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Nothing keeps me motivated and on-task like a handy to-do list. But I don’t want to add making a to-do list to my, well, list. That’s why I love these printable to-do list templates. They take one thing off my list and help ensure I’m ready to tackle the rest of it!

to-do list template

Maybe you need a to-list for your spring cleaning. Perhaps you have an event, party, or vacation coming up and need some help with organizing. Maybe you’re just a busy person and find that a to-do list helps keep your tasks straight. Whatever your need, one of these free printable to-do list templates can help you get on track.

You can choose from simple PDF templates that get the job done, family to-do lists, homework to-do lists, and more. Simply scroll down the page to see all our free to-do list printouts or click the link below to jump right to it.

When you find your favorite, click on the thumbnail to view and download your new to-do list. These printables are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Simple Checklists
Advanced To-do Lists
Family To-dos
Homework Trackers
Weekly To-do Lists

Simple To-Do List Templates

If you just need to organize your tasks quickly and easily, these simple to-do list templates are for you. No muss, no fuss, just a simple to-do list you can print out and use right away.

to Do List Templates Neutral Minimalist Checklist

Printable Minimalist Checklist PDF

to Do List Templates Minimalist 2 Columns

Minimalist Printable Two-Column Checklist

to Do List Templates Daily Cute Pastel Simple With Doodles

Cute and Colorful Free Downloadable Checklist with Doodles

to Do List Templates Daily Colorful Creative With Doodles

Cute and Simple Free Printable To-do List

Best Ways to Use a Simple To-Do List Template

These simple to-do list templates are great for people who want to stay organized but aren’t planning out their entire week. Maybe you just have chores to get done today. These simple templates would also make great grocery shopping lists or pre-vacation packing lists.

Advanced To-Do List Templates

Are those simple to-do list templates a little too simple? We also have more advanced, complex to-do list templates that include things like areas for notes, columns for prioritizing your tasks, and more. See if any of these suit your needs better!

to Do List Templates Minimalist 2 Column Notes Reminders

Minimalist To-do List Printable with Planning Notes and Reminders

to Do List Templates Minimalist 2 Columns Notes

Elegant Simple To-do List with Notes Printable PDF

to Do List Templates Minimalist 2 Columns Notes Priorities

Prioritized Elegantly Minimalist To-Do List Printout

to Do List Templates Minimalist Single Column Notes Priorities

Quick and Minimalist Prioritized Task List Printable

to Do List Templates Daily Pretty Sectioned List

Free Aesthetic Prioritized To-do List Template with Floral Design

to Do List Templates Daily Aesthetic 2 Column List

Free Aesthetic Prioritized To-do List Template with Cute Doodle Design

Best Ways to Use an Advanced To-Do List Template

Don’t let the extra fields overwhelm you. These are great to-do list templates for anyone who wants to organize their spring cleaning chores or prepare for a trip. But the extra fields for prioritizing your tasks might help if you aren’t sure how or where to start. That makes these templates great for those who want a little extra help getting organized or who have a more complicated task before them.

Family To-Do List Templates

Get the whole family in on the organizing. A family to-do list template lets you set different tasks and reminders for different members of your family, all in one spot. Print out your favorite and hang it on the refrigerator so everyone has easy access.

to Do List Templates Weekly 2 Column Minimalist

Free Printable Minimalist Family Task List

to Do List Templates Large Family Cute Minimalist

Simple Pretty Family To-do List Template

to Do List Templates Family Aesthetic Landscape

Elegant Family To-dos with Pretty Flower Design

Best Ways to Use a Family To-Do List Template

These templates are, as you might assume, best for families or roommates. They can make for great chore lists. Put each person’s name above their personal to-do list. You could also use it as a guide when you’re getting the kids ready for school in the morning. Make sure they’ve got their lunch, homework, gym clothes, and school books by referencing a handy to-do list.

Homework To-Do List Templates

And what about after school? You can help your kids organize their homework with one of these to-do list templates specifically for homework. It’s a great way to keep track of different homework for different classes.

to Do List Templates Homework Minimalist

Free Minimalist Homework Tracker Task List Printout

to Do List Templates Homework Colorful

Free Downloadable Fun Retro Homework Tracker PDF

Best Ways to Use a Homework To-Do List Template

You can use these with your little ones to teach them how to stay organized while they’re young. Or print these out for older kids. People in high school and college who are juggling different classes and extracurriculars with wide-ranging deadlines may find these to-do list templates helpful (and maybe even calming).

Weekly To-Do List Templates

You don’t have to restrict your to-do list to a single project or a single day. You can organize your entire week if you choose one of these weekly to-do list templates. Unleash your inner Type A personality and take control of your whole week.

to Do List Templates Weekly Minimalist Elegant

Elegant and Minimalist Free Printable Weekly To-do List

to Do List Templates Weekly 2 Column Minimalist

Two-Column Well Organized Downloadable PDF To-do List

to Do List Templates Weekly Aesthetic

Free Downloadable Aesthetic Weekly To-do List

to Do List Templates Weekly Colorful

Cute and Retro Printable To-do List with Graph Paper

to Do List Templates Weekly Cute Stickynotes

Pretty Weekly To-do List Printable with Cute Floral Design

Best Ways to Use a Weekly To-Do List Template

Personally, I love using checklists like these as part of a bullet journaling habit. Printing out a single one of these pages can take care of the design so I can focus on planning out and journaling my week. You also might like these if you’re a teacher, as they can help you keep classes organized. Use these every week or just as the need arises.

More Free Printable Organizational Tools

Why stop with to-do lists? We have a whole range of printable organization tools like planners and calendars that you can use to stay on top of all your priorities.

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