Making Soft Blocks for Babies

Making soft blocks is a fun project you can sew by hand ( no sewing machine required), and the finished blocks make a lovely homemade baby gift.

I chose a soft fleece material for these toy blocks, and sewed bright shapes cut out of felt to decorate each side. It was such a fun project, and the bright felt colors made me feel so cheery!

making soft blocks supplies

Materials for Making Soft Blocks

To make one block, you will need:

making soft blocks supplies
  • Enough fleece material to cut out six 5x5 inch (12x12cm) squares
  • Colored felt scraps
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic or wool yarn (I used 8 ply acrylic yarn)
  • A needle big enough to thread your yarn
  • Polyester toy filling

Make Soft Toy Blocks: Instructions

Step 1:

Cut out felt shapes to sew onto your blocks. Use strips of felt, or cut out triangles and circles.

making soft blocks felt circles

making soft blocks felt circles

Step 2:

Sew the felt patterns onto the fleece squares with a basic straight stitch (running stitch).

I used contrasting yarn color to make the stitching stand out, and also sewed a little pattern in the center of each circle.
making soft blocks circles

Step 3:

Now that the felt patterns have been sewn onto each fleece square, it is time to sew the squares together to make the cube.

Lay out your squares in a cross-shaped pattern (shown below), and decide which order you want your patterned squares to be in.

Using a blanket stitch, sew together the edges of each felt square.

making soft blocks sewing

Sew together the base of the cube first, and then stitch up the sides of the cube. Finally, sew on the top square, keeping one edge open so that you can put in the toy-filling.

Step 4

Fill the fleece block with polyester soft toy filling. Use blanket stitch to sew the remaining seam.

making soft blocks filling

And now you're done!

making soft blocks finished

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