How to Make Paper Snowflakes + Free Snowflake Patterns

Last updated: November 10, 2023

Dive into a winter wonderland with our easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes! Discover a flurry of free printable snowflake patterns, ensuring you can snip and snap your way to the perfect frosty creation in no time! Whether you're decorating for the festive season or just looking for a cozy craft project, our templates offer a touch of snowy magic for everyone. ❄️✂️

Paper Snowflakes

Ever looked out on a snowy day and marveled at the delicate beauty of each unique snowflake as they fall? Well, we've got some good news for you. Here, we're taking that natural wonder indoors! On this page, you'll find an easy-to-follow tutorial that will guide you through the delightful journey of crafting your very own paper snowflakes. And because we know every snowflake is beautifully unique, we've prepared 26 fabulous printable snowflake patterns for you to choose from. Each one promising to add a sprinkle of winter wonder to your creation. 🌨️✂️

Why make paper snowflakes? Besides being a fun and therapeutic craft activity (who doesn't love a little snip and fold session?), these delicate beauties serve as the perfect wintertime decor. String them up for festive winter holiday decorations, add them to gift-wrapping for that personal touch, or even use them to frost your windows and showcase your festive spirit to the world outside! 🎁🎄 Whether you're looking to add a frosty touch to your holiday celebrations, or simply want to revel in the joy of crafting, paper snowflakes are the way to go!

So, print out one of our free snowflake templates, grab your trusty scissors, and let's embark on this snowy journey together. Here's to making winter wonderland dreams come true, no matter the weather outside! ☃️💙


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1. Step-by-Step Tutorial
2. Snowflake Patterns to Print

(And as you immerse yourself in snowflake-making, why not brighten the mood with some wintertime chuckles from our Christmas Jokes, Snow Puns, and Winter Jokes for Kids?)

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Print out your free printable pattern and cut out the square with the snowflake guide template on it. Now you're ready to fold, cut, and reveal a beautiful snowflake. ❄️

Paper Snowflakes

Step 1. Fold along diagonal line. Keep your snowflake template facing upward, fold the paper behind.

Paper Snowflakes

Step 2. Fold along line shown. Keep your snowflake template facing upward, fold the paper to the back.

Paper Snowflakes

Step 3. Fold along the edge of the pattern along the line shown, folding the paper to the back.

Paper Snowflakes

Step 4. Fold along the other edge of the pattern along the line shown, folding the paper to the back.

Paper Snowflakes

Step 5. Cut out the snowflake pattern along the solid lines, cutting away the gray paper.

Paper Snowflakes

Step 6. Carefully unfold to reveal your completed snowflake ❄️

Paper Snowflake Patterns to Print

In this section, a winter wonderland of striking snowflake patterns awaits! Once you discover the one that 'freezes' your attention, click to view and print the PDF template. Next, just follow our step-by-step instructions, and you'll snip and snap your way to your very own frosty masterpiece in a flurry!

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 1

Paper Snowflake Pattern 1

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 2

Paper Snowflake Pattern 2

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 3

Paper Snowflake Pattern 3

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 4

Paper Snowflake Pattern 4

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 5

Paper Snowflake Pattern 5

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 6

Paper Snowflake Template 6

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 7

Paper Snowflake Template 7

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 8

Paper Snowflake Template 8

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 9

Paper Snowflake Template 9

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 10

Paper Snowflake Template 10

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 11

Paper Snowflake Printable Shape 11

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 12

Paper Snowflake Printable Shape 12

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 13

Paper Snowflake Printable Shape 13

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 14

Paper Snowflake Printable Shape 14

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 15

Paper Snowflake Printable Shape 15

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 16

Paper Snowflake Pattern 16

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 17

Paper Snowflake Pattern 17

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 18

Paper Snowflake Pattern 18

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 19

Paper Snowflake Pattern 19

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 20

Paper Snowflake Pattern 20

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 21

Paper Snowflake Template 21

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 22

Paper Snowflake Template 22

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 23

Paper Snowflake Template 23

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 24

Paper Snowflake Template 24

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 25

Paper Snowflake Template 25

Paper Snowflake Pattern Template 26

Paper Snowflake Printable Shape 26

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