Fifty of the best 50th Birthday Ideas

Fifty fabulous 50th birthday ideas to help you find the perfect gift for this milestone birthday. From traditional flowers, jewelry and glassware gifts, to experience days or personalized gifts about their life to date, there is plenty of great gift-giving inspiration here to celebrate the person turning 50.

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5 Gifts, 1 for each decade

You could buy 5 gifts, one to mark each decade. I've seen some beautiful pendants of 5 intertwined rings, to represent every decade of life so far.

50th birthday ideas

Or how about 5 bottles of champagne?

Personalized 50th Birthday Poster

Create a fabulous personalized poster especially for the birthday girl or guy. It's a fabulous 50th birthday idea if you're short on time, as you can format and print at home.

50th birthday ideas personalized poster

Time Capsule

If you've got the time put together this gift, it's sure to be a lovely present for the nostalgic. Make a time capsule of items to cover key moments in their life. From birth, to significant ages such as 16, 18, 21, when they graduated, married, had babies etc.

Put in photos, newspaper announcements (births, wedding), baby clothing such as their baptism outfit, or their childhood teddy bear, comic books or their favorite books, sweets from their childhood, music from their teenage years etc. And enjoy reminiscing over all their achievements, and how times have changed over the past 50 years! It's a really special 50th birthday idea for close family members.

Become a Lord/Lady/Laird

Purchase a Lord or Lady title for a property in the Scottish Highlands. A wonderfully unique 50th birthday idea for those who feel some attachment to Scotland. Now they can own a small plot of an estate in Scotland and be titled Lord or Lady. And you will help preserve these properties for generations to come.

50th birthday ideas name a star

Gold Nugget

I love this idea! Each natural gold nugget has a unique shape and texture. Literally no two of them are alike. I think it captures how special and precious someone is and how there's no-one else quite like them. A really unique and thoughtful present idea for someone turning 50.

50th birthday ideas gold nugget

Personalized Map

Make or order a personalized map of all the places they've lived and/or traveled. It's so nice to be able to reminisce over the fun times of the past, and perhaps plan some future trips too! Frame a map and add some pins marking the places you've lived, or order a personalized map online.

50th birthday ideas map

A photo from each decade

Another 50th birthday idea is to frame 5 photos from the person's life (for example as a baby, in childhood, at graduation, wedding day, with a newborn baby, recent family photo) etc. One for each decade!

50th birthday ideas

Name a Star

Another great gift idea for the person turning 50 who has everything. If they like science, astronomy, or love just camping and staring at the stars then this is the gift for them! Name a star after your brother or sister, mom or dad, husband or wife, or best friend, for reaching this momentous age.

50th birthday ideas name a star

Birthstone Jewelry

Who doesn't like a bit of bling on their birthday? There are so many options for birthstone jewelry, from earrings, pendants, rings, brooches, tie pins, cufflinks, and more! You can find more information about the birth-stones for each month on the American Gem Society website.

50th birthday ideas birth stone jewelry

Gold Art Print

Whether a gold print or gold wall art, this could be a lovely gift idea for the art-lover for their "golden birthday". From classic to modern and geometric designs, there is something for everyone.

50th birthday ideas gold art prints

Fifty of something

If you want to really make a point of turning "50", then buy them 50 of something. You can have a lot of fun with this idea...

50 roses would be very romantic for a lady to receive.

50 golf balls a very practical gift for men who like golf.

Or how about 50 chocolates, or lollipops (turning 50 does suck!).

Or put 50 rocks in a jar to reassure them that "turning 50 rocks"!

50th birthday ideas roses

"Cheers" to 50 years!

Buy them a lovely bottle of champagne, wine, or spirits to toast the new decade and celebrate reaching such a key milestone in their life. A great present for a coworker turning 50.

50th birthday ideas

"50 Reasons We Love You"

This is a lovely 50th birthday idea from a husband or wife. Sit down with your children, extended family, and close friends, and collect 50 reasons why everyone loves the person turning fifty.

Think about what the person does for the other people in their lives, what you love about them, things you enjoy doing together etc.

  • "You make our house a home."
  • "You are an amazing Mom to our kids."
  • "You know how to have FUN!"
  • "You are not afraid of what others think."
  • "You take time to call just to say hello."
  • "Your silly "it's Friday night" dance around the kitchen!"

This is such a special present idea for your Mom or Dad, or husband or wife. They're sure to get the warm fuzzies!

Happy Birthday Message Tribute

Collect and give birthday tribute messages from everyone! Whether written or recorded, collate together messages from family, friends, and colleagues to wish the person a very happy birthday and tell them what you love about them.

50th birthday ideas tribute

There are some amazing online services that can help you make a personalized tribute video, and it's such a genuinely nice way to honor the person and celebrate how they have touched so many people around them. A bit of effort, but a fantastic way to celebrate someone dear to you and a really unique 50th birthday idea!

Personalized Photo Book

Make a photo album of their life to date. Collate photos from their childhood, college days, significant events of their life (marriage, kids born, holidays), and present it to them. A really wonderful memento of their first 50 years! Perfect for your husband, wife, brother, or sister.

