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Welcome back, June! I've missed you so. Here's to the month of perfect temperatures, sunshine, and the first fresh veggies straight from the garden! Yet, somehow, these early summer months always catch me unaware. And, I bet you have lots of outdoor events and vacations to add to your calendar. Are you ready to plan it all out? On this page, you'll find a stylish range of June calendars that radiate Summer vibes to keep you energized.

june calendar

Track all your appointments, deadlines, birthdays, and projects. Countdown to that special event, or keep track of the whole family's commitments by filling out one of these calendars and putting it on your fridge. Then, plot out all your fun adventures for the summer months on our free June calendars. These printables are downloadable PDFs because if you're anything like me, somehow physically writing down your engagements always makes them feel more real. Our June calendars can help you organize everything from grand travels to daily plots and schemes for a summer worth remembering.

Our calendars are formatted to print on US letter-size (8.5" x 11" paper). Our main calendars on this page begin the week on a Sunday. However, if you're looking for calendars that start on Monday, click here to find our (NEW!) June Monday-start calendars in all your favorite designs. We've included several major holidays and observances, as well, so that you never miss an important date (or an opportunity for a summertime cookout). When you find a calendar template you like, simply click on the print button or image to download your free calendar template.

Blank and Minimalist
Sunny Summer Themes
Elegant and Floral

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Blank and Minimalist June 2024 Calendar Templates

These simple and minimalist June calendar templates are perfect for organizing projects around the home or at work. The clean but aesthetic designs will make your own engagements stand out, so that you never miss a thing.

june Calendar 2024 Printable Blank

Blank June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars Simple Borderless

Aesthetic Borderless June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars Simple White Gray

Task-Oriented Simple June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars Beige Minimalist Abstract Shapes

Simple and Decorative June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

Sunny Summer June 2024 Calendar Templates

The right calendar can set a mood, especially if you look at it every day to see what you need to do. These bright and sunny summer-themed printable June calendars feature flowers, butterflies, and so much sunshine! Enjoy the beauty of June and embrace the joy of summertime with these vibrant calendars.

June 2024 Calendars Flowers to Color

Flowers to Color - June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars Summer Sun

Summer Sunshine - June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June Calendar 2024 Printable Summer Butterflies Landscape

Butterfly-themed June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars Pastel Flowers Borderless

Pretty Pastel Garden - June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars Hippie Style

Cute Daisies - June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

Elegant and Floral June 2024 Calendar Templates

These elegant and floral June 2024 calendars feature precious hummingbirds, beautiful watercolor roses, vibrant hibiscus and eucalyptus designs, as well as soothing modern florals. Because, whether you're dreaming of tropical beaches or a quiet afternoon in your garden, we all need a little bit of beauty every day.

June 2024 Calendars Scrapbook Style

Elegant Floral Designs - June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

June 2024 Calendars White Elegant

Cute Hummingbird - June 2024 Calendar

Download & Print

june Calendar 2024 Printable Rose

Watercolor Roses - Printable June Calendar

Download & Print

june Calendar 2024 Printable Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus Flowers - Free June Calendar

Download & Print

june Calendar 2024 Printable Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Floral Border - 2024 June Calendar

Download & Print

Free June 2024 Monday Start Calendars

Have you been looking for free printable June monthly calendars where the week starts on Monday? I personally find the week so much easier to compartmentalize when I can see the weekend all together. Not to mention, it makes my weekend so much more relaxing and easy to enjoy. Now we have monday-start versions of all of our favorite monthly calendars for you to print out and stay organized.

June Holidays & Observances

June is the sixth month of the calendar year and marks the end of Q2 and the first half of the year! It marks the beginning of Summer in the northern hemisphere and is a great opportunity to take stock of where you are in the year and what you'd like to achieve in the coming months ahead.

Flag Day

Flag day is observed in the United States on June 14. Although flag day is not an official federal holiday, it is observed as part of national flag week when Americans display the flag in front of their homes or businesses. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States of America by the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War. Read more about Flag Day.


Juneteenth, a federal holiday in the United States of America, falls annually on June 19. It commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and marks the anniversary of the announcement by General Gorden Granger proclaiming freedom for enslaved people in Texas. Read more about Juneteenth.

Father's Day

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in many countries around the world. Dads are so special! We need to celebrate these strong, funny, amazing men, and you're in luck - we have a huge collection of Father's Day messages and wishes to help you do just that!

Free Printable July Calendars

Looking to plan ahead for next month? Click here to go to our free printable July calendars.

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Hello! I love the themed printable 2024 calendars, they are so cute! AJ
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Free Printable Weekly Calendar Templates

Feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to get done this week? Don't panic! Take a look at our fabulous free printable weekly calendar templates. Whether you're a list-maker, a time-tracker, or just someone who loves to stay organized, we've got a design that will help keep your week on track!

weekly calendar

Year Calendars

Monthly printable calendars are great, but if you're craving a bigger picture, our year calendars are just what you need! Head on over to our special Printable Year Calendars page and get a bird's-eye view of your entire year. Say goodbye to missing important dates and hello to a year filled with organization and success!

year calendar 2024

More Free June Printables

We hope you found our free printable June calendars useful! If you're looking for more printable resources, take a look at some of our other free summer printables.

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