Printable Valentine Card

printable valentine card

Create a personalized printable Valentine card that celebrates the exact number of days that you and your sweetheart have been together.

Ever wondered how many days you and your sweetheart have been together? This page will calculate it for you and create a cute personalized card.

The story of this card...

I really like the idea of a printable Valentine card because (i) you can personalize it for your sweetheart (ii) you can print it conveniently at home and (iii) why would you want to hand over your hard-earned money to Hallmark when you could use it to buy something else nice for your sweetheart instead? But when I looked for printable valentine cards on the web I didn't find many that I liked. Maybe I'm just picky.

This absence of nice-looking cards was what spurred me to make the valentine photo cards , printable valentine card collection and kids valentine cards that you'll find elsewhere on my site.

And now, to add to the collection, I'm pleased to present you with... a personalizable valentine card for you to print! As you'll see below, it's a cute card where you can type your own message that goes on the front of the card. The idea is to celebrate all the days of happiness you've had with your sweetheart, and look forward to the many more to come.

Click here to personalize printable valentine card - personalize and download

Actually, there's a bit more to the story of this card. My husband Tobias has been dying to have a go at writing simple web-apps (i.e. little programs that run in a web page), and this is his first one. We made it together - I did the artistic bits like choosing the design, and Tobias made the technical magic happen to bring you this personalizable card. We hope you enjoy it! Please say hi in the comment section , we'd love to hear from you.

Ready to make your card?

Make Your Printable Valentine Card

Step 1: Find out how many days you've been in love

Here's a super-duper little calculator to find out how long you've been with your sweetheart. For date 1, put in the date where you started dating. For date 2, put in the date when you'll give your sweetheart the card (e.g. Valentine's day).

(You should see a pink box with a calculator below. If you don't see it, please click here to refresh the page.)

Step 2: Make your card

Now you can type your message to appear on the heart. E.g. if you type "842 days", then the full message on the front of the card will be "You + Me, 842 days of happiness and counting".

Loading card maker...

card preview

The "Download Printable Card" button downloads a hi res (300 dpi) pdf file of the card for you to print on your home printer. It works best if you print onto card-stock or matte photo paper.

Your printable card will look something like this:

printable valentine card example

All you need to do is cut around the rectangular outline and fold it in half. Voila! I hope your sweetheart likes it!

Need an envelope?
See my instructions for how to make a 1 minute envelope from a normal sheet of paper .

Free Printable Valentine Cards

Looking for more printable Valentine cards? Take a look at our enormous collection of gorgeous cards, all completely free to download in beautiful high resolution PDF format. Perfect for saving you time and money while you spread some Valentine's day love!

free printable valentine cards


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