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Create your own photo insert Christmas cards. Just add your own digital photo to one of our free templates...

Got a digital photo? Got a printer? Got Microsoft Word?

Hurray! You can make beautiful custom photo Christmas cards from the comfort of your own home.

On this page you'll find a range photo card templates. Some for kids, some for grownups, some playful, and some more traditional. So there should be a card that's right for everyone - friends, relatives, coworkers.

We made our photo insert Christmas cards as easy as possible to use. So, you get to look like a computer design guru even if all you normally do on the computer is check email and Facebook ;-)

It used to be that you'd have to go to a specialty shop to get your photos or photo cards printed. But these days, the quality of printers is so high that you can create great-looking cards at home (or using the color laser printer at work!).

I think photo Christmas cards are great and so much more interesting to receive than a normal store-bought card. When I receive a store-bought card, I put it on the mantlepiece and pretty soon I've forgotten who it was from. But with a photo card, I get to see the smiling faces of my friends or family and I feel happy every time I see glance up and see the card.

So, start using our digital photo Christmas card templates and spread the joy...

How to Make your Custom Photo Christmas Card

Equipment you will need to make your card:

  • A digital photo
  • Microsoft Word
  • Color printer
  • Paper (or ideally card stock) to print onto
  • Scissors or knife to cut out your card

Steps to make your card:

  1. Download one of the photo insert Christmas cards from the selection of templates below
  2. Open the template in Microsoft Word and insert your own digital photo
  3. Print out your card and trim the edges

Here's a little 2 minute video showing how to insert your photo in Microsoft Word:

Easy, right? In no time at all you'll have a beautiful, personalized photo card. All the cards are made with high quality 300 dpi images so that they'll look bright and crisp when you print them.

Square Photo Insert Christmas Cards

Download a photo card template from the selection below

These templates contain quality, high-resolution images, so the file sizes are quite large (up to 4 MB). They may take a few minutes to download if you have a slow internet connection.

This is my favorite photo insert Christmas card. I think it's a really simple and classic design. The light colors in the card mean that the photo really jumps out. I hope you like it too :-)

This card is a pretty design with holly and a poinsettia in the foreground and blue snowflakes in the background. The frame is a very classical shape.

A holly-decorated photo frame with green foliage swirls over the edges of the photo and a golden beige background. I like this card because your message can extend over two lines (message text is editable).

Ribbon, and holly embellishments on a polka dot background. A nice thing about this card is that the photo prints quite large, filling the entire width of the card.

In this card it look as though the photo has been tucked beneath the ribbon of the card, giving it a playful and lighthearted feel.

Another lighthearted card, this one featuring a photo frame with a Santa hat hung on one corner. The photo frame is also evidently on top of a squashed Christmas tree, because there is foliage poking out from underneath it.

Landscape Photo Insert Christmas Cards

A joyful, striped design with skates in the foreground and a mini "notice board" on which to type your message.

Another fun stripy design, once again with some "note paper" where you can write a message. In the foreground is a poinsettia flower and some holly.

I like this design with its bright happy checks, holly, and candy cane. Somehow the checked design makes me think of country living.

A traditional-looking card with a deep red photo frame. A good choice if you want your photo to really stand out without the distraction of embellishments. Also the wide frame gives you plenty of space to write a longer greeting if you wish.

A playful card with a cute puppy dog in a tree and a ribbon around the photo. This would be a good one for kids to send their grandparents or vice versa.

Aww, look at that cute teddy in the stocking! And by a happy accident, the baby in the photo looks like she's looking at the teddy. I think this is a great card to give to young nieces and nephews.

A fun card for children featuring a teddy bear in skates in the foreground, candy canes and mittens in the background, and a striped motif along the bottom of the card.

Portrait Photo Insert Christmas Cards

Style your photo to look like a polaroid with this fun photo card, adorned with bells, Christmas decorations and a little snowman.

Another polaroid-style photo card, embellished with sprigs of holly, art nouveau swirls, and a snowflake background.

I hope you enjoyed our digital insert-photo Christmas card templates! If you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi, please contact me with this handy form or use the comment box at the bottom of the page.

A big thank you to Ben Earwicker of Garrison Photography (Boise, ID) for providing the "happy family" placeholder photographs on this page.

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