Free Printable Valentine Cards

On this page you'll find a selection of free printable valentine cards to download and print in the convenience of your own home. Happy Valentine's Day!

There are a range of designs including hearts, birds, bees, cats and more. I hope you find one that you like! If you have any special requests for other types of designs then let me know.

All the cards are in high resolution (300 dpi) pdf format, so they'll look even better coming out of your printer than they do on the screen. To download any of the cards just click on the image. You'll need to have the free Adobe reader installed, but most computers should come with this by default.

The best sort of paper to print onto is card stock or heavy grade photo paper. If you don't have either of those then regular paper will be fine too. If your printer won't fit card stock then you can always print onto regular paper and then glue onto card stock afterwards.

Once you've printed your free Valentine's Day card, all you need to do is cut it out and fold it once. I recommend using a ruler and craft knife to cut out the card so that you get a really straight cut. You could also use a guillotine if you have one.

There's also a free printable envelope template at the bottom of the page, so that you can make an envelope that's the perfect size for your card.

Download Free Printable Valentine Cards

I love this romantic word-art heart design.

free printable valentine cards Valentine Word Art Heart

A beautiful wrapped up heart design, the little birdies are so sweet.

free printable valentine cards Heart Wrapped Up just for You

I think this card is great... I love the idea of drifting away in a hot air balloon with my sweetheart.

free printable valentine cards Love is in the Air

This cute bunny card is adorable and a sweet way to tell someone that you love them!

free printable valentine cards Some bunny loves you!

"Will you bee my valentine?" You can't go wrong with bee puns :-)

free printable valentine cards Will You Bee My Valentine?

And here's a valentine card for the cat-lovers out there :-)

free printable valentine cards Cute Cats under a tree

A pretty design with "hand drawn" hearts.

free printable valentine cards Swirly Hearts

This is a cute teddy-bear Valentine design.

free printable valentine cards Valentine Teddy Card

This artistic birdies in a tree design is a really beautiful card for Valentine's day.

free printable valentine cards Birdies in a Tree in Love

And another for the bird lovers. On the inside you could write "will you be my tweetheart?"

free printable valentine cards Love Birds

If you have happy memories of scribbled love notes from your time at school then this printable card is perfect for you...

free printable valentine cards Valentine's love note

Another cute printable Valentine card for cat lovers!

free printable valentine cards Love Cats

I love this cartoon of young lovers in the park with a heart balloon. It just seems to capture the feeling of sweet and innocent young love.

free printable valentine cards Boy and Girl in Love

And here is another really sweet cartoon design.

free printable valentine cards Cute Boy and Girl in Love

Gorgeous vintage butterfly heart card capturing that feeling of butterflies-in-your-tummy kind of love!

free printable valentine cards You give me butterflies!

I hope you found a free printable Valentine's Day card design that you liked!

Printable Envelope

Download a printable envelope for your card - designed to fit the cards on this page perfectly!

printable square envelope template

Printable Envelope Template
free printable valentine cards

What to Write...

Need some inspiration for what to write in your Valentine's day cards?

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