Free Halloween Photo Cards to Print at Home

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Making Halloween photo cards is as easy as adding your own digital photo to one of our photo card templates. All you need is Microsoft Word and a printer...

On this page you'll find 13 spooky photo cards that are great for giving to friends, family and classmates. I think photo cards are much more fun to give and receive then ordinary cards. When I receive one I usually put it on my fridge or mantlepiece and it makes me smile every time I see the photo.

To make photo cards you used to have to use a specialty service but these days the quality of printers is so good that you can make great looking Halloween photo cards using your home or work printer. In any case, the point of Halloween cards is to be fun and playful, not to spend lots of money.

You don't need any special computer skills to use our cards. All you need is a digital photo and Microsoft Word. Our templates are designed to be super easy to use and come with built-in instructions. There's even a quick video showing you how to use them in case you get stuck.

Ready? Let's get started...

How to Make Your Halloween Photo Card

To make your personalized photo greeting cards, you will need:

  • A digital photo
  • Microsoft Word
  • Color Printer
  • Paper (or ideally card stock) to print onto
  • Scissors or knife to cut out your card

How to make your card:

  1. Download one of our free Halloween photo cards
  2. Open the card in Microsoft Word and insert your own digital photo
  3. Print out your card, trim the edges, and fold in half

Here's a quick video showing you how to add your photo in Microsoft Word:

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

By the way, all our photo card templates use high quality 300 dpi images so that they'll look crisp and sharp (not grainy) when you print them out, unlike some others that you might find on the web.

Landscape-Orientation Halloween Photo Cards

A cartoon "wood-effect" photo frame with a cute Jack-o'-lantern pumpkin in the corner. I like this card because it's not too scary. I freely admit that I'm a big wimp when it comes to scary things :-) Thank you to Horton Web Design for permission to use the example photo of the little girl.

'Wooden' photo frame with Jack-o-lantern halloween photo cards green frame with pumpkin

A good one for smaller kids, this card features a little boy in a wizard outfit surrounded by a cat, bat, pumpkin and full moon.

Little Wizard card halloween photo cards boy wizard

This card is a good one to use if you want your photo to print out quite big. It's a spooky photo frame with Halloween bunting hung across it and spider webs in the corners.

Halloween Bunting Card halloween photo cards bunting

I like the way the bats and spider dangle over the photo in this orange stripy card. Just make sure they don't dangle over someone's face in the photo :-) Thank you to MiiraT for permission to use the example photo of the "witch" here.

Orange Striped Halloween Card halloween photo cards oranged striped frame

A spooky photo card with a ring of Jack-o'-lanterns. A good one to choose when your kids want something a more on the scary side. Thank you to Wendy Lee for permission to use this example photo of "Dracula".

Ring of Pumpkins Card halloween photo cards ring of pumpkins

Portrait-Orientation Halloween Photo Cards

I really like this cutesy card with the kids peeking over the top of the photo. Like I said earlier, I'm a big wimp when it comes to scary things so this card is right at my comfort level of scariness :-)

Kids Peeking Over Photo Frame Card halloween photo cards kids peeking over frame

A cute stripy photo frame card with ghosts, pumpkins, witch's hats and more. This is a good one to use if you have a portrait orientation photo.

Black Striped Halloween Card halloween photo cards black striped frame

A cute Halloween card with a black cat peeking out of a pumpkin. This would also make a good thanksgiving photo card, because it isn't all that spooky.

Cat in Pumpkin Card halloween photo cards cat in pumpkin

A Halloween card with a party mood, featuring pumpkins, party hats, and an angled photo frame.

Green Frame Halloween Party Card halloween photo cards green slanted frame

Square Halloween Photo Cards

This card has a harvest-time feel to it, with wheat sheaves and autumn leaves in the background, while a Jack-o'-lantern and witch's hat add a mysterious element.

Harvest Time Halloween Card halloween photo cards witches hat on slanted frame

Spooky houses, Jack-o'-lanterns, and a dark green color theme make this a spine-chillingly scary card... (well, maybe if you're 5 years old).

Spooky Houses Card halloween photo cards spooky houses

An eerie blue photo frame with a bubbling cauldron in the corner. I like the little toad on the broomstick, wearing a tiny witch's hat.

Witch's Cauldron Card halloween photo cards cauldron blue frame

An orange checked Halloween photo card with Jack-o'-lanterns in the corner.

Orange Checked Card halloween photo cards orange checked frame

I hope you enjoyed our Halloween photo card templates!

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