Free Valentine Photo Card Templates
Make photo cards in Microsoft Word

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Brighten your sweetheart's day using my free Valentine photo card templates. You'll find it super-easy to make beautiful, personalized photo cards in Microsoft Word.

Pick a design to suit your partner's personality. Is he/she into cute, bold or chic styles? Find one that's just right from the selection on this page.

How to Make Your Valentine Photo Card

All you need is:

  • A nice photo of you and your sweetheart
  • Microsoft Word
  • Color printer
  • Paper (or ideally card stock) to print onto
  • Scissors or knife to cut out your card

To make your card, just

  1. Download a valentine photo card template from the selection below
  2. Follow the instructions in the template to insert your own photo and customize the text
  3. Print out your card and trim the edges

That's it, and voila, a beautiful card to make your sweetheart smile! She/he can put it on their desk and smile every time they see the photo of you together.

Here's a little video showing how to add your photo to the card in Microsoft Word:

The cards will look even nicer and crisper printed out than they do on the screen, because all our free photo cards are made with high quality 300 dpi images.

Choose Your Valentine Photo Card Template

This is my favorite valentine photo card, because it's cute enough to give to a girl, but with its orange and blue color theme it's also perfectly fine to give to a guy.

Orange and blue theme heart and birds valentine photo card template orange heart and birds

This card is a good one to use if you have nice individual photos of you and your sweetheart. I think it would look extra sweet if you got photos of one of you looking to the left and the other looking to the right, so that it looks as though you're looking at each other.

Peg and photos, landscape valentine photo card template washing line love

A cutesy style swirly heart photo frame. I like this photo card because it reminds me of theme parks and the bright, fun photo cards they sometimes sell there.

Heart swirl valentine photo card template swirly heart frame

Give your valentine a card "with love", literally! This card has the words "with love" in English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Greek...

"With Love" valentine photo card template love text

Is this an old-school photo development line or a washing line? Either way you and your loved one will look lovely in this photo card.

Peg and photos, portrait valentine photo card template washing line love

Is there electricity between you and your valentine? Because in this card the flowers at the top almost look like sparks or fireworks flying off the two of you.

Pink heart and birds valentine photo card template heart with twirly flowers

Will you be my tweetheart? Sorry, couldn't help myself 8-) If you've ever wished that you and your valentine could fly away together like two birds then this is the card for you.

Pink and orange theme heart and birds valentine photo card template pink diagonal heart and birds

A card for the lovey doveys out there. Guys, this is a great card to give your girlfriend if she's into pretty, lacy things. Girls, this card is probably too feminine to give your boyfriend... go for the orange and blue themed card instead.

Pink and blue theme heart and birds valentine photo card template pink heart and birds

An elegant card with a heart photo frame among a spray of flowers. For the sophisticated sweetheart.

Elegant heart and flowers valentine photo card template heart and flowers

I hope you enjoyed our online photo card templates! If you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi, then please contact me with this handy form or leave a comment .

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