Baby Card Ideas: Easy diaper cards!

Homemade baby card ideas for people in a rush!

This simple cloth-diaper design is super cute, and really easy to make.

All you need is a scrap of fabric to make a mini cloth-diaper, and some card or pretty paper to glue your diaper on to.

baby card ideas diaper card

Baby Card Ideas - Diaper Card


For making this card you will need:

  • card stock
  • other coloured card
  • small triangle of material (I have used some scrap fleece)
  • needle and thread
  • paper glue
  • fabric glue
  • ribbon or other embellishment for your diaper
  • Optional: "Congratulations" stamp (I bought mine on Ebay for just a few dollars)

Step 1

baby card ideas diaper card

Firstly, glue on layers of decorative paper to frame the cloth diaper you will make.

I have chosen to use a blue card stock base for the card, and layered on some white card followed by blue checkered paper.

baby card ideas diaper card

Step 2

Fold the cloth diaper to stick on the front of your card.

baby card ideas diaper card

Fold the triangle piece of fabric to resemble a diaper, as shown in the pictures above.

Put a small stitch through the layers of fabric so that the diaper will keep its shape.

Glue or sew on an embellishment of some kind. Here I have tied a bow from thin blue ribbon, but you could also use jewels, sequins, or a mini safety-pin. What ever you have in your craft box :-)

Step 3

Assemble your cute diaper card!

Use a good quality craft glue to glue the back of the cloth diaper onto the front of your card.

(You can pop your card under a heavy book until the glue sets if you like).

baby card ideas diaper card

Stamp or write your message of Congratulations on the front, and your card is ready!

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