Free Printable Numbers for Crafts

Last updated: December 8, 2023

Looking for printable numbers to use in your crafts and activities? You've come to the right place! We've got eight fantastic styles of numbers for you to choose from - Round, Comic, Cartoon, Balloon, Marker, Serif, College, and Spooky. Each brings its own flavor, ready to jazz up your crafts, educational activities, or any number-centric project you're working on. So whether you're helping your child learn their numbers or adding a special touch to a scrapbook, we've got you covered. Explore our styles, find your favorite, and make something amazing!

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Numbers are everywhere in our lives and having printable number outlines at your fingertips is super handy for various activities and crafts. Here are some ideas for how you could use them:

  • Helping kids learn counting and number recognition.
  • Creating unique birthday banners or anniversary signs.
  • Designing table numbers for weddings or other events.
  • Adding a personal touch to homemade greeting cards.
  • Making learning math fun with DIY number puzzles.
  • Decorating a classroom with educational number displays.
  • Scrapbooking memories with special dates highlighted.

Choose Your Style of Printable Numbers

Ready to choose your style? We've got eight exciting options for you to consider: Round, Comic, Cartoon, Balloon, Marker, Serif, College, and Spooky, so you can make printable numbers 1-10 and beyond. Just click a thumbnail to jump straight to that section of the page.

Or take a look at the printable numbers on our printable stencils page.

Round Style Printable Numbers

These round-style printable numbers have a soft, friendly feel, perfect for projects that call for a gentle touch. Click on any thumbnail to download the printable number template you need.

Comic Style Printable Numbers

These comic-style printable numbers are all about fun and energy, perfect for bringing a playful vibe to your work. Click any thumbnail to download the printable number outline you need.

Cartoon Style Printable Numbers

The cartoon-style printable numbers below convey a dynamic and cheerful mood, sure to make any project pop. To download and print a number outline, just click on any of the thumbnails.

Balloon Style Printable Numbers

Incorporate a touch of buoyancy into your projects with these balloon-style printable numbers - the rounded contours of this font give it a gentle and playful vibe. Click any thumbnail to download a printable number template.

Marker Pen Style Printable Numbers

These marker-pen-style printable numbers, bold and eye-catching, can make your numbers stand out. To download a number outline, just click any of the thumbnail images.

Serif Style Printable Numbers

These serif-style printable numbers are in elegant italics, bringing a touch of sophistication to any project. Click any thumbnail image to download a high-res printable number template.

College Style Printable Numbers

These college-style printable numbers, reminiscent of classic college sweaters and sports banners, offer a cool and sporty feel. To download a number template, just click any of the thumbnail images.

Spooky Style Printable Numbers

These spooky-style printable numbers, with their shadowy and mysterious vibe, are perfect for Halloween projects or when you're going for that slightly eerie aesthetic. Click any thumbnail to download the number template that you need.

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