50th birthday ideas book

You could buy a traditional photo album, or design a personalized photo book online.

Dinner Out at a Fancy Restaurant

A very traditional 50th birthday idea, but what a lovely gift to receive! Give your friend vouchers for a meal out at a fancy restaurant for an extra-special birthday treat.

I was given vouchers to a Michelin-star restaurant for a special occasion from some friends and it was *amazing*! It's not the sort of thing my husband and I would do for ourselves, so it was quite an incredible experience!

50th birthday ideas 50th dinner

1960's-themed Birthday Dinner

Prepare a meal of food from yesteryear and reminisce over the good 'ol days in cuisine from the 1960s. This is a fun 50th birthday idea for foodie friends!

In the USA, the 1960's food scene was a clash of tradition and new ideas. Popular foods included Fondue, Steak Diane, Beef Wellingtom, Tang, and "Tunnel of Fudge" cake! You can read more about 1960's food here.

Or find some inspiration in the very popular 1960s cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" by Julia Child.

50th birthday ideas Julia Child

Personalized Newspaper Article

Turning 50 is big news! So create a newspaper article for your friend or family member to celebrate such a momentous occasion, and enjoy a few laughs too!

It can be a bit daunting setting out to write a newspaper article, so we've drafted a funny article about going to a 60th birthday party for you to personalize further. You can change as little or as much as you like.

50th birthday ideas personalized poster

"Aged To Perfection" Gift Basket

Put together a hamper of foods that taste better with age, to reassure the person turning 50 that it's okay to be older! Include food such as aged cheese and meats and fortified wines. Talk to your delicatessen for advice or order a gift basket online. It's an unusual gift, so great for the person who has everything already, and especially for men, who can be so hard to buy for.

50th birthday ideas gift box aged meat cheese

"Longevity" hamper

I was thinking about the Chinese tradition of eating a bowl of noodles every birthday to represent wishes for a long life, and it made me think of other foods that are supposedly good for longevity.

I thought a fun 50th birthday idea for a person who loves their food could be to put together a hamper of foods that have anti-aging properties and can (supposedly) extend lifespan! Foods such as olive oil, green tea, red wine, coffee, dark chocolate, walnuts, apples, berries, pomegranates, garlic etc...

50th birthday ideas gift box long life food

Of course, this is all a bit of fun! The research data on which foods extend lifespan is inconsistent, but who doesn't love a red wine and chocolate gift hamper!

Personalized Time-Line

Create a personalized time-line of their life so far, from their year of their birth to now. It's a unique way to celebrate their life to date, and a fun way to reminisce over past days. More inspiration here.

50th birthday ideas timeline

Tickets to a Sporting event

A fun 50th birthday idea for friends and family members. Give the gift of time together as you take them to watch a game or tournament (think football, tennis, golf...). A great way to spend some lovely time with your Dad or Husband!

50th birthday ideas sport tickets

"Luxury" Movie tickets

Love the movies? Take it up a notch and treat them to a night out of luxury or gold-class viewing. Many cinemas have enhanced cinema experiences with amazing sound, reclining lounge seats, in-theatre waiting services with full menu and bar.

50th birthday ideas cinema

Concert tickets

Whether it's a chart-topping pop-group or a "Golden Oldies" concert, make a night of it and celebrate their birthday with a night of awesome music!

This is a great 50th birthday idea for friends or family who already have everything they need, and the shared memories will be treasured for years to come!

50th birthday ideas concert tickets

Comedy tickets

To cheer them up in their old age! Or just because it's a fun night out and something different from your usual routine!

Dancing Lessons

The gift of a few evenings together learning a new skill, and probably a lot of laughs! Whether dancing lessons is something they've always wanted to do or not, there is a huge range of classes, from Ballroom to Belly dancing, so have fun with it!

50th birthday ideas dance lessons

Wine Tour/Tasting

Does the birthday boy or girl fancy themselves to be a bit of a wine connoisseur? Treat them to a day touring vineyards and tastings, or book in for a night of wine tasting at a local wine bar.

50th birthday ideas wine tasting

"Extreme" Experience Day

Book an experience day, from sky-diving to rally driving! If they're a bit of a dare-devil, treat them to an experience they'll never forget! A really novel 50th birthday idea for the young-at-heart!

50th birthday ideas skydive

Cake Decorating Class

Book a cake decorating class for them, or as something you can do together. If they've always wanted to learn sugar craft and fancy gold-leaf cake techniques, this is the perfect gift idea! You could even organize a class where you can learn all the fancy techniques and then decorate their birthday cake together!

50th birthday ideas cake decorating

Age-friendly kitchen implements

Buy them handy arthritis kitchen gadgets! A funny but very practical gift for this "over the hill" birthday, as they will probably need some extra oomf opening things as their hands get arthritis!

50th birthday ideas gone fishing

Over-50s Gym Classes

Sign your 50 year old friend up for aqua-aerobics, line dancing, Pilates, yoga or Zumba... for the over-50s! Practical, and just a bit funny too...

