160 Best Snow Puns, Jokes, & Captions

Last Updated: October 19, 2023

Searching for some funny snow puns to brighten up a winter's day? You're in luck! On this page, you'll discover a collection of hilarious and witty snow jokes and puns just perfect for those frosty moments. From chuckle-inducing anecdotes to our clever snow wordplays, there's something here to tickle everyone's funny bone. And if you're pondering, "What are good snow captions to use?" - you'll find plenty of good options here!

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Scroll down the page to read the full collection of kid-friendly snow one-liners and jokes, or use the links to jump to a particular section. We even have snowball puns and snowman jokes! Or why not add a winter-themed pun to your social media post or Christmas card?

Get ready to chuckle as you read these 160 snow puns and jokes for kids.

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Jokes About Snow

Here is a collection of hilarious jokes about snow for you to impress your family and friends.

What does a snowflake say to its friend? Water you doing tonight?

Knock Knock. Who's there? Snow. Snow who? It's snow cold outside!

What do you call a frozen dog? A pup-sicle.

What kind of money is used in the North Pole? Cold hard cash.

What did the tree say to the first snowflake of winter? Long time, snow see.

What do you do after a morning of skiing? Avalanche in a café.

What happens when you sit on the snow too long? You get polar-oids.

How does an Eskimo build a house? Igloos it together.

What's Jack Frost's favorite part of school? Snow and Tell.

What can you catch in winter with your eyes closed? A cold.

snow puns igloos it together

Snowman Puns and Jokes

Do you want to build a snowman? If you love our frosty friends, you'll adore our collection of classic snowman puns and jokes.

Snowman is an island

A snowman doesn't carrot all.

To boldly go where snowman has gone before.

Time waits for snowmen.

How do snowmen make their beds? With sheets of ice and blankets of snow.

What did Olaf ask the waiter after dinner? Do you want to bill a snowman?

What did the snowman order at Wendy's? A vanilla frosty.

What did the snowman's wife place over their baby's crib? A snowmobile.

What do snowmen like to eat for breakfast? Frosted Flakes and Ice Crispies.

Why did the snowman sit in the fridge? He wanted to chill.

What do you call an intelligent snowman? Brrrrrr-liant.

What do you call a snowman in the summer? A puddle.

What do you call a snowman with a six-pack? The abdominal snowman.

Why did the snowman keep his guitar in the snow? He loved cool music.

What happens when a snowman throws a temper tantrum? He has a meltdown.

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite.

What happened to the snowman that was hit by a snowball? He was knocked out cold.

What does a snowman do when he's mad? Gives you the cold shoulder.

How does a Snowman get to work? By icicle.

What doesn't a snowman eat for lunch? A melt.

What does a snowman drink? A slushy.

What does a snowman's put on a hot dog? Chilly sauce.

How do you scare a snowman? Point a hair dryer at him.

What's a snowman's favorite take-out meal? Brrrrrr-ger King.

Where do snowmen find the weather report? On the Winter-net.

What do old snowmen wear? Ice caps.

Why do baby snowmen sleep in the snow? They need powder naps.

What do you call a snowman's dog? A slush puppy.

Why didn't the abominable snowman go to the party? He had snow-one to go with.

snow puns a puddle

Snow Puns for Kids

In this section, you'll find all of our favorite snow puns for kids that are sure to give all ages a giggle.

Not SNOW fast!

You snow what?

You're snow cute.

I'm snow happy to see you.

Up to snow good.

There's no business like snow business.

You snow the drill.

Snow matter what.

I love you snow much.

It was a snow-brainer.

You're the coolest person that I snow.

Snow happens, whether you like it or not.

It's snow laughing matter.

Snow my goodness.

I'm snow happy.

There's snow way out.

Actions speak powder than words.

It's snow-time!

There's snow place like home.

Dance with me like we're at a snow-ball.

Say it isn't snow

You mean snow much to me.

There's snow body like you.

I have snow much fun with you.

It's snow secret.

Shovel off!

With great powder comes great responsibility.

Best in snow

You snow it to yourself.

This weather is snow joke.

You've got to go with the snow.

There's snow one like you.

I'll snow myself out.

Can you speed it up? I'm in a flurry.

I'm so anti-snow-social in winter.

You've got the snow-how.

Snow person left behind.

snow puns you mean snow much to me

Cold Puns For Kids

We're feeling PUN-ny! See our collection of classic cold puns that are sure to warm your spirits.

Freeze a jolly good fellow!

I coldn't care less.

This crazy little thing cold love.

Freeze the day.

Raise the brrrrrr.

Head for the chills.

Be chill, my beating heart.

You're un-brrrrr-lieveable!

License to chill.

Let's cool it a day.

I'd chill for a drink.

The best things in life are freeze.

Don't brrrrrst my bubble.

Love at frost bite.

Parting is such sleet sorrow

I'm stuck on you like igloo

Before your very ice

Ice to meet you.

Get frost!

Variety is the ice of life

Don't think ice about it

How's your icesight?

Icy what you mean.

All hope is not frost.

All hail broke loose.

snow puns you're unbrrlievable

Snow Puns For Instagram

Are you looking for a super cool caption for a winter-themed Instagram post? We have trending snow puns for Instagram, with a sprinkle of emojis for a little fun.

Sleigh all day. 🛷

Sweater weather!

Sleigh, queen. 👸👑 🛷

Every day I'm shovelling.

We just glove a snow pic. 🧤

What a winter-ful world. ⛄

Tis the ski-son to be jolly! 🎿

We go together like winter and hot cocoa. ⛄🍫

Powder to the people.

Cold hands, warm hearts. 🥶 🧤

It's a winter-ful life. ⛄

I'm s-mitten. 🧤

There's a whole lot of glove here. 🧤 ❤️

With great powder comes great responsibility.

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. 🌨

Sugar and ice, and all things nice.

Flake it, till you make it. ❄️

Walking in a winter pun-derland. ⛄

You're thaw-some.

I call it as icy it.

Dachshund through the snow. 🐾 🌨

For goodness flake! ❄️

I came, I thaw, I conquered.

I only have ice for you. 👀

Season the day.

I want to ride my icicle. 🚲

Come out and sleigh. 🛷

Baby, it's cold outside. 🥶

I glove you. 🧤 ❤️

I've got a slush on you. ⛄⛄

Be that as it sleigh. 🛷

My ski trip started well, but it's gone downhill. 🎿🏔🏂

It's mitten in the stars. 🧤 ✨

Froze were the good old days.

All in a sleigh's work. 🛷

If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard. ❄️

Just like a snowflake, you are one of a kind. ❄️

You can't flurry love. ❤️❤️

I can ski clearly now, the rain has gone...🎿

Don't flurry, be happy. 😁

snow puns winter and hot cocoa

Snow Day Puns

Stuck at home on a snow day? We have a collection of funny snow day puns to caption your social media posts with.

Coming home after a snow day = the snuggle is real.

Surfing the winter-net

I snuggle to get through these winter days

Let's list the froze and cons

It's snow joke outside.

I'm sick of winter - this is a cry for Alp!

The ski's the limit!

Skiing is believing

After all is sled and done

Easier sled than done

Don't bite my sled off!

I'm hanging on by a sled.

You're sledding a fine line, there.

After all is sled and done, I still love winter.

After this, I'm sitting by the fire and enjoying the festivi-teas.

Winter is here, weather you like it or not

This winter is a frost-rating situation

There's snow way I am leaving the house today.

I love snow... especially through a window, under a cozy blanket, drinking hot chocolate.

snow puns snow way I'm leaving

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