Free Printable Letter Stencils for Crafts

Last updated: December 8, 2023

Welcome to your one-stop destination for free printable letter stencils! This page is a treasure trove, offering four distinct alphabet font styles to meet all your creative needs. Choose from the timeless elegance of our classic serif style, the solid aesthetic of the block style, the fluid beauty of the italicized style, or the compact grace of the narrower style. We've crafted each design to ensure that your projects stand out!

printable letter stencils

Available in both uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers and symbols, these stencil letter printables are as versatile as they come. You can download and print them at home with ease, creating an accessible toolkit at your fingertips. From the intricate embellishments of scrapbooking to the bold statements on posters, your imagination sets the only limit for these printable letter stencils.

Whether you're a craft enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to your projects or a parent encouraging your little ones to explore their creativity, these stencils are a perfect fit. Download them today and let your creativity flow!

There's no limit to what you can create with our printable letter stencils. They're fabulous to use for crafts, kids' activities, educational materials, and so much more. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas:

  • Lettering Stencils for posters & banners.
  • Applique templates for creating monogrammed clothing and accessories
  • Decorating a child's bedroom with their name in bright letters.
  • Producing eye-catching signs for school or community events.
  • Designing unique invitations for special occasions.
  • Adding a custom touch to your scrapbooking.
  • Crafting homemade greeting cards.
  • Developing literacy skills with fun letter recognition activities.
  • Making learning fun with DIY alphabet puzzles.

Choose Your Style

Feel free to browse through the options and pick the style that resonates with your project the most - just click on the style name to jump to the section with its printables.

Not looking for printable letter stencils with gaps in them? You'll also find a huge range of letter outlines on our alphabet letters and bubble letters pages.

Classic-Style Printable Letter Stencils

Explore the elegance and charm of traditional typefaces in this section, featuring our classic letter stencils in a serif font. Click on the image or the text below it to download and print your free stencil.

Block-Style Letter Stencils Printable

Embrace the power of bold design and make a solid impact with our block letter stencils. To download your free block-style stencil to print, simply click on the image or the text underneath.

Italics Printable Letter Stencils

Add a stylish twist to your projects with our italicized letter stencils available in this section. Click on the image or text link to download your free, sophisticated italic stencil to print.

Narrow Letter Stencils Printable

Discover the modern, sleek look of our narrow letter stencils in this section. To download and print your free narrow-style stencil, just click on the image or the text below it.

More Letter Stencils to Print

We hope you found our lettering stencils helpful! If you're looking for more printable stencil letters to suit your craft project, you may find these other pages on our site helpful. Also, if you're child is early on in their writing journey, take a peek at our name-tracing worksheet generator.


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