Spa Treatment Voucher

Book the birthday man or woman turning 50 in for an age-defying facial (as long as they're not super sensitive to the fact they are aging), or an energy-boosting massage. A beautifully indulgent 50th birthday idea!

50th birthday ideas massage

Birthday Rose Bush

I didn't know this until recently, but there are actually roses named "Many Happy Returns", "Golden Celebration", and "Birthday Girl". Giving a rose is such a unique and thoughtful 50th birthday gift idea for any garden lover, and an especially lovely gift for your Mom, wife, or sister.

50th birthday ideas roses

Here is a list of some other roses with birthday-themed names here. It's a UK website, so if you're in another country then ask your local nursery what special roses they can get for you.

You can buy beautiful David Austin Roses on Amazon too.

House Plant

Rather than a bunch of flowers, it's always lovely to receive a beautiful plant, and some garden plants are good for your health too. Plants like jasmine and lavender are beneficial to sleep quality and reduce anxiety and stress, plus they smell lovely and look great too. You can read more here.

50th birthday ideas plant

Garden Ornament

This may sound odd, but hear me out... You can buy some beautiful and modern garden metal wind spinners and garden sculptures that would look stunning in the right garden. It's an unusual gift that a keen gardener would enjoy.

50th birthday ideas garden sculpture

Or if you want a funny gag gift, spray paint a garden gnome in gold paint in honor of their "golden" birthday!

Girl Spa Weekend

Well I'd love to receive this! Time out from the chaos of life to catch your breath, and catch up with a few close friends. Sounds divine! The perfect 50th birthday idea for the busy woman who never spends time on themselves.

Fishing Trip

Wrap up a "Gone Fishing" sign, and give it to them along with plans for a weekend away fishing with the guys. A great gift for a guy who works too hard, and a good excuse to get the men together for a weekend away.

50th birthday ideas gone fishing

Day trip down memory lane...

Book a day trip somewhere romantic or adventurous. Make it personal to you. Visit the place you first met, or visit the town they were born in. A little trip down memory lane! Or go somewhere exciting and new. A special 50th birthday gift idea for your husband or wife, mom or dad.

Tickets to Florida

Book tickets to Florida, and tell them you want to check it out for retirement as it's only a few years away! Ha ha!

There are lot of fun things to do, from amazing beaches, to theme parks, shopping, night life, and more! Surely they deserve a holiday after reaching such a milestone!

50th birthday ideas gone fishing

Wrap up a Florida guidebook for them too!

Jewelry Box

A beautiful jewelry box is a lovely keepsake for someone who loves jewels.


A practical and special 50th birthday gift for your husband, brother, or Dad. Buy them a pair of gold cufflinks if you want to keep with the "golden birthday" celebration theme.

50th birthday ideas cufflinks

Luxury Writing Pen

For the executive, or actually anyone who enjoys writing or journaling. There is something so wonderful about having a special pen that writes smoothly. Whether you're thinking an elegant fountain pen, or a Swarovski-embellished sparkly pen, there is something to suit your style and budget. A fabulous 50th birthday idea for men, ladies, Mom, Dad, your husband or wife.

50th birthday ideas luxury pen

Wrist Watch

A significant birthday is a good excuse for a significant gift, and a wrist watch is sure to make a statement. Whether you're thinking of the classic Rolex watches for men, or a smart watch, there are plenty of options!

Eternity Ring

Because they've been alive for what seems like an eternity now! No, just joking! But if you haven't given your significant other a classic diamond eternity ring yet, then now might be a good excuse to splash out and treat her.

50th birthday ideas eternity ring

Champagne glasses

Because there will be a lot of celebrating to do, and it's nice to have some special glassware. A set of crystal champagne flutes would be a beautiful and practical present for anyone turning 50.

50th birthday ideas champagne flutes

Whiskey glasses

Whiskey glasses for the sophisticated gentleman, or anyone who likes a nip of whiskey. You can get some really cool whiskey rocks too, which is a fun and unusual gift idea for him.

50th birthday ideas whiskey tumblers

Glass Decanter

Gift them a crystal decanter for wine or whiskey. A great gift idea for your brother, husband or Dad.

Crystal Flower Vase

How about a beautiful crystal flower vase for the birthday girl turning 50, especially if it comes with a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers!

Charitable Donation

This is a great 50th birthday idea for the person who really does have everything, or who doesn't like a fuss on their birthday. They'd rather know that someone else was benefiting from their milestone birthday.

And there are some really unusual and fun causes you can donate to on a persons behalf, like purchasing a flock of chickens or a donkey for a family, or providing education, or building a village toilet, or planting 50 trees, etc.

Personalized Funny Definition Poster

Give the birthday boy or gal a good chuckle with a funny definition poster. Customize with their name and your definitions of what it might mean to be fifty.

You can choose different colors and change the wording to be as silly or endearing as you like. It's a fun 50th birthday idea for family members and sure to be the talk of the party!

50th birthday ideas personalized poster

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