Funny 30th Birthday Gag Gifts

Funny 30th birthday gag gifts and humor to inspire you for this significant birthday.

Turning 30 can be a difficult time for some people, so why not give the gift of laughter just to cheer them up! Sure, birthday gags poke fun at a person's age, but as they can't do anything about it anyway at least they can smile at their predicament :-)

On this page you'll find a huge collection of ideas. Hopefully you'll find one that's just right for the person you're thinking of!

30th Birthday "Year Born" poster

Make a personalized poster to celebrate the momentous occasion of their 30th birthday! And reminisce over how times have changed since they were born.

Click here to personalize and print your poster

I wanted to write and let you know that my friend LOVED his birthday did all his friends and family at the birthday party!" Jana, Virginia

We've researched all the interesting and funny facts from the year they were born, and our poster maker formats it all beautifully for you. You can personalize the poster with their name, choose your color palette, and add anything else you want about them.

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"In Memory of Youth" Tombstone

Here's a slightly mean (but funny) 30th birthday gag gift. Use this online tombstone generator to create tombstone that says "In loving memory of (Name)'s Youth. 1981 - 2011" .

30th birthday gag gift in memory of youth tombstone

You could also go one step further and make an actual physical mini-tombstone out of a plank of wood, and put a little bit of fake grass on the bottom. Alternatively I think it would be fun to make one out of gingerbread and decorate it!

For a balding guy, an alternative tombstone message could be:

"In loving memory of (Name)'s Hair"

Funny Newspaper Clipping

30th birthday gag gifts newspaper clipping

Use our handy newspaper generator to make a fake newspaper story about how your friend has turned 30 and is now officially "old".

It's a nice touch to print it out and put it inside their birthday card. You can include a little note which says something like:

"I almost forgot your birthday but then I saw this article in the paper that reminded me!"

Funny 30th Birthday Gag Gift Shirt

Get a T-shirt and use finger paints to make 6 hand prints on it, and then write on it "I'm this many!".

30th birthday gag gift shirt with handprints

One of the visitors to our site wrote in saying that they'd made this for a friend's 30th birthday. They didn't have a photo so above is my "artist's impression" of what it might have looked like.

Level 30, Game Over

Can you cross-stitch? Then maybe you could make something like this: a Super-Mario "Level 30 Game Over" cross-stitch. Pure genius! Kudos to weeta from Craftster who made this!

30th birthday gag gift level 30 game over cross stitch

30th Birthday Gag Gifts - Funny Sayings

These funny 30th birthday sayings are perfect for writing in cards.

You could also use them to make a badge that the birthday boy or girl can wear with pride! You can find badge making kits in craft stores. Or you could use this online medal generator to make an image of a medal and then print it out.

30th birthday gag gift badge
  • 30 isn't old. Depressing, but not old.

  • I finally reached the perfect age. Somewhere between 29 years and none of your business!

  • Old enough to know better. Young enough to do it anyway!

  • I'm not 30. I'm only $29.95 plus tax.

  • Recycled teenager

  • In dog years, I'd be dead.

  • I'm 30 and I feel great. Here, have a feel! (This works well on a T-shirt as well as a badge)

  • I'm not 30. I'm 21 with 9 year's experience!

  • Looks 18
    Acts 12
    That makes me 30!

  • Congratulations on turning 30. You're now officially OLD.

  • You've been promoted! (from 29 to 30)

  • Vintage 1987, aged to perfection

And there are many more funny 30th birthday wishes and 30th birthday quotes here.

Funny 30th Birthday Gag Gift - Survival Kit

Turning 30 can be very traumatic ;-) To help your friend cope in this difficult time, cheer them up by putting together a survival kit containing all the things they will soon need:

Survival Kit for Turning 30

Heavy Duty Makeup Brush (Paint brush)

hot flash fan 30th birthday gag gift

Fan (for hot flashes)

oil of old age birthday gag gift

Oil of Old Age (replace the label on a bottle of moisturizer cream with this printable "Oil of Old Age" label" )

30th birthday gag gift bald guy comb

Bald man's comb (get a regular comb and break off most of the teeth, except a few at either end)

30th birthday gag gifts spare parts gummy teeth

Spare parts (put gummy teeth candies in a box labeled "Spare Parts")

30th birthday gag gift snore stopper pegs

Snore stoppers (put clothes pegs in a box labeled "snore stoppers")

arthritis rub

Arthritis Balm

denture wearer's cookbook 30th birthday gag gifts

Denture Wearer's Cookbook

walking stick 30th birthday gag

Walking stick

sandpaper age spot remover gag gift

Age spot remover (sandpaper)

30th Birthday Gag Gift Poem

A silly poem to go along with your gag gift:

I heard that you'll turn 30 this year
But don't be scared - there's nothing to fear!

Nothing, that is, but creaky joints...
...and an achy back, and a few other points...

Oh and wrinkly skin, and age spots too
But don't worry old man (or woman), we'll still love you!

Poem copyright © You are free to use this poem for personal, non-commercial, offline use, but please do not reproduce it on other websites.

In the year you were born...

It's always nice to remind someone just how old they are by quoting a couple of facts from the year they were born. Here are some ideas to get you started.

You can find more facts at . On that site you can even find events that happened on your friend's exact birthday.

In 1987...

  • A gallon of gas cost 89 cents
  • A dozen eggs cost 65 cents
  • Disposable contact lenses became commercially available
  • Kitty litter was invented in the USA. (What did people use before?)
  • Prozac introduced to USA market. (Specifically so that your parents could cope with the stress of raising you.)
  • $1.6 million was spent on searching for Loch Ness monster, but turned up no hard evidence
  • Popular films: Fatal Attraction, Lethal Weapon, Dirty Dancing, RoboCop
  • Popular music: "Bad" (Michael Jackson), "Do it to me" (Lionel Richie), "La Bamba" (Los Lobos)

To make a neat gift, you turn these facts from their birth year into a personalized poster like this:

personalized poster 30th birthday gift

Click here to personalize and print your poster

More ideas...

I hope you liked our collection of funny 30th birthday gag giftss and silly birthday pranks.

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