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Welcome to our lovely collection of weekly calendar templates that are free, printable, and oh-so-useful! Whether you're a list-maker, a time-tracker, or just someone who loves to stay organized, we've got a design that will make your heart sing. Each template is thoughtfully crafted to ensure optimal planning and ease of use. Dive in and discover the perfect layout that matches your personal style and daily needs.

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Looking for something simple and sleek? Our blank templates come in various layouts - think week-at-a-glance, columns, rows, and even options with time slots. Perfect for jotting down meetings, tracking workouts, or planning dinners, these black and white beauties have got your schedule covered.

But why stop at functional when you can have fabulous, too? Celebrate each season with our special weekly planners designed to add a little flair to your routine. Get spooky with Halloween designs, feel the love with Valentine's themes, or bask in the glow of holiday cheer with our Christmas options. And if you're a fan of everyday beauty, you'll adore our year-round designs featuring everything from sweet roses and tranquil eucalyptus to vibrant hibiscus and watercolor flowers.

To grab your favorite template, just scroll through our gallery until you spot the perfect match for your weekly planning needs. Click on the image and you'll be able to view and print the PDF right from your browser. Ready to make your weeks a little more organized and a whole lot prettier? Let's dive in! 📅✨

Use these quick links to jump to your favorite style, or scroll down the page to see all our free printable weekly calendar templates.

Blank | Summer | Stars & Stripes | Roses | Eucalyptus | Hibiscus | Watercolor Flowers | Butterflies | Valentine | St. Patrick's Day | Easter | Halloween | Autumn/Fall | Thanksgiving | Holiday | Winter

Blank Weekly Calendar Templates

If you're after something clean and versatile, check out our range of blank planners. Available in both landscape and portrait, these black and white templates offer different layouts - from a week-at-a-glance view to columns, rows, and time slots - to fit your planning style like a glove.

Summer Weekly Calendar to Print

Cool down your week with a burst of color using our summer popsicle weekly calendar templates, bringing a deliciously vibrant touch to your sunny plans.

Weekly Calendar Template - Stars & Stripes

Celebrate your week in true patriotic style with our July 4th Stars & Stripes templates, where red, white, and blue infuse your schedule with American spirit.

Weekly Planner Printable - Roses

Add a romantic flourish to your week with our watercolor roses templates, where timeless beauty meets practical planning.

Weekly Calendar to Print - Eucalyptus

Infuse your weekly plans with a touch of nature using our templates featuring eucalyptus leaves and flowers, where tranquility and organization effortlessly come together.

Weekly Calendar Template - Hibiscus

Transport your planning to a tropical paradise with our red hibiscus templates, where vibrant blossoms bring a burst of island flair to your weekly schedule.

Weekly Calendar Template - Butterflies

Float into organization with our beautiful butterfly-themed templates, where each design adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to your weekly planning.

Weekly Calendar Printable - Watercolor Flowers

Refresh your weekly plans with a splash of spring, thanks to our watercolor flowers templates that infuse your schedule with blooming elegance and pastel charm.

Weekly Calendar Template - Cute Hearts

Spread the love in your weekly plans with our cute Valentine's Day templates, featuring whimsical hearts that add a sweet touch to your schedule.

Weekly Calendar Printable - St. Patrick's Day

Add a dash of luck to your weekly planning with our St. Patrick's Day templates, adorned with lucky shamrocks and gold coins for a festive and fortunate week ahead.

Printable Weekly Calendar - Easter

Hop into spring and brighten up your weekly plans with our Easter templates, featuring cute chicks, spring flowers, and colorful Easter eggs for a cheerful and festive week.

Printable Week Calendar - Halloween

Add a sprinkle of spooky fun to your weekly plans with our cute Halloween templates, featuring pumpkins, spiders, bats, and candy for a hauntingly organized week.

Weekly Calendar Template - Fall

Embrace the cozy vibes of autumn with our fall-themed templates, featuring two portrait and two landscape designs adorned with autumn leaves.

Printable Week Planner - Thanksgiving

Celebrate the bounty of the season with our harvest Thanksgiving templates, adorned with pumpkins and fall leaves for a warmly festive approach to your weekly planning.

Festive Weekly Calendar Template

Deck your plans with holiday cheer using our festive Christmas holiday templates, featuring evergreen foliage and red berries for a jolly and organized week ahead.

Weekly Calendar Printable - Winter

Transform your weekly planning into a winter wonderland with our snowflake templates, where each design adds a frosty elegance to help you navigate through chilly days.

Organize Each Day with Free Printable Daily Planner Templates

Daily planners keep your schedule organized and free up your mind to finish all your tasks each day. From hydration and mood tracking, to checklists, meal planning, and journaling. Each free printable daily planner can help you stay on track and make every day meaningful.

daily planner template

Free Printable To-Do List Template

Nothing keeps me motivated and on-task like a handy to-do list. But I don’t want to add making a to-do list to my, well, list. That’s why I love these printable to-do list templates. They take one thing off my list and help ensure I’m ready to tackle the rest of it!

to-do list template

More Free Printable Calendars

Need a printable calendar to keep on top of everything happening this month? Whether you prefer a classic or colorful design, our printable calendars have all the dates filled in and are perfect for keeping your schedule organized and your goals on track. Click a link below to jump directly to the page for a specific month and find the perfect calendar for you.

Monthly calendars:

If you'd like to see the whole year at a glance, make sure to check out our Year Calendar Printables. And if you'd like to see all our calendars, check out our full collection of printable calendars and planners!


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