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pipe cleaner ornaments

This is my page of fun pipe cleaner ornaments to make. I hope you like it!

Looking for a fun craft activity to do with the kids? Making pipe cleaner ornaments is something that kids can have a lot of fun doing, and then have the satisfaction of seeing the ornaments they've made hanging on the Christmas tree.

What type of pipe cleaner ornament do you want to make?

Candy Cane Ornaments | Animals & Art

On this page you'll find step by step photos for how to make pipe cleaner candy canes, followed by a selection of the cutest pipe cleaner animals and art from around the web to inspire you for your next creations...

Candy Cane Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Step 1

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Gather your materials. You'll need:

candy cane pipe cleaner ornament step 1

Step 2

Twist the two pipe cleaners together.

candy cane pipe cleaner ornament step 2

Continue until the two pipe cleaners for one long spiral.

candy cane pipe cleaner ornament step 2b

Step 3

Cut the spiral into shorter lengths. 4" (10 cm) is a good length to make a candy cane.

candy cane pipe cleaner ornament step 3

Step 4

Bend the spirals into candy cane shapes.

candy cane pipe cleaner ornament step 4

As a variation, you can make candy cane hearts.

pipe cleaner ornament - candy cane heart

Pipe Cleaner Animals and Art

Now that you've mastered the basic candy cane pipe cleaner ornaments, perhaps you'd like to try something more ambitious. Here's a selection of some of the most impressive candy cane animals, art, and craft that I've come across. I hope they'll provide you with the inspiration to create your own pipe cleaner masterpieces!

First up is this incredible woodland scene. I think the deer with its antlers is especially neat.

pipe cleaner animals woodland scene with deer and squirrel Pipe cleaner animals: Woodland with Dog, Deer and Squirrel
CC image courtesy of nicole_writes on Flickr

This doggie has such personality... it feels like he's looking at you.

pipe cleaner animals - sausage dog Pipe cleaner animals: Sausage Dog / "Muscle Man Dog"
CC image courtesy of Bob.Fornal on Flickr

These pipe cleaner animals are actually finger puppets. How sweet!

pipe cleaner animals bird cat rabbit and chick Pipe cleaner animals: Bird, Cat, Rabbit and Chick Easter Finger Puppets
CC image courtesy of Wendy Piersall on Flickr

Do aliens count as animals? I'm not sure, but these are very cool. These are by the same person as the previous photo, and once again they're also finger puppets.

pipe cleaner art - alien finger puppets Pipe cleaner art: Alien Finger Puppets
CC image courtesy of Wendy Piersall on Flickr

A collection of pipe cleaner animals just wouldn't be complete without a spider! Pipe cleaners seem to be the perfect thing for making furry spider legs!

pipe cleaner animals - spider Pipe cleaner animals: "Custard the Spider"
CC image courtesy of pinprick on Flickr

I think these pipe cleaner flowers are really pretty! Before I saw this photo I didn't imagine it was possible to create something so nice out of pipe cleaners!

pipe cleaner art - spiral flowers Pipe cleaner art: Spiral Flowers
CC image courtesy of tiaragwin on Flickr

I thought this daisy pipe cleaner ornament was also rather sweet. It looks simple enough that you could make something similar with your kids.

pipe cleaner ornaments daisy flower Pipe cleaner crafts: Daisy Flower
CC image courtesy of strange_decadence on Flickr

This pipe cleaner bodybuilder is just awesome. I love how he's been photographed with a huge shadow. Look at those biceps! He's the item in this photo collection, so now it's time for you go and flex your creative muscles and build your own pipe cleaner craft masterpieces!

pipe cleaner art muscle man Pipe cleaner art: Muscle Man
CC image courtesy of Bob.Fornal on Flickr

What Next?

I hope you enjoyed my page of pipe cleaner ornaments! Maybe you'd like to take a peek at my other Christmas ornament projects...

Or see my complete collection of homemade Christmas ornament tutorials.


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