Baby Sock Rose Bouquet Instructions

A baby sock rose bouquet is a beautiful and practical gift idea for a new Mom. Not only is it unique, it is useful too!

How to Make Baby Sock Roses

Scroll below to watch my short video and learn how to make baby sock flowers for yourself. It only takes a few minutes per rose, and I am sure you will pick it up in no time!

baby sock rose bouquet


Here are the materials you'll need to make your sock roses:

  • baby socks
  • floral wire
  • florist tape
  • artificial leaves
  • scissors
  • muslin square (27.5" / 70 cm), to wrap your bouquet of sock roses. Alternatively, brown kitchen paper, or pretty wrapping paper.
baby sock rose materials

How to Make Sock Roses

To teach you how to make your roses out of baby socks, I made an instructional video. Click the white arrow in the middle to play.

(If the video doesn't display, you might need to download the free Adobe flash player .)

Bouquet Instructions

Once you have made your baby sock roses, there are many ways you can turn them into a bouquet. I wanted to make every part of this bouquet a useful gift, so I chose to wrap the flowers in a square of muslin.

To do this, I simply folded the muslin square into a triangle, and wrapped it around your flowers. I found that the muslin is a bit floppy, so I added some extra folds to help it keep its shape. See the step-by-step pictures below for more information.

Just experiment and see what works for you - the precise technique isn't that important. Secure your wrapping with a ribbon, and you're done :-)

baby sock rose bouquet instructions

Alternatively, why not mix your sock roses in a bouquet with fresh flowers or foliage? Pick from your garden or buy some green foliage to pack around your roses. Wrap your bouquet of flowers in cellophane or paper and secure with a ribbon. Beautiful!

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