might be an elaborate bullet journal where every page is decorated to the max or a simple notebook for school.

Either way, you can add a fun flourish to your notebooks with yellow, green, and chartreuse. For example, consider a “nature page” of your bullet journal where you record walks you've taken or parks you've visited. You could draw, color, or paint nature-themed decorations like plants and flowers to decorate the page. Many of those decorations will be yellow and green, since those colors appear so frequently in nature.

You don't need to stop there. You could use yellow and green to decorate a page where you want to feel inspired and encouraged. Maybe that's the kids' math homework. Maybe you're working toward a goal and recording your progress. Yellow and green can be happy, encouraging colors to use for that.

Craft Flowers and Other Nature-Themed Decorations

Felt flowers are a great craft for you and your whole family. All you need is felt, scissors, a needle and thread, and some hot glue. And because flowers are already nature-themed, you may find yourself gravitating toward the types of colors you make when mixing yellow and green without even trying.

Use it as a Flourish for Food

Whether it's a beverage, a Christmas gift or a romantic present, food items can be fantastic gifts for all seasons. You can use your new knowledge of what color yellow and green make to add a flourish to any of these gifts.

For example, you might make a lemon cordial in a jar. You've already got the lemon element right there! You could decorate the bottle itself with a bit of chartreuse for a nice final touch. You could also use literal lemons and limes in your creation. These fruits aren't just good for drinks, they're also fantastic for all sorts of sweets. Get creative with not just the packaging but the food itself.

green and yellow make lime green fabric swatch

What Colors Make Blue, Purple, and Red?

Now that you know what color green and yellow make, why not mix up some other colors as well? You can make any colorn of your dreams simply by experimenting.

Blue and red are both primary colors, like yellow. This means you often won't mix other things to get those colors. However, you can mix blue and red with each other to create a range of purples. Depending on how much of each color you use, and whether you also incorporate white or black, you can get a ton of different shades of purple.

Use Chartreuse on These Nature-Inspired Spring Coloring Pages

What color does green and yellow make? Well, now that you're an expert on that, why not put your new knowledge to use? Try out these nature-inspired flower coloring pages, where you can mix yellow and green to your heart's content!

Spring Coloring Pages - Free Printables for Kids & Adults